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    I am buying up the stock of immodium. With the absence of toilet paper constipation is next best alternative.
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    So I ask again what is it you want the government to do? I can see one thing only that I would like to be introduced right now and that is a law against profiteering on the sale of essentials. Anybody selling any essential at over 5% more than the average December price (set figures could be easily and quickly established) should be liable to an immediate £5000 fine, it would seem half the panic buys from the big supermarkets are finding their way into small shops at excessive prices. Doesn't matter that some customers are stupid and selfish enough to pay the inflated figure others will have no option. I would also like to see supermarkets under some pressure to make sure the elderly, disabled and those on a very low income are able to obtain a reasonable amount of goods. For many of these people bulk buying isn't an option for one reason or another and getting there in time to buy before the selfish crew arrive might be impossible. In truth it wouldn't matter one iota what they did you would be up in arms about it because nothing a Tory government ever does will be right in your eyes. In my view they have done an outstanding job of not bending over for the scaremongers so far and long may it continue. The strategy has been outlined in some detail along with the reasons behind it, if people choose to put a different slant on what it means (or more often what it might mean if x,y and z all happen) to suit their political views that is their problem.
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    Corbyn is over 70 isn’t he ? There might be some respite from his cheap, political sniping.
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    Watching ITV "This Morning", Piers Morgan and his female co-presenter (forgot her name) had been interviewing (missed it) someone who they had been asking her to explain government action being different to other nations. It seems they must have asked her something and were attacking her reply. Both of them one after another, and sometimes at the same time, were verbally attacking her, without allowing her to respond. I don't like Piers Morgan at the best of time, he annoys me easily, but today I thought was disgraceful. Anyone else see it - have any opinions? I can see many firms failing during this era we entering, that is clear to see. One sector I would like to see fails is the press media, some newspapers, some tv news programs. There is too much news generally, and too much negative news definately. TV presenters of news are grossly overpaid, that we know from BBC figures, but how much do other tv news presenters get, that misery called Kay Burley for instance. While many "ordainary" hard workers are likely to lose their jobs, the tv news presenters like Piers Morgan and Kay Burley will still be drawing their £250,000 salaries and think they doing the nation a favour by their presence. Grump over, the day can only get better - hopefully…….. this afternoon I due at medical practice to get result of annual test to see if my prostate cancer (prostate removed 5 years ago come 8th April) is holding back.
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    Wife and I, both in over 70 group, decided last Friday to self isolate, she has COPD and is on an inhaler, so we decided to go for it. I suppose it was a “soft self isolate” while the mind adjusts to what we are going to have to do to over the next few months (however long), and we will quickly adjust. Yesterday we went for a drive, 25 mile each way, to the top of the Wirral, to West Kirby, a favourite place of ours. Surprisingly it was busy, always difficult to park along the prom and it was no different, though we did. Pub car parks along the journey seemed busy too. We did a short walk in the open, bit chilly so we sat in the car. Looking in the rear view mirror I could see the occupants of the car behind stayed in car also. Then they were munching on some food, and drinking from a flask. So they seem to be doing something like we were, going. out, enjoying the scenery, but they took a snack with them. From what I read and heard, those over 70 who are to self isolate should not be going out at all. Someone suggested can those ones go for a walk in the country, and the answer was no, just in case they meet someone. To me that is a bit over the top. What is wrong with a walk in the open countryside, and if you have others walking toward you, what is wrong in just saying “good morning” as you walk past, not stopping to talk. We will do the same as the occupants of the car behind us. Go out, enjoy fresh air, enjoy the scenery, and take a snack and drink with us, so we not socialising as in going in a cafe and touching things that others may have touched or will do after us. That’s one of the main transmitters, touching things, so if we don’t we unlikely to catch anything from others that way, especially if we sanitise our hands regularly, that’s if we can get the odd sanitiser or two. Or does the government want to see off the over 70’s by imposing self isolation and they pop off with boredom. All things moderation, with caution in mind.
