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  1. More likely to get the Jubilee cup ridden before Kings Lynn complete their fixtures.
  2. I seem to remember that from a few years ago. Could have changed though.
  3. RS must be at 7, unless average takes him in to the top 5. If RS not a reserve, lowest average rider must be number 7.
  4. This should answer your question https://www.scbgb.co.uk/news.php?extend.187
  5. RS50

    Scuntffield 2024

    When the fixtures were first announced, Sheffield/Scunny were riding Belle Vue at Owlerton tonight Thursday 11July. According to Belle Vue fixture list, match still on. However not listed as on, by Sheffield Scunny or BSPL website. Don't recall any announcement about a change, and does not appear to be listed, as taking place in the future (apart from Belle Vue website). Anyone have any knowledge of what is happening? Thanks
  6. Doesn't he realise that all phones have a dial, as well as a receiver? Could have called a few promoters.
  7. RS50


    Makes me wonder how/where he got the money to go on a bender, and did he acquire it legally.
  8. RS50

    Only Three Scorers

    On the subject of a low number of scorers, I seem to recall, many years ago, an away team failed to provide any scorers. The away team disagreed with the referee's decision that the track was rideable, refused to race, and the home team won every heat 5-0.
  9. RS50

    Only Three Scorers

    Call it stats and unusual facts?
  10. RS50

    Only Three Scorers

    Is there a way of starting one?
  11. RS50

    Only Three Scorers

    A new section on unusual stats etc would be interesting.
  12. RS50

    Only Three Scorers

  13. What is the story about Musielak? Why do you think he won't be back?

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