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  1. corfe pirate

    Poole 2020

    Neither would you be!
  2. corfe pirate

    Gp Challenge

    Walasek , NKI, Bjerre . Can`t see anyone in this field featuring in the top 8 in next years GP .
  3. corfe pirate

    More Laughs From The Bspa...

    Spot on Andy M .
  4. corfe pirate

    Champions League Final 21st May

    True but I prefer pleasure before dosh , can see that shirt burning now .
  5. corfe pirate

    Champions League Final 21st May

    Corfe Pirates Master Plan . 1) Go to the speedway . 2) Win footy shirt ( somethimg to keep me warm in the winter . Should burn a treat . 3) Record the footy , just incase I can`t sleep later . SORTED !
  6. corfe pirate

    More Laughs From The Bspa...

    Looks like a bit of a master stroke is being pulled , well done that man .
  7. corfe pirate

    Tim Stone

    Very sad news RIP Tim . Speedways loss is Heavens gain .
  8. corfe pirate

    Bspa Site..

    Try the link from The Official Poole Speedway Website , just tried it with no problems .
  9. corfe pirate

    Bspa Site..

    Loaded straight up for me . Looks like a problem your end lady s . Hope you get it sorted .
  10. Maybe you should re-phrase that Sue , or did you mean it that way ? More toilet paper anyone ?
  11. The whole show ! ( If only you could bottle the smell of engine burnt Castrol R ) .
  12. I think the queue has indeed reached Poole Colin , just that it`s a job too see it through all the dust . ( Eastie said )
  13. Get your tin hat on pal , your going to need it !
  14. Oops ! Humble Pie anyone .

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