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  1. Would make sense to utilise those riders throughout August if they’re available giving UO as much chance as possible to make a comeback.
  2. What’s Justin’s average? Could Edinburgh squeeze him in with a bit of a reshuffle. Not convinced he’s the answer but could be an option.
  3. I suspect you’re right however Edinburgh were also without an ex tiger who might have scored a touch better than the 3 that R/R got. Ulrich certainly more of a miss than Greaves however.
  4. Yes R/R would have been better. Be interesting to see which direction Glasgow go. It’s going to have to be a rabbit out the hat or a couple of changes.
  5. No doubt we’re top heavy but we’re one good reserve from being very very good. Sam class as always and Josh is brilliant - insane how long it took for a Prem side to snap him up.
  6. Wullie has lost three points on L4 B4
  7. Is there a drought in the west?
  8. Plenty time yet. A win in the weej tomorrow won't do us any harm
  9. Dunno. Someone usually does though.
  10. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Sounds a decent meeting - disappointed to have missed it. Shame it ended like that though. Speedy recovery to Ulrich who seems to be on a great bit of form just now.
  11. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Are we back to that? I suppose level zero and all that…..
  12. JanAndersen

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Sam will take care of Cook I have no doubt.
  13. The plucky perennial ‘also-rans’ from the west come for their first visit of the season to the home of speedway this Friday. Forecast looks more than favourable so should be a cracking night’s racing. The blue and gold should be at full strength assuming Nathan can shake his knock. Edinburgh by 20.

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