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  1. lewy

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    That's the only positive thing about it.
  2. lewy

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    He will not be riding at Workington knee injury.
  3. lewy

    Workington 2024

    Is celina and tate fit for the weekend?
  4. We actually have 3 one belongs to the club and is fully equipped, race nights we have 2 more so if one has to leave the track we still have 2. Pretty shabby not having 2 tbh. Apparently scunthorpe has 2 ambulances only 1 paramedic!
  5. lewy

    Poole 2024

    The deal was done way before the u21 final!
  6. He shouldn't have been in the rerun anyway
  7. When his rider missed the 2 minutes.
  8. Not sure if that was the case,nut still an enjoyable match. Skidder1 do you know what the team change is?
  9. Poole will be making a change which I think is harsh,also the poorest decision I've seen in a long time ht 13 cook flips it at the start let's go of his bike nearly taking barker out and it's all 4 back, totally bizarre! Not to disheartened to take Poole to last ht decider with 5 riders,no disrespect to jason Garrod who didn't disgrace himself I think with a full team we will be competitive away from home and tough to beat at home. Tobias thomsen won't be happy when he gets fined £75 twice for riding on the centre green aswell. Middleditch having a hissy fit in the pits was comedy gold at least the pit phone is still in one piece. Redcar Tuesday should be interesting.
  10. Do you poole fans think max Perry should be moved on,or should the promotion stick with him like they did with Nathan Ablitt. Personally I think max is a great prospect and would stick with him and reap the benefits when he comes good which I have no doubt he will.
  11. Yes hagon into main body on 4.33 Ave,tobias still on 4.00 ave
  12. lewy

    Redcar 2024

    How many points are Redcar under the limit please

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