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Whatever happened to the Old Frying Pan?

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17 hours ago, BOBBATH said:

Do you mean they've changed the track layout, I have fond memories of the Abbey Stadium-first visited in 1965, last visited in 1972.  I used to get there by driving along the M4 and turning off to Acton Turville and then going across lovely country-via Minety (where Mike Keen lived) Malmesbury, Cricklade ( maybe not necessarily in that order)-last time I was over tried to duplicate the journey but the roads had changed and got lost despite helpful  instructions from people I asked. One year stayed at the Blunsdon House Hotel-think it may now be a Best Western . Was there (or still is ) a pub called the "Cold Harbour". Think it is too bad how many of the British pubs have closed. We have pubs in the Toronto area that are more British than the British ones-one near me called "The Owl" where I sometimes go and watch English football.

Now Premier Inn. Coldharbour still there. Mike Keen still lives in Minety. Lots of housing around there now, Robins Farm pub and housing estates, and roads named after former riders. The Shabbey is looking it's age!

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Wonder what became of Swindon's "Esso" shaped track. The track manager there Alf Elliott, had a theory that a speedway track should be the shape of a riders' natural line and in 1958 I believe, he was given his head and allowed to reshape Swindon to this. There were complaints from the riders about the new track being bumpy and difficult to ride, but none that I remember about the shape, but the experiment was quietly forgotten and the track restored to its original shape after a very short time.

Just wondering if any Swindon supporters remember this and can throw some more light on it?

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On 6/16/2020 at 6:48 AM, steve roberts said:

Got me thinking about the number of tracks still operating since my first year of attending in 1972.

Of the 18 operating in the British League Division One only King's Lynn, Sheffield, Ipswich, Poole, Wolves and Swindon still operate with both Belle Vue and Leicester at different arenas.

Of the 17 in Division Two only Peterborough, Eastbourne, Berwick operate with Birmingham and Scunthorpe at a diffferent arenas.

My first year 1960...20 league teams, 6 still operating, 3 at the same Track. e&oe, open license tracks not included.

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