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  1. Nice ride from Kostigovs in the run off
  2. Cerro

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Pijper will be riding on Friday.
  3. Cracking meeting, thats how speedway should be
  4. This meeting deserves a last heat decider
  5. Poor from Kemp just leaving his bike on track
  6. Cerro


    Free stream - http://kergel.ucoz.lv/index/live_stream_2/0-12
  7. Cerro

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    So the annual 'farewell' at Armadale ends up the way the rest of them did...
  8. More chance of Mick Beale winning the treble than that happening
  9. The cut off date will be extended by however long is required.
  10. Right that’s another diddy added to the ignore list along with our Lisa, congratulations Mr Worrall.
  11. Cerro

    Vadim Tarasenko

    Shut up you gimp
  12. Our Tina getting an outing over the tannoy has been the best part of the night
  13. Get her on ignore mate, best thing you'll ever do. My only regret is not doing it sooner!

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