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  1. That and he looks like he s dragging an anchor to the 1st corner
  2. Ellis and Brennan need to be doing meetings like this to move forward watched Ellis on Thursday at Sheffield and he looks like he s moving forward he attacked the track and his race with pedersen was great to watch
  3. r8gdp

    Sheffield 2020

    Just sat here and realised Tai Woffinden only in Poland and is free to do the British league if only lol mind you he could do with more track time his gating is shocking
  4. It was a little crowded on the 3/4 bend .1st trip for me since the dreaded covid . You were the better side Harris really enjoyed it ,the track definitely suited him . Would have liked to see palin a little more looks a decent prospect
  5. Sheffield definitely not making the playoffs but who’s out there to bring in .
  6. Just got back from the meeting the better side won having Harris at reserve definitely helped Peterborough. It’s the 1st meeting I’ve been to this year but to me Batchelor looks like his confidence is shot . He doesn’t look comfortable on the bike at Sheffield you have to be prepared to go out wide and attack the track it’s fast and bloody scary , he ended having to go wide to go round pedersen and he didn’t look happy out there. I hope he s not losing his nerve and he gets through his bad patch ,but he s now a father and that can change your outlook on things . Howarth did a solid job riding well to keep Harris behind .ellis looks like a rider going places nice starts attacking the track and rode well to pass pedersen in the final heat. Pickering worked hard for 3 points .wright is struggling at this level Bickley unfortunately looked out of his depth. Morris did ok but think holder would have scored more ulrich after 1st race rode like a no1 Andersen Sheffield his not his sort off track can t remember when he was last here toft managed not to finish last Nicholls rode solidly and was always out encouraging his team pedersen started well but I think found it tough later on .palin I thought did ok for the rising star .harris after watching his 1st ride I knew we were in trouble mam of the match.so well done to the dads army lads they keep marching on
  7. From a Sheffield fan I can only see an away win . Hope I am wrong going to pop down tonight,1st meeting this year for me . All the tigers will have to be firing on all cylinders especially our no 1 if we are to be in with a shout. hopefully it will be a good meeting with no injuries all round.
  8. Just had to watch on u tube as it did nt record last night .had no idea it was cancelled. looking at how mr lindgren started feared the worse but he pulled it out of the bag for me keeping me in for a little while longer no gloating yet r/r lol
  9. Freddie gets the kiss of death tonight sorry Freddie £200.more with spread stretcher please on my lindgren good luck everyone
  10. Not a lover of the points system. Preferred the old method when every point counted towards the final outcome
  11. Can you give us £1000 next time I might stay in longer lol
  12. Don’t think I’ve got any money left lol like I said before I am the kiss of death lol
  13. Zmarzlik to win meeting just needs foot rest to stay in place lol
  14. The results all over the place madsen looking good though but in the final anything can happen
  15. Given my 3 riders the kiss off death sorry lads
  16. Vaculik £50 more Kasprzak £25 more smarzlik £25 more please thanks for setting this up r/r hoping to stay in a little longer than the European championship lol good luck everyone
  17. r8gdp

    Sheffield v kings Lynn

    R In what the national league lol
  18. don’t think the refs got a clue holder goes straight to run pedersen wide no problem. Pedersen cuts back again no problem think the problem was there was not enough room for all 3 just riders all going for it would have put everyone back in
  19. Hope everyone has managed to place their bets . good luck to everyone
  20. Cheers r/r we re having no luck tonight lol . On to tomorrow wish I was still in bash the bookie but you creamed me lol
  21. Cheers r/r. Was looking forward to the meeting sat chilling in caravan with a beer already
  22. That would be good . We could use him at Sheffield as a replacement rs for josh Bates lol
  23. Anyone got any steams for tonight meeting please
  24. One of the best races I ve seen at owlerton. Stood on the 3rd bend the bloke next to me said he ll never catch lindgren once he hit the front down the back straight told him the race was nt over it was great to watch complin get closer and closer till he when round lindgren on the top bend he definitely surprised Freddie . Once bumped into lee at a friends garage told him I shut my eyes when he went round lindgren his reply so did i . He had many a good race in his early days at Sheffield .was a shame he didn’t progress further in the sport
  25. Can he not apply for a polish license??

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