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  1. Leon flint racing in the sgp2 in Sweden on Friday evening.might be pushed to get to workington for 3pm on Saturday from there.
  2. bigbird

    Break in at worky

    So gutted for everyone involved at northside.brilliant set up.fingers crossed this is a isolated incident and the thieves don't get a taste for repeating it.cant lie and I don't like to judge but I did fear the worst when I saw the caravans arrive just outside the stadium.
  3. Great performance from the comets today.a very professional job done on the monarchs.so good to see celina and Sam getting decent pts.
  4. bigbird

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Got told cami got a phone call from a neighbour to say he'd left a window open in his house.it was overheard him saying as he left workington he didn't fancy getting robbed 2 nights in a row.
  5. bigbird

    Plymouth v worky

    Plymouth have been pretty impressive in there home meetings so far considering everyone had them down as whipping boys.will be a difficult one for the comets but hopefully they've got there gating gloves on and come away with a victory.
  6. bigbird

    Workington 2024

    I think the only real choice was him looking at who's available on Saturday.for the Friday if possible I'd go for plymouths dan Thompson.hes on fire right now.after that it would be berwicks Hume.
  7. bigbird

    Workington 2024

    Won't be boughen guesting for celina next Saturday.he will be racing for oxford that night against Plymouth.
  8. Tough couple of meetings against scunthorpe coming up.fingers crossed comets can do the business and do enough to finish top of the group and make it a bit more relaxing and be able to sit back and relax and see what happens in the other groups as there could easily be a few twists and turns in them and make the best 2nd place very interesting.
  9. Should be another close meeting between the two teams.hopefully another comets win and another step forward to doing well in this bsn group.
  10. bigbird

    Scunthorpe 2024

    Hope so.i will be buying the stream if there is one with not been able to make it with work commitments.
  11. What's the dates for the polish finals.sounds like a possibility to run it on one of the dates there taking place if there's no other fixtures to get in the way that day
  12. bigbird

    Workington 2024

    To be fair he's not the only comet not on the list.
  13. bigbird

    Workington 2024

    I was wondering who it was in the frozen outfit neila.was your advice when on the bike at the tapes and they are released for the clutch hand to LET IT GO.
  14. it says in today's speedway star its rider replacement for elliot and Adam roynan in as a guest for Leicesters Dan Thompson who's missing due to the concussion rule.
  15. bigbird

    Workington 2023

    wonder if the promotion are aware of the fa cup final time been at 3pm on Saturday 3rd June the exact time the comets entertain mildenhall that day.might have a impact on crowd numbers that day.wonder if there's a possibility of time change for that fixture.

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