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  1. Bert Harkins

    Celebration Of Speedway 2014.

    This year's 2014 Celebration of Speedway will be held in Paradise Wildlife Park on Sunday 16th February from 11am till 4pm. Outdoor and indoor displays of bikes, leathers, trophies, body colours and much much more. Bikes from pre-war to Ice Racing Jawas and modern lay-down GMs. Bikes will be fired up on the hour, every hour, so come and listen to the sound of unslilenced Japs and Jawas and the lovely aroma of Castrol 'R'. The 2014 Peterborough Panthers Road Show will be in attendance. BBQ and bar plus food outlets will be available throughout the Park. Donation of £5 would be appreciated and entry includes the Speedway Exhibition, National Speedway Museum and also the Wildlife Park. The donation will help the WSRA (World Speedway Riders' Association) to help members who fall on hard times and also assist the Museum in purchasing exhibits to put on show. Paradise Wildlife Park is signposted from Junction 25 of the M25,........See You There!
  2. Bert Harkins

    Celebration Of Speedway 2013 Photographs

    CELEBRATION of SPEEDWAY 2014. Sunday 16th February at Paradise Wildlife Park 11am to 4pm. Bike displays from pre-war to Ice Racing Jawas and modern GMs. National Speedway Museum open with bikes, leathers, trophies, body colours and much much more. Collectors' Fayre in the Events Marquee with old programmes, magazines, photos and DVDs. Bike will be fired up on the hour every hour so come and hear unsilenced Japs and Jawas and smell the atmospheric Castrol 'R'. BBQ, bar and food outlets all around the Park. Peterborough Panthers Road Show will be in attendance. Entry free but suggested £5 donation would be appreciated. This also gives entry to the Wildlife Park as well as the Speedway Exhibition, so come along for a grand day out. Paradise Wildlife Park is signposted from Junction 25 of the M25.........See You There!
  3. Bert Harkins

    Celebration Of Speedway 2012

    STOP PRESS!! Former Hackney favourite, Bengt Jansson has just phoned to say that he is flying over from Sweden for the Celebration of Speedway on Sunday 19th.so get your cameras and autograph books ready. Other news is that the prizes for the Raffle which is in aid of a new more technical wheelchair for Mike Letch, will include;- 2 tickets for the Cardiff GP, courtesy of BSI Speedway, 2 VIP tickets for the Ben Fund meeting at Birmingham, courtesy of the Speedway Riders' Benevolent Fund, A free day's training at the "My First Skid" Speedway School,, a signed Ivan Mauger race jacket, a signed limited edition print of Tai Woffinden, courtesy of Jim Blanchard, etc. Entry to the Wildlife Park and Speedway Exhibitionis free on Sunday, so please buy some raffle tickets for the Mike Letch Fund. Thank you.
  4. Bert Harkins

    Celebration Of Speedway 2012

    Sorry, Rico, the stunt man won't be there this year but at least we should have some unsilenced Speedway bikes being fired up from time to time. Hope you enjoy the day,.......Wrap up warm! More news on the raffle to raise funds for a new and more technical wheelchair for Australian, Mike Letch. prizes include a free day's training at "My First Skid" Training School to learn to ride a Speedway bike, Two Tickets for the Cardiff GP, courtesy of BSI Speedway, a signed Ivan Mauger race jacket and a Jim Blanchard action painting of Tai . Remember, entry to the Park is free for Speedway supporters on 19th Feb, so please support Mike Letch by buying a raffle ticket or two. Thankyou.
  5. Bert Harkins

    Celebration Of Speedway 2012

    Hello, Rico, Sorry for the delay in replying. Entry to Paradise Wildlife Park, Museum and Celebration of Speedway Exhibition, is FREE OF CHARGE on 19th Feb if you bring along your Speedway Star or Classic Speedway advert for the event. Normal admission to the Park is £16 so as it is free, we are asking fans to please buy some raffle tickets on the day as all proceeds will be going towards a fund for a new wheelchair for Australian, Mike Letch and you could win some good prizes whilst helping a good cause.
  6. Bert Harkins

    Celebration Of Speedway 2012

    Put the date in your diary, Sunday 19th February 2012 as that is the date for this year's WSRA Celebration of Speedway at Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire 11am till 4pm.Speedway bikes from Pre War Douglas and Rudge to Ice Racing bikes and modern lay-downs, all will be on display and some will be bursting into life again. Look out for the adverts in the Speedway press. Collectors' Fayre, BBQ and plenty of food outlets around the Park, so come and join us and you may even win a day at a Speedway Training School! Paradise Wildlife Park is signposted from Junction 25 of the M25,......."Seemples!"
  7. Bert Harkins

    Speedway Gp In Tatters !

    I can't agree that, (quote), "The Cardiff GP is going downhill fast". I reckon that it is a great weekend, only spoiled by the crazy hotel prices every year. I also believe that, despite my love of the old Wembley and its twin towers, Cardiff is the place for our British Grand Prix. Wembley has a nice new stadium, but the surrounding area is just a big Trading Estate and yes, you can travel into the West End for some entertainment, but in Cardiff, you have plenty of restaurants, bars, and Cardiff Bay all within easy distance and the noise and atmosphere inside the Millenium Stadium is just electric.
  8. Bert Harkins

    Gp In Auckland 2012

    Too late, James Easter and the Speedway Star Travel Club have already booked a fleet of First World War Biplanes for the trip. (watch out for The Red Baron). Big Dave will be your In-Flight Host but remember to bring your own flying helmet and goggles and be aware that these planes have outside toilets. They will be leaving on New Year's Day to ensure that they get to NZ in time for the official practice. Book now for the trip of a lifetime!
  9. The WSRA (World Speedway Riders' Association) have arranged their annual Dinner Dance at the Leicester Marriott for the night before the Ben Fund meeting so that our wheelchair boys do not have to make two trips to the Midlands in a short space of time to attend both events. It is also hoped that some of the guests from the Dinner who are staying overnight will make the short hop over to Birmingham on the Sunday.
  10. Congratulations to Glasgow on running a Junior meeting,...We need some more up-and-coming Scots to fill the gaps and get us back onto the International stage..
  11. Bert Harkins

    Free Admission For Kids At Rye House

    Sorry about that, Shadders, I was unaware that the vouchers had expired so we will make sure that they are withdrawn from the Speedway Museum.
  12. Thanks for your sarcastic reply, just loosen up and try to enjoy whatever pre-meeting enertainment is on offer as it doesn't cost any of us any extra and there is still the GP to look forward to.
  13. I believe that BSI Speedway are not allowed to advertise some acts due to contractual reasons. Also, robert72, I spoke to many people who enjoyed the Royal Navy displays at Cardiff last year, but it just proves the old saying,..."You cannot please all of the people all of the time".
  14. Why is everyone so pessimistic about the pre-match entertainment at Cardiff? IMG/BSI try hard to give us more than a Grand Prix to watch and, as robert72 says, not everyone wants to hang around a pub before the meeting, especially if they have got kids. What about the "Fanzone" where the street was closed in the afternoon? That was something new for a GP weekend and everyone seemed to be enjoying the carnival atmosphere, and, as regards Wembley, if we ever went back there, we would be stuck in the middle of a trading estate during the day whereas there is plenty to keep everyone occupied in Cardiff before the "Main Event",.....the British Grand Prix.
  15. Bert Harkins

    Leszno Gp 30th April 2011

    "Lady Luck", you are depriving yourself of seeing some great racing if you do not attend any meetings this year. The BSPA/Coventry/Peterborough situation is in the past, so relax, come out and enjoy the close racing we have been having at tracks all over the country so far this season.

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