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  1. You are right - 1. division at 10.00 and old boys at 13.00 - I have edited the original post. ....and yes Rene Madsen will be riding for Silkeborg in the old boys match. Line up for the 1. division meeting at 10.00 Holsted 1 Jesper Søgaard 2 Jonas Jeppesen 3 Martin Hansen 4 Simon Simonsen 5 Kevin Sørensen Brovst 1 Tobias Thomsen 2 Lasse Pørtner 3 Nicklas Clausen 4 Frederik Pedersen 5 Espen Sundvor Esbjerg 1 Johannes Kikkenborg 2 Kasper Andersen 3 Patrick Josefsen 4 Mark Pedersen 5 Rene Mortensen Vojens 1 Mikke Bjerk 2 Marc Randrup 3 Michael Thyme 4 Peter Karger 5 Mathias Vilsmark
  2. Please notis - the old boys match has been moved forward to 13.00 o'clock
  3. If the Danish GP is not enough speedway for one day, you can go to Moldow Speedway Arena in Holsted, where Holsted Speedway Klub will be hosting to matches August 8th 2015. At 10.00 (new time) a four-team match in the Danish 1. division 500cc At 13.00 (new time) a four-team match in the Danish Old-Boys League 500cc Holsted is only one hour drive from Horsens - so you can easily reach the GP after the two matches in Holsted. There will be free admission for the matches in Holsted
  4. Danish Webmaster

    Danish Speedway On Tv

    Once again you got the line up wrong :-)
  5. Sorry I'm a little late this time, but we had first leg of the Danish Championship in 80cc yesterday, but here it is - the race card in Danish Design Race Card for the Italian Speedway Grand Prix the 3rd of August 2013
  6. Danish Webmaster

    Danish Championship Finals 2013

    One month from today we will find the Danish Champion 2013 at Moldow Speedway Arena in Holsted. The riders bring the points from first leg into the final leg and the top four riders meets in the Final Heat (still bringing all points) if there is a tie after the Final Heat, the best placed rider in the Final is highest placed. The standing before the final leg: Niels-Kristian Iversen: 12 Peter Kildemand: 11 Nicolai Klindt: 10 Michael Jepsen Jensen: 10 Kenni Larsen: 10 Hans Andersen: 10 Bjarne Pedersen: 9 Leon Madsen: 8 Patrick Hougaard: 7 Mads Korneliussen: 5 Mikkel Michelsen: 4 Mikkel Bech: 4 Nicklas Porsing: 4 Morten Risager: 3 René Bach: 3 Nicki Pedersen: 0 (did not ride in the first leg) Reserves: Kenneth Bjerre: 10 Jesper B Monberg: 0 Who will win ?????
  7. I thought this topic was about the Race Off in Holsted and not the Challenge in Poole, witch btw have its own
  8. Who will be in Holsted August 7th ???
  9. Danish Webmaster

    World U21 Final Round Terenzano Saturday September 14th

    Absolutely not - Porsing will be back on the bike tomorrow
  10. Race Card for European Championships Round 1 in Gdansk the 27th July 2013
  11. Race Card for the Final: FIM Speedway World Cup Final - Marketa Stadion, Prague the 20th of July
  12. Race Card for FIM Speedway World Cup Race Off in Prague the 18th of July 2013
  13. Race Cards for the FIM Speedway World Cup 2013 SWC - Event 1 - the 13th of July 2013 at SGP Arena, Czestochowa SWC - Event 2 - the 15th of July 2013 at Norfolk Arena, King's Lynn
  14. Well - FIM has set a new date - the meeting will take place the 7th of August
  15. Danish Webmaster

    Danish Speedway On Tv

    Well the race will be in Holsted and I have just ordered the programs at the printing plant - so I'm sure Mikkel Michelsen will be Slangerups No. 3

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