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  1. Gislaved and Vetlanda are two very poor tracks. I think track wise next should be better but Smederna is so much stronger then Piraterna that it probably won't be close score wise.
  2. c-more/sportkanalen is part of the same media group where C-more shows it on sportkanlen and web feed.
  3. I have updated the post about then individual SM-final, see this post:
  4. Ghostwalker

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Tickets to Målilla are on sale now. https://www.eventim.se/tickets.html?affiliate=BSS&esid=2642439&fun=page&pagename=eventseries
  5. Highlights: https://www.elitspeedway.com/play/video/125263?provider=staylive&autoplay=1
  6. There has been a crash in heat 2 in Eskilstuna involving Lahti and Dudek according to Smederna FB.
  7. 36 minutes ago on their FB page.
  8. No R/R, Indianerna have signed Andreas Lyager (transfer card) and he will replace NKI at the nr 1 position.
  9. The Swedish government announced today that attendances from 1 July will be allowed to be as much as 3000 per section for the largest arenas (like football stadiums). However this is in relation to several different criteria such as that each spectator have to have sufficient space and that spectators on the different sections won't be able to get close to the spectators on the other sections. I don't know how they will decide for speedway tracks but the largest arenas capacity wise like Eskilstuna and Målilla could be allowed to have a larger attendance then the like of Motala, Hallstavik and Avesta. We'll see. https://sverigesradio.se/artikel/mer-publik-pa-laktarna-3-000-per-sektion
  10. Officially off. IMO poor performance from track staff.
  11. New episode of Speedwaypodden. https://sverigesradio.se/avsnitt/1740738?fbclid=IwAR2TyB5yz8LJYHOTHWx1EOiuw80dK6GIqac_gqiaPCxu6kNH7QvGSiX0-iY
  12. As always, race cards can be found at Svemo website: https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Speedway/allmaninfo/Dokumentcenter/korschema/
  13. well the website needs improvement both regarding technical function and layout.
  14. Results system (Svemo TA) is hosted and managed by Svemo (federation) and used by all Svemo affiliated clubs/(motorcycle)sports. Updates from tracks are provided by someone from the home club via Svemo TA. https://www.elitspeedway.com/ is managed by the league though.

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