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  1. Do you honestly think that all of these cancelled meetings do the promoters any favours in today's climate.They are called off for a reason and nothing will ever change....oh,by the way,I don't need a map,I've got satnav..:-)
  2. Tiddling down in chesterfield too.Do wish these amateur weather forecasters would get off their clubs back a bit and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Great to hear that cookie had a good meeting and broke the track record to boot,well done Craig,you deserve all the success that now comes your way...well done,great to see you back to the form we all know you're capable of showing,good luck for the rest of the season.
  4. Moranboys


    It's ok neila he's probably still suffering the after effects of the defeat last Thursday and someone has to take the brunt.
  5. Moranboys

    Scunthorpe 2024

    You're joking,shouldn't have been let anywhere near a bike.
  6. Moranboys

    Scunthorpe 2024

    So,I see garritys back on a bike at an amateurs meeting at Scunthorpe today....hmmm
  7. Moranboys

    Lions v tigers 11/4/24

  8. Hi,can anyone tell me if admission at Leicester is cash only or cash/card Thanks
  9. Moranboys

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow 5/4/24

    That's good to know...all friends on here.
  10. Moranboys

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow 5/4/24

    AHH,sorry,thought it was a genuine dig.
  11. Moranboys

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow 5/4/24

    There really is no answer to some of the lunatic comments on here.
  12. But you still pretty much lose six out of fifteen heats of racing.....that's my point...( Value for money, regardless of whether or not it was well received)
  13. Apologies for ranting on but also,even if the meeting goes ahead,correct me if I'm wrong but don't we pay our money to be entertained for 15 heats,not watching follow my leader for five heats until the track dries out and then hope for ten heats of racing?
  14. The meeting should have been called off following the initial downpour,at least then the worky supporters could have been on their way instead of waiting seventy minutes for the inevitable.On a further point,is the food ever going to go back to the standards it used to be.The steak pie which used to be awesome when it was the old catering facilities,is now tantamount to being horrible.£7.00 for dried steak pie,dried chips and peas?lesson learnt from yesterday.Also,what happens with the 50/50 draw? Why couldn't that have gone ahead and what happens with the money? Is it rolled over?also,the choice of music over the tannoy,was more akin to a damn nightclub banging in your head four and hour and a half.prob worse experience I've ever had at scunny.

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