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Elitserien 2018, round 5, 12 June

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4758 at Smedstadion tonight.

Col, as I said earlier the Gislaved track is usually very poor. 

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I only got home in time to see the last 3 heats all of which involved a dramatic & crucial final bend pass. Was almost as dusty as the German round of tha pairs.

The Polish meeting that is on after Lejonen v Vetlanda is hard work due to the commentary.

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Attendance tonight
Smederna - Västervik 4758
Lejonen-Vetlanda 2580
Dackarna-Masarna 2940
Indianerna - Rospiggarna ?

Standings after 5 rounds:

  1. Smederna, 4 wins, 1 draw 9p
  2. Dackarna, 3 wins, 2 losses, 6p
  3. Rospiggarna, 3 wins, 2 losses 6p
  4. Indianerna, 3 wins, 2 losses 6p
  5. Vetlanda, 1 win, 2 draws, 2 losses, 4p
  6. Västervik, 2 wins, 3 losses, 4p
  7. Lejonen, 1 win, 1 draw, 3 losses, 3p
  8. Masarna, 1 win, 4 losses, 2p

Next round (19 June)
Västervik-Eskilstuna Smederna (30-60)
Vetlanda-Lejonen (45-45)
Masarna-Dackarna (34 - 56)
Rospiggarna-Indianerna (43-47)

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Watching last nights Speedway via Freeview since Virgin Media think I should pay extra for FreeSports (WTF) you can tell the  difference in quality with what I'm used to.

Strange that Masarna are struggling with that team.

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Averages ranking list after 5 rounds: http://www.svemo.se/sv/Grenar/Speedway/Elitserien2018/Rankinglista/

Rank - rider - team -  number of meetings - number of heats - points - average (= points dived by heats).

1. Maciej Janowski Dackarna - 5 - 25 - 62 - 2,480

2. Bartosz Zmarzlik Vetlanda - 5 - 28 - 69 - 2,464

3. Fredrik Lindgren Smederna - 5 - 25  - 61 - 2,440

4. Michael J Jensen Smederna 5 - 25 - 61 - 2,440

5. Artem Laguta Vetlanda 4 - 19 - 46 - 2,421

6. Jason Doyle Rospiggarna 5 - 25 - 57 - 2,280

7. Anders Thomsen Indianerna 3 - 15 - 34 - 2,267

8. Greg Hancock Dackarna 5 - 23 - 48 - 2,087

9. Vaclav Milik Indianerna 5 - 26 - 53 - 2,038

10. Tai Woffinden Masarna 5 - 25 - 49 - 1,960

Michael Jepsen Jensen have almost doubled his average so far. From 1.310 to 2.440
Anders Thomsen have increased his from 1.522 to 2.267


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Been away for a couple of days so just caught up with 2 of yesterday`s matches( i kept away from any scores). I am not as scathing of the Lejonen track as Ghostie- certainly Vetlanda is a lot worse. and i thought it was a close and decent meeting with Vetlanda. Don`t quite know if Smederna were that good or Vastervik that poor. Thought the ref was really poor in heat 13 not stopping the race earlier.

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I think Smederna were that good even if Västervik also was a bit poor. Västervik had done a few good away meetings
earlier this season so I expected them to do better then they did. Smederna on the other hand have been very strong so far this season
with the last heat decider over Dackarna at home and two large wins over Indianerna (away) and Masarna (home).

Hightlights from Smederna - Västervik.  I agree with the referee's lack of action in ht 13.


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Just watched the last 2 matches of the round- Indianerna v Rospiggarna was my match of the week- great racing. Bjarne Pedersen impressive for the home side and Robert Lambert always in the mix for Rospiggarna. Dackarna v Masarna had it`s moments but apart from Woffinden Masarna were poor and the home team far too strong.

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