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  1. RS50

    Scuntffield 2024

    Is this correct or speculation?. Just asking as I can not see anything on Sheffield or Scunthorpe website or Facebook.
  2. RS50

    Poole 2022

    A double header with the Premier Junior League final??
  3. Why do they have trees on the back straight?.
  4. RS50

    Tigers /Aces

    And makes me wonder why they called one of last season due to a clash with football
  5. RS50

    Tigers /Aces

    Now on Tuesday 9th April 7pm.
  6. Anything said about re-staging date?
  7. RS50

    NL Fantasy Team for Fun 2024

    Luke Harrison 6.86 Freddy Holder 6.44 Ace Pijper 5.81 Max James 5.70 Mason Watson 3.93 Chad Wirtzfield 3.81 Luke Crang 3.61 35.96
  8. Doubt it. Seen stock cars run in far worse conditions than speedway ever would .
  9. RS50

    NL Fantasy Team for Fun 2024

    Would assume you can't have same rider twice
  10. Concerning as have seen stock cars run in far worse conditions than speedway. More rain forecast between now and Thursday.
  11. RS50

    Scunthorpe 2024

    As the first match is this Friday, do Scunthorpe intend to put this year's admission price on the website before then?
  12. I believe a rising star has to be number 7, unless their average takes them in to the top 5.
  13. Just to clarify, in case I missed anything in the translation. Is it just the top Polish division that want Thursdays?
  14. Not aware of anything. If there is to be one would have thought it would be this week, considering the first match scheduled for 14th March.
  15. Anything of interest come up at last night's STAARS meeting?

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