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  1. auntie doris

    Dream League

    Coventry was a superb track, good bunch of fans. Some excellent meetings against Swindon.
  2. auntie doris

    Dream League

    60 years ago, was my one and only season watching the Rangers and the great Squibbo. Geoff Penniket was my favourite rider. Still have all the programmes from 1963. We watched Wimbledon after that with occasional journies over the river to Wet Spam and Ackney, as Bjorn Knutson was my favourite then. Moved to Swindon 1967,went for 5 years then had 30 year break before going to Workington then back to Swindon. Was at the last meeting 2019.The occasional trip to Oxford and Cardiff now.
  3. auntie doris

    Dream League

    I think you need to give your head a wobble son, Barnet, Dagenham, Catford and Greenford are third tier clubs, have had little success compared to Swindon, Oxford, Poole, Belle Vue, Coventry...Luton, Basingstoke, Slough were far more successful.
  4. auntie doris

    Dream League

    If you could have a league of the top 20 teams ever who would you choose? Based on trophies won, years in top-flight, longevity? I will go, in no order, Belle Vue, Poole, Coventry, Oxford, Swindon, Wembley, Wimbledon, West Ham, New Cross, Hackney, Wolves, Cradley, Reading, Ipswich, Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Sheffield, Newcastle, Halifax, Eastbourne. Probably missed a couple.
  5. auntie doris

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Bullocks is better
  6. auntie doris

    Oxford Spires 2024

    I know Simon King, one time drummer was from Ox, plus fellow Hawk Nik Turner was born there. There's another name, Hawks!
  7. auntie doris

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Surely as they're OX in COWley, a more meaty, bovine theme, Oxford Bulls, Buffalos, Bos or Bison. Or Blackbirds after the local estate. Royals or Cavaliers as it was Civil War HQ. Or Morrismen after the nearby car factory. As they race in yellow, the Daffodils, Pansies, Great T1ts. The best name would be Oxfam Robins Where did that Silver Machine name come from? The Spires is not inspiring.
  8. auntie doris

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Strong all round line-up, not great heat-leaders like Sheffield and Ipswich, but worth a few trips up to Oxfam next year.
  9. auntie doris

    Top British riders 1965-1969 (no Aussies or Kiwis)

    Great to see Broady in there. At 89 still see him power walking around north Swindon. The recent Celebration of Swindon Speedway will probably be the last time we will see Briggo, Broady, and Ashby together. Was great to watch British riders such as The Boococks, Broady, Ashby, Wilson, Betts, Hunter, Hedge, Luckhurst, McKinlay at New Cross, West Am, Ackney, Wimbledon, Swindon in the 60s, 70s. How good would Peter Craven have been?
  10. auntie doris

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Would like to see Tobi Musielak in the Oxford team. Speedway is less affordable to watch now than the 60s or 70s. The days at Blunsdon when peeps could afford to go every week, 36 meetings, lockouts with 17000 inside are gone. Good Luck with the 3 teams, a bold move, will certainly encourage speed fans from miles around to watch the top riders in the sport. Pity teams such as Swindon, Poole, Coventry, Reading, Wollves, Peterborough etc., won't be joining them. I will be making the trip up the a420 a few times.
  11. auntie doris

    Sport related Manslaughter charge

    My cousin's grandson, Josh Abbott, is top marksman for Oxford City Stars and ex-GB player.,he knows Petgrave. Was chatting to him last week and Josh said doubt it was a deliberate kick to the neck but definitely meant to injure him, knowing Petgrave, no accident. Oxford first team to wear neckguards, its not compulsory. Petr Cech is their goalminder, but Oxford second bottom. Josh had pretty bad facial injuries a few month ago was targeted by a known enforcer, then his Oxford teammates sought retribution on the ice.
  12. auntie doris

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    Worth having a try of Swindon riding at the Ox, they took 1000 fans to the challenge there last year. Both are top supported clubs just 30 miles apart.. Always found the Oxfam fans very friendly, its not football! And a lot of Robins fans don't live in Swindon/ Wiltshire, some travelling from Wales, Hampshire, Surrey, Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Oxford, Reading etc.,
  13. auntie doris

    My Top 20 Riders

  14. auntie doris

    My Top 20 Riders

    Masters has slipped back in both leagues, Craig Cook, Batch, Morris, Barker and Riss have been a disappointment, and thought Tom Brennan might have pushed on.
  15. Would anyone have final riders averages, cheers?

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