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  1. RS50


    Wonder if they will show the Premiership Junior match if there is one.
  2. RS50

    Premiership Ticket Update

    Scunthorpe have stated that you can pay by cash, although they prefer the alternative.
  3. RS50


    Well, if any matches were to be called off due to covid-19 situation, I would guess it would be the early matches, not later one's, so if May 17th decided, presumably plans made for later in the season. I suppose we will have to wait for " the big announcement".
  4. RS50


    Not sure if things have changed, but Eurosport did not used to be part of the sports package. Was it part of the entertainment package?
  5. RS50


    Not this year unfortunately.
  6. Good start, first thousand reached already.
  7. Would you want to buy an advance ticket for a match which may be called off? Not just talking about rain, what about buying an advance ticket for a match, then finding it will not go ahead, because of something on television. Remember Eastbourne calling off a match in 2019, for that reason.
  8. Kings Lynn appear to be one of several clubs, not to have this year's prices on their website. Getting more curious about the reason for this
  9. RS50

    Breakaway League

    Was there one proposed a few years ago, with the top two from GB, Poland, Sweden and Denmark?
  10. Jumping ahead to this year's British final, I wonder if there will be any qualifying. Nothing in the fixtures, but there are some blank dates. I believe last year would have been the top ten seeded, with another sixteen competing for the last six places. Scheduled to be at Sheffield.
  11. May be better on a Thursday as some riders will have Polish commitments.
  12. Wonder if it will take place around the time the British GP was due to take place. No scheduled fixtures around then.
  13. Unless I have missed it this meeting is not on the fixtures list, so the answer is presumably no.
  14. Can anyone tell me if freesports will be showing repeats of previous matches, this Sunday, when they would have shown live Speedway. Thanks
  15. RS50

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Is this definite? I can not see anything on Scunthorpe's website to confirm this.

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