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  1. Would that be the same Frontline Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance whose lead doctors including Pierre Kory quoted there and the facility’s board chairman, Joseph Varon gave testimony to the Senate said he was disappointed that the, work had been interpreted as potentially undermining vaccination, and that they had been vaccinated, and that Varon told CNN that doctors were “fighting a war against stupidity” with people who were not following public health advice to wear masks and physically distance . So what will you do now Blu ? They are your doctors who you have put up to support your case. Are you going to take their advice by wearing a mask and social distancing? Get yourself vaccinated as they recommend ? Or do you only think they know what they are talking about when they say what you want to hear ?
  2. Close borders to China ? Lord Heseltine and the 48 Group would have something to say about that.
  3. Well that's certainly what a lot of experts seem to be suggesting, not that its due to swallowing hydroxychlroroquine like candy as the twitterati are telling us is the case. Plus of course the suggestion that in a poor country like Uganda a lot of deaths probably go unrecorded.
  4. Well, its all very well to simply say "Reuters" with an emoji and nothing else as that doesnt really advance the discussion. So the first question is why should I believe your social media link with no supporting facts or evidence of any kind any more or less than Reuters ? Yes I do have an idea what the number was around 3-4 times your reported figure 19, in fact reports indicate it was 75 at about that time. However the issue is not about numbers it is about the supposed role of Hydroxychlororoquine. This comes from a video, since removed from youtube and facebook that started circulating on 27th July 2020 featuring a doctor named Stella Immanuel wearing a white coat (to prove she is a doctor ) standing in front of The U>S Supreme Court Building spreading the dubunked claim that Hydrooxychloroquine zinc and azithromcin has cured covid 19 patients. Immanuel works at the Rehoboth Medical Center in Texas which apparently has never treated Covid Patients. According to Mr D Trump, a retired President, she claimed of have had success with hundreds of different patients, and Trump referred to it as a "Game Changer " which was probably around the time last summer when he got mixed up with Bleach . Anyway , among Dr Immanuel's other claims are that Doctors make DNA from Aliens, and are currently cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from becoming religious . She has also reportedly claimed that gynaecological problems are caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches .She also said that her Government is run in part by reptilians and other aliens. I could go on but the more sinister player in this bizarre story is the Australian Mining Billionaire and politician Clive Palmer , who is currently mired in criminal charges for fraud and other sordid dealings and who on 28th April 2020 claimed to have bought up 32 million doses of Hydroxy-you-know-what which he stood to make a fortune on if he could sell it it before a vaccine was developed. You can all make your own assessment of this but it seems to me that the whole hydroxychlorcrumpet tsory from the twitterati has more than an element of David Icke in it to me.
  5. Nah, he wouldn't want to follow the rest of the sheep would he ?
  6. E I Addio

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    One has to wonder about the mentality of these people. Most normal people would , I think , have a great deal of sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians then these idiots behave like this, or drive round shouting abuse about Jews as they did at the weekend, and it just tends to erode the sympathy they had. Then they are so stupid they publicise it on social media.. Its just another facet of wokeism where people think they have the right not to be offended in a country where there is supposed to be free speech and can do whatever they like to suppress anything they dont agree with.
  7. E I Addio

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    I looked out of the window this morning and thought driverless cars had already been invented , but then I realised it was just the usual crop of women getting in their usual mess trying to park their cars to to drop their kids off at school . When I say "drop them off " I mean take them across to the school then spend 20 minutes yattering to other "Mums " about who know what ,while their cars are parked causing an obstruction.. Make the little whippersnappers walk to school then they wouldn't have the problem with childhood obesity.
  8. Not according to this :- Fact check: Uganda’s low coronavirus death toll is not a result of the population eating hydroxychloroquine ‘like candy’ | Reuters Moral of the story :- Question everything, and don't believe all you see on social media, especially when its more than 8 months old. As at 30th April the number of Covd deaths was reported to be 342
  9. E I Addio

    'the Donald' Trump

    Dopey Joe Biden Gives 34 Million Kids $350 EACH For Food Ridiculous Virtue Signalling - Bing video
  10. E I Addio

    Song Title Game

    It’s All Over Now - The Valentinos
  11. I think someone’s been hoisted by his own petard :-
  12. Ok. I don’t doubt what you say. I’m not trying to take sides in the discussion, just trying to get informed for my own benefit. It’s strange that Pfizer should make this statement but all other sources say no vaccine is 100% foolproof. I suppose if you are vaccinated and those around you are there is not much chance of catching it in a serious way. It just remains to be seen whether this Indian variant throws a spanner in the works, which seems unlikely at the moment.
  13. E I Addio

    Song Title Game

    I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts- Billy Cotton.
  14. E I Addio

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Tom McGuiness -Bassist and founding member,, McGuinness Flint.
  15. Mr 2, do you have a link to support that statement ?Not saying you are wrong , but I my have been misinformed . My understanding has always been that the situation has at best been uncertain. Although Gov.Uk website has been saying you can pass it on, not that I trust it 100% .

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