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  1. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    Oh no, no! Not BB! Anyone but him! Kyle Howarth and BB in the same team would be a tinderbox.
  2. 4thbender

    Tigers v Panthers 22/07

    Predictably, Peterborough were the best team on the night and duly bagged the points. From a Tigers perspective, we could all see this coming due to only half the team performing. I'll miss the next home match due to holidays, so won't see any more speedway for five weeks. I hope by that time significant team changes will have been made or we can say goodbye to any hope of a top four place.
  3. 4thbender

    Tigers v Panthers 22/07

    Permanent changes absolutely necessary (starting with a reliable no.1), but the cupboard of able replacements looks pretty bare.
  4. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    Announcement of team for this Thursday's match is later than usual. I wonder if changes are afoot.
  5. Paid for my ticket online last Friday - still waiting for my ticket to arrive. Have I been conned?
  6. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    I have lost my brother, but it doesn't change my view one iota that the criminals who have imposed this curse upon us need to face the courts. But it won't happen until their evil is exposed and, sadly, the mask-wearing, jab-receiving supporters of lockdown are the one who will prevent that from happening.
  7. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    I've never doubted the existence of some sort of virus that makes people ill to some degree. However I have always challenged suggestions that this is a pandemic, or that it has any greater overall impact than regular flu. On 29 September 2020, the worldwide coronavirus death toll topped one million, but the estimates of the worldwide death toll of Spanish flu range between 17 and 50 million. Either way, that was a REAL pandemic. The World Health Organisation estimates that between 290,000 and 650,000 people die worldwide every year from influenza-related causes, but numbers "spike" periodically when we have a bad flu year. A million deaths worldwide would certainly place Covid in that category, but not even a drop in the ocean in real pandemic terms. If you were to ask me, I can tell you chapter and verse on where and how Covid originated (and it wasn't Wuhan, or even China!) and the evidence is overwhelming that it was a deliberate strategy by agencies acting on behalf of "Big-pharma" to create a worldwide "hoax pandemic" to meet their nefarious goals.
  8. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    I've had it - and survived (without hospitalisation).
  9. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    Yes, absolutely - it's global (which makes it all the more sinister). But nevertheless, the government has quietly extended coronavirus lockdown laws, without recourse to any parliamentary debate (i.e. it's illegal), to give local councils the power to close pubs, restaurants, shops and public spaces until July 17. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reported as saying the government could not consider easing lockdown restrictions with infection rates at their current high levels, and until it is confident the vaccination programme is working. Does anyone actually believe this will be the last "extension"? Bet you believe in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy too. Check it out for yourself: https://bit.ly/3p8zwwC
  10. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    My post was placed in response to Moranboys query as to whether there is a realistic chance of seeing racing again this year, so it is only polite to tell him what I know. As to my submission being an "idiotic conspiracy theory," the only thing I got wrong was the timeframe. I said that the new and deadlier virus would be announced in March, but that was before I'd read yesterday's newspaper, which contains the headline "UK's mutant strain is 40% more deadly." In a linked article on the same page headed "...And SA variant may make jab 50% less effective," the article warns "allowing the variant first detected in South Africa to become the dominant strain could send the country back to square one." (Daily Mail, Jan 23rd, page 12) They're preparing us for a further year-long lockdown, just as I predicted. This puppet Prime Minister and his psychopathic henchmen are circumventing parliamentary democracy to systematically remove our freedoms. Placing 65 million people under house-arrest for 10 months, implementing a 3-tier system, giving police obscene powers to enter your home without a warrant and beat peaceful protesters with batons, forcing us all to wear masks to dehumanize the population, forcing the closure of hundreds of thousands of businesses with the permanent loss of millions of jobs, instructing GPs to refuse care and medication to tens of thousands of care-home residents (causing 18,000 avoidable deaths), authorising hospitals to abandon the treatment of millions of seriously ill patients: ALL MEASURES TAKEN WITHOUT A SINGLE VOTE IN PARLIAMENT! This is not democracy, it's DICTATORSHIP.... and it's aided and abetted by idiots who want to dismiss it all as a "conspiracy theory." You should tell that to the thousands of business owners that have invested their toil and money to build businesses over decades to see them shut down in a stroke of Matt Hancock's pen... or the millions of people who have seen their jobs and careers destroyed, never to return... or the millions of young people who have seen their education flushed down the pan. The truth deniers who want to dismiss real events as a "conspiracy theory" are a disgrace and are really just collaborating with the enemy. But put your mask on and take the jab.... Good luck with that.
  11. The notion that the NHS saves the lives of old people is a misnomer. According to Amnesty International, the action of the NHS in discharging 25,000 elderly people into care homes In April last year and issuing blanket "Do Not Resuscitate" orders resulted in 18,000 avoidable deaths. The "spike" in Covid deaths in that month was due entirely to the NHS's wanton treatment and deprivation of medical care of elderly patients. I hope Matt Hancock is dragged before the courts to answer for this genocide.
  12. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    Coming from Sunderland, I expect you're familiar with the technique of playing the man and not the ball. So, given that I'm a bell end, let's get back to playing the ball. Which bit of my contribution do you disagree with and why?
  13. Can't believe anyone actually listens to this propaganda. I can show you winter headlines going back decades that all say the same thing: "NHS workers at the absolute limit," "Hospital on the brink," "A & E at breaking point," etc, etc. The figures show this year is no worse than average. The truth is the NHS is a behemoth that never learns from its mistakes and, no matter how much money we throw at it, its leaders do not have the capacity to think out of the box. I've paid into NHS coffers for 50 years and, by God's grace, never had to draw out. I've never spent a night in hospital in my entire life and it's probably 30 years since I last went to see a GP. But I've paid in dutifully in the belief that in my old age they'd be there to look after me when I finally give up the ghost. But what happens? At the age of 70, they tell me that in order to "Save the NHS" I've got to wear a mask, stay at home, not see my grandkids and should I dare to venture out, people will die and IT'S ALL MY FAULT! I always thought the NHS was there to SAVE ME - not the other way round! Want to know the truth? The NHS is not worth saving. It should be broken up, all the super-annuated bureaucrats sacked and local management boards set up to run health services in the localities (made up of proper working people with a vested interest in the health of the local community).
  14. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    Not a chance. What we are witnessing is the systematic obliteration of national cultures in favour of a globalist totalitarian regime. Anyone who still believes that the hardships of the last twelve months are in any way connected to a "pandemic" is deluding himself. "Three weeks to flatten the sombrero" has turned into nearly 12 months with still no visible way out of the strait-jacket. As I've said before in this and other forums, there is no intention that we will EVER return to life pre-2020.The present government regime is no longer a democracy: Boris and co. have built a "government of occupation," ruling by ministerial edict, having completely circumvented the democratic parliamentary process. The whole charade of wearing masks, having to stay indoors, not meeting with family and giving up jobs and businesses has nothing whatever to do with a killer virus: it is a strategy driven by the government's behavioural psychologists to break the human spirit, de-construct the British sense of community and make us entirely reliant upon the state for our livelihoods. Mark my words: in March or April (just when the population believes the lockdown is about to be eased and Speedway can resume), bumbling Boris and his psychopathic chum Matt Hancock will announce the arrival of a new and deadlier strain of the virus from China and the whole process will start again.
  15. 4thbender

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2021

    Keep your money in your pocket.

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