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  1. steve roberts

    A voice of reason?

    ...oh dear the old "leftists" nonsense. Of course it covers a multiple of sins even if the expression is meaningless and irrelevant and is just a cover up for a nonsensical statement that means absolutely nothing.
  2. steve roberts

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    ...still waiting for you to answer a question I put to you?
  3. steve roberts

    Why speedway is failing

    Personally I had no problem with people leaving if that was their desire? Afterall the promotion already has their money irrespective of whether they stayed on or not but personally I always stayed on after the main event and saw some cracking races involving not only the main riders but the novices as well.
  4. steve roberts

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Gawd almighty!
  5. steve roberts

    A voice of reason?

    I've worked with people in the past who just disagree with everything and continually contradict the general flow so as to appear different but they usually get caught out in the end!
  6. steve roberts

    A voice of reason?

    ...you couldn't make it up really! Blind alleys comes to mind the way some people lead their lives and attempt to influence others!
  7. steve roberts

    A voice of reason?

    ...it becomes 'our business' when you post obscure data on here that is questionable and goes against the science and data that suggests otherwise. I get that you have an issue accepting the overriding scientific proof as regards the factors that influence Climate Change which is your prerogative and your view but the general scientific opinion is that it is happening at an alarming rate and that's the view generally held within the scientific and climatological world. I've worked with scientists and understand the implications and having attended a World Summit Conference where Climate Change was on the main agenda I have no doubt in my own mind the consequences that we face in the future if left unchallenged.
  8. steve roberts

    Why speedway is failing

    ...I can confirm Oxford didn't! We were on course of winning the 1984 Easter Triangle until presented with a diabolical track surface at Smallmead on Easter Monday morning! You couldn't see the action due to the amount of dust and the track being slick which was the norm at Reading.
  9. steve roberts

    Why speedway is failing

    However I wasn't a great fan of the 3TT. For a third of the meeting your team wasn't involved and you had to rely on the other two getting a heat result that benefited your team...and Oxford were never that good under that format but we had to give Reading and Swindon an opportunity to pick up a few crumbs as we picked up the major honours during the glorious Cowley years of the middle/late eighties!
  10. steve roberts

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    People who still can't grasp that to enter an attraction/museum etc you have to book in advance (much as I hate it personally) and that's the way it's been these last 12 months or so. "I've travelled 200 miles today and didn't know that you had to book a time slot?" Then they kick up a merry dance when you explain the situation to them and get annoyed because they haven't even bothered to read the signage saying that it's not been made clear...who'd work with the public!
  11. steve roberts

    University Challenge 2021/22

    Seven correct tonight...they answered before I had chance to say "The Producers!"
  12. steve roberts

    A voice of reason?

    Serious question...do you have nothing better to do with your time than look up ubscure sites?
  13. steve roberts

    Why speedway is failing

    I don't particularly go along with that one. Many Number One's (based on average) rode further down the team order...the likes of Collins, Lovaas, Gundersen, Jessup, T.Jansson, Wilson, Boulger, Simmons, Lee, Crump, Sanders etc etc and would meet the opposite Number One twice. Even Mauger would ride at Number Four or even Number Two on occasions for tactical reasons. Not sure about the second half analogy either...the competition would often be quite fierce amongst team mates and Betts, Cole and Simmons, for example, always wanted to get one over resulting on one occasion Terry receiveing an injury in one second half event. I liked the Second Halves...gave an opportunity for youngsters/prospective team members gaining a team place and experience. I've said it often enough we were lucky at Cowley what with the Promotional tie up with Eastbourne and Peterborough we got the likes of Balllard, Kennet, Davis, Greer, Geer etc plying their trade before eventually makin the move into the main team. Phil Crump was reported as considering his postion in British Speedway due to the loss of the Second Halves and lost earnings. I did put the question to Martin Rogers some time back and he did give an interesting insight in an edition of "Backtrack" citing Bert Harkins as one example who loved the second halves and who also went into print citing same.
  14. steve roberts

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    ...well you won't get an answer that's for sure!

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