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  1. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Would assume Pedersen has higher average than Batchelor.
  2. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    If we have another three defeats, could be too late. A good replacement for Batchelor now harder to find with his lower average. Now Batchelor signed for Kent, be interesting to note his scores, considering the speculation about him deliberately reducing his average.
  3. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Stefan Nielsen replaces James Wright. Two riders have now been dropped by the Tigers. The two, who, in my opinion, have been the biggest disappointment have kept their team place.
  4. And why was the original date, July 23rd changed. Weather ok last week. Now need a third date.
  5. Anyone yet heard any more recent facts, rumours (or even lies) about this. Unlikely to happen I know, just wondered if there has been anything official anywhere.
  6. RS50

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Is there some rule preventing a team from bringing back a rider who has been dropped?
  7. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Just seen that Josh Bates named as reserve for British final. Presume therefore that he will be back.
  8. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Is he non British, and therefore have a minimum 4 average? If so would he fit the points limit?
  9. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    Would it be better to make a double change. Say Kennett and Barker for Batchelor and Wright. Jack and Adam's averages suggest they are good enough to ride at 1 and 5. Strengthen up at reserve. Batchelor only scoring like a second string so losing nothing there.
  10. RS50

    Sheffield 2020

    But could he average more than 5.87, because that is Batchelor's average so far this year.
  11. Not just speedway. Went to Sheffield Eagles first rugby league match in 1984. 2.00 to get in, today's equivalent 6.57, but it's 20 quid now, or 22.00 if you don't pay online and in advance. Worked in a pub in 1979, and charged 30 pence for a pint of beer. Today's equivalent 1.56. Few pubs now where you can get a beer for less than 3 quid.
  12. There was a thread on this a few years ago, and yes it was a lot cheaper then ( even allowing for inflation). Also in those days, with second halves, you could see more races.
  13. Comparing the riders against each opposite number, Sheffield could or should be able to equal or better their opposite, apart from number 7. So why am I still not confident of victory?
  14. RS50

    Fathers and Sons

    Thanks, was not sure. Before I started going.
  15. RS50

    Fathers and Sons

    Also 3 generations, Guy Nicky and Adam Allott all rode for Sheffield.

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