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    Agree. But Remainers and Labourites are using this situation to condemn Boris for the direction of the preventive measures. They are either too stupid to watch and invent what happens at the 3 man TV updates that Boris plays the host, and gets the experts to explain the plan and the rational of their recommendations. Just like the GE and Referendum results, they just don't get it and their 'majority' knows better.
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    Put the moron on ignore brum, the idiot is not worth a second of your time ...
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    You getting worse HA, pointless snipes at any opportunity, not got the fever have you?
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    At this stage you have to remember it’s mass communication, in general terms, made worse by the media stirring it up as they always do. Like a lot of things 70 is an arbitrary figure, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Like the rest of the population the over-70’ s come in various levels of health, and some are far fitter than others. I think it would be madness to say all over 70’s are completely confined to barracks but it is important that the message is put across forcefully so the gravity of the situation is fully grasped. I don’t think there is any way the over 70’s can be stopped from walking the dog and similar activities where they don’t come in close contact with other people or hard surfaces, but it it does mean they have take serious steps to understand the risk, not just to themselves but reducing the strain on the NHS, especially now it has been officially estimated that up to 7.9 million people could need hospital treatment . One of the past American presidents - I forget which one - famously said “ I have spent most of my life worrying about things, most of which never happened “ . I think in the situation we have with Coronavirus the situation is moving so rapidly we have to deal with the situation day by day, and not worry too much about what MIGHT happen, or what the ghouls in the media try to stir up. 85% Of senior High Court Judge’s are over 70 . Are they going to be told to stay at home ? Or what about MPs over the magic figure, or the retired doctors they might bring back? The list goes on. All any of us can do at the moment is be sensible, wash our hands and avoid unnecessary crowds. The situation is serious enough without worrying ourselves about what may or may not transpire in the future.
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    It was explained on telly today that it doesn't man you got to lock yourself in a room for 4 months, you can go out but not socialising or getting in close contact. Dog walking or a stroll in the park no problem. Everything with caution. Iceland in Belfast is opening an hour early so older ones can go shopping without the hassle. Realising our local Tesco store stocks its shelves at night we going to go for 7:30am opening so we can get some essentials and also hopefully not be in a crowd. Just going to have to change the routine to suit fresh circumstances.
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    If the riders have been told then why not just tell the fans too? There should be no cloud of mystery
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    So what is the rest of the eu going to blame whos downturn is likely to be a lot worse ?
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    Why? Who are you and on what authorirty do you speak? It's not rocket science to come up with that. May is kicking the can but correct in that they just need a point to reflect on the position at that time. Current worse case projections suggest that any speedway this season is unlikely. We don't need your expertise to come up with that.
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    Meanwhile.. https://twitter.com/paulkirwan/status/1239269867833954310?s=09
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    The person I’ve seen deliver the most strident and withering attack on Boris over the matter is Nigel Farage.
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    Why the hell don't you grow up, you talk a load of bull sh..
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    Just tell him to make up the basket with toilet rolls with substitute box unticked. They probably won't turn up and the rest of the shop will be delivered...
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    A friend of mine told me this morning that he asked Tesco about home delivery (he is over 70 and has a history of lung and chest diseases). He was told that the minimum order was £40! So far from rationing, they seem to be actively encouraging overbuying.
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    I've just finished watching 'Outside Edge' starring Robert Daws and Timothy Spall. I would imagine that it was a pretty true reflection of small time cricket!
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    Whilst the idea of isolation for over 70's may be a good idea in principal, for myself and wife both in that age group it is totally impractical. Nearest relation lives in Wiltshire, we live in Cambridge. We of course have friends and neighbours but they are largely in same position. Like so many good ideas they are not thought through.
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    Darren will bring more than that to the table. He is an ex rider who still has a runout occasionally, knows all the other referees, well acquainted with Newcastle as a club and will know most of the riders. I welcome him to the club, he's straight forward and a good guy.

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