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  1. steve roberts

    Your First World Final

    I was late on the World Final circuit but those I attended were 1981, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87 & 88.
  2. Radford never fitted in at Cowley and the last resort was when Gordon Kennett phoned Radford to see if the meeting against Swindon was to go ahead to be told that it had been cancelled. It did take place and Oxford had to cover for Gordon and subsequently lost to Swindon...Radford resigned soon after and he wasn't missed.
  3. Apparently according to the late Bob Radford who was the manager at Cowley in 1974 Ulf wished to return to Cradley after signing for Oxford and agreeing terms. Bob Radford only lasted half a season before resigning his post.
  4. Ulf after a slow start not helped by an early season injury began to register some decent scores. It was a shame he missed the following season (due to family commitments) and subsequent seasons because he could have gone on to be a very useful rider.
  5. steve roberts

    Interval Attractions

    Just re-reading Ian Thomas's book and as you say he was a great advocate and it generated much interest and publicity.
  6. I'm sure he scored double figures at Swindon in 1982 when "The Eagles" won in a late season match?
  7. steve roberts

    Graham Drury RIP

    Sad news indeed. A valuable member of the "Cheetahs" RIP
  8. steve roberts

    Interval Attractions

    I used to stay on and watch the second halves. At Oxford during the early to middle seventies we were spoilt dure to our tie up with sister tracks Eastbourne and Peterborough where many of their riders would contest the second half. Great days!
  9. steve roberts

    Rick France

    Sad news indeed. Recall Rick's last year at Halifax. RIP
  10. steve roberts

    The Good Year

    I'd agree...1985 was a special year whereas as you say 1986 turned into a bit of anti-climax when the weather beat the "Cheetahs" when we on course to win the four main trophies.
  11. steve roberts

    Brandon Update

    Brilliant news!
  12. steve roberts

    RIP "Kojak"

    Sad to hear of the death of the character at Oxford Ernie Tipping(?) known as "Kojak" to many fans over the years who used to sell the "Star" and "Mail". He was a great character enlivening many a "discussion" winding up the away fans especially. RIP
  13. steve roberts

    Interval Attractions

    We had both Bob Dugard and Danny Dunton join a belly dancer prior to a meeting at White City on one unforgettable occasion!
  14. steve roberts

    Retired Too Soon in the 50s

    I seem to remember my mother saying that he was serving in the RAF when he rode for Oxford? I've just checked and apparently his RAF posting was cancelled so he could continue to ride for Oxford?
  15. steve roberts

    Retired Too Soon in the 50s

    If I recall he was in the RAF?

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