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  1. auntie doris


    Looking forward to watching the highlights on Quest tonight.
  2. Well done Anders, from Royal Wootton Bassett. Chatted to him at the Swindon Dinner Dance, October 2019, a nice, quiet, unassuming lad.
  3. I expect Chipping Norton going red was in part an anti-Cameron/ Clarkson vote
  4. auntie doris

    Football 2020/21

    Well done Leicester City
  5. auntie doris


    Was a regular at New Cross, Wimbledon, Ackney, Wet Spam, Worky, Swindon, plus visited Coventry, Zummerzet, Reading. Only Newcastle, Belle Vue, and IOW still running
  6. auntie doris

    Football 2020/21

    You meant Spurs 60 years ago
  7. auntie doris

    Football 2020/21

    The lack of fans this season...Man U lost 6 at home, unbeaten away, City lost 1 away, Liverpool 6 at home, Arsenal 7, Everton 8, Leicester 8......
  8. auntie doris

    Football 2020/21

    Christ..Man U 2 Liverpool 4
  9. auntie doris

    Eastbourne 2020

    Lee Kilby does a fantastic job at Swindon, will do the same at Eastbourne. Good Luck for 2021 Eagles.
  10. auntie doris


    A good read but not quite the bumper edition of 2 years ago with the Covid affecting the sport. Not the same without the top 2 Swindon and Poole, and Zummerzet, only 6 teams.
  11. auntie doris

    Championship League Predictions

    Will go Glasgow, Leicester, Poole, Eastbourne. Redcar top 5, with Kent, Plymouth, Newcastle bottom 3
  12. auntie doris

    Football 2020/21

    Up The Arsenal
  13. Baffling why in neighbouring Wiltshire, similar county to Oxfordshire, the Tories were so dominant, winning 90 plus seats, 61 in Wilts, 30 in Swindon, Lib Dems 27, none in Swindon, Labour winning just 20 seats in Swindon, the only other 3 in Salisbury. Labour cleaned up in Oxford city, no Tories, some Lib Dems, and surprisingly won Chipping Norton and Witney!!! and Lib Dems cleaned up in White Horse. Even the Greens easily won Wallingford?! The Greens are the number 2 party in Bristol now, almost neck-and-neck with Labour number 1. Gained 85 seats, giving them 151 seats, mainly at Labour's expense. Labour win 10 of 13 Mayoral elections, including West of England! Labour losing working-class seats in Gloucester, some middle-class areas voting Labour and Green elsewhere!
  14. Plus a lot of incomers from south-east, buying cheaper property, that would probably be mainly Tory, and no university, students mainly vote Labour.
  15. Don't vote Red or Blue but have never known the 4 main parties to be so similar. 50 years ago the working -class voted Arold- Labour, middle-class Tory Ted. The Greens and Lib Dems are picking up disillusioned Labour voters from the centre-left. Read that 36% would vote Tory, 29% Lab, 35% the rest, from how peeps recently voted in local elections.

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