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  1. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    ITV4 to show all classes live from Le Mans according to Autosport. With BT Sport up for sale and ITV one of the rumoured bidders maybe this will lead to a permanent terrestrial tv deal.
  2. Not been as good as last year as they showed all the meetings. However when the Swedish league starts you are getting 3 meetings a week so pretty good value. They also show boxing which I watch so I get pretty good value out of my subscription.
  3. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Fabio had surgery on Monday and skipped the moto gp test. Marquez also pulled out of the test due to the crashes he had at the weekend leaving him stiff and sore. Acosta is really looking like he is something special.
  4. Tim G


    But if you go to a concert at Wembley it’s about £80 for the cheap seats and the place is sold out. BSI/Eurosport Events would not sell many tickets for speedway at that price and would lose a fortune so it’s a non starter. Speedway can’t afford Wembley or any other major stadium in London.
  5. Tim G


    I would be shocked if you got 55k at Wembley for speedway and if you did the atmosphere would be nowhere near as good as 40k at Cardiff. The cost of renting Wembley would be astronomic so at 55k you would probably be losing money unless minimum ticket price was £50 and most speedway fans wouldn’t pay that price for the cheapest ticket. If you want speedway in a big stadium Cardiff is the only option with the roof and financial help from the government.
  6. Tim G


    Amazon Prime is only about £70 for the year so not too expensive. I have DAZN and it is only £2 a month at the moment but that might increase as it seems they are taking the Matchroom boxing from Sky Sports apart from Joshua in June. ITV are also said to be interested in buying part of BT sports.
  7. Tim G


    BT Sport is now up for sale with rumours that DAZN, Disney and Amazon looking at buying it. So all content could be moved to a new platform.
  8. Tim G

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Nestle are also investing nearly £30 million pounds in two other existing plants in Halifax and York. So it doesn’t sound Brexit related just closing a plant for greed.
  9. Best to use a heavy duty torch as very easy to claim self defence as it’s not classed as a weapon and can do some decent damage.
  10. I am sure if you had put a smaller number plate on your bike numerous police would have turned up to fine you. I got burgled about 25 years ago whilst I was at work so reported it at about 4.30pm when I got home. Was told not to touch anything and they would send someone around. Police turned up about 6 hours later had a look around and said they think they know who has done it but can’t prove anything. Was too late for me to get the window fixed that was broken in the break in so I said to the copper I better take a golf putter to bed with me in case they come back. He then said I would be arrested if I attacked them and I should phone the police if they returned. Got a crime number but they had no real interest in investigating it. Seems like nothing has changed by the way you have been treated by the police.
  11. Tim G

    Football 2020/21

    Also rumours today that Spurs and City might be withdrawing. Chelsea going first will make the decision easier for them.
  12. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    The Spanish set up is absolutely brilliant and is really the only series to be in if you want to be a Moto GP rider. Raul Fernandez also looks an amazing talent, he was too big last year for a Moto 3 bike but is looking a star in the Moto 2 category. Can see him and Remy Gardner on the KTM in Moto Gp within the next two years.
  13. Thought you had to wear a mask if stood up in a pub garden.
  14. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    No spectators allowed.
  15. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Looks like MM will be on the grid next week. Another Brit in the Moto 2 race as Frasier Rodgers has got a ride.

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