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  1. Very close and a possible superheat for me. Steady will have his riders pumped up for sure.
  2. Tinker

    Birmingham/ Aces

    Pretty negative comments there Hawk. Most posters on here, including me, seemed to enjoy the meeting. Close racing, a fair amount of passing and the meeting went right down to the wire. Plus the underdogs won. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  3. Tinker

    Edinburgh V Berwick BSN Trophy 26th April

    Will be watching this on BSN. Edinburgh for me but KT needs to up his game. Been here a while now and should be pushing on.
  4. Tinker


    Admittedly, I've only done short pauses (maybe 5 mins max) but it does seem to pick up from where I left off. Perhaps it only allows you to pause for a certain length of time? Up the Aces!
  5. Tinker


    Yes, I think you should be OK with this. I was out last Friday evening and was able to watch the Scunthorpe versus Redcar match when I got home at 10.00pm. I think you have to wait approx 30 mins after the live recording has ended and then you can start watching the programme again in its entirety.
  6. Tinker


    Yes, you can pause, no problem. Very good coverage as well.
  7. Not sure what the score will be but I reckon KL will win fairly comfortably. Not as convinced with the Leicester team as some people seem to be.
  8. Tinker

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Are you sure that wasn't £2K a season?
  9. Tinker

    Workington 2024

    Out of all the Championship teams, Workington's results will be the ones I check first. The composition of the team intrigues me and I sincerely hope they do well.
  10. I think KL could run Leicester very close tonight and if both Basso and Taresenko enjoy good meetings then they could spring a surprise!
  11. I have just read the article and must admit I wasn't aware of the full details of the incident. Sounded absolutely awful. I then started to remember all the other crashes/fatalities/injuries that took place at Hackney over the years so my question to anyone who attended at the time is, how dangerous was it? Why were there seemingly more serious injuries/fatalities than other tracks and was it just the lamp standards or were other factors to blame in addition?
  12. Tinker

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    As Dave Lanning commentated at the time, something akin to "and Carter carves up the Collins' boys." Super race in extremely testing conditions. I was there and travelled down from West Yorkshire. Half way down the M1 you would never have believed that they'd get the meeting on. The motorway resembled a swimming pool in some places! Great meeting though with lots of controversy to boot!
  13. Tinker

    Brummies 2024...

    The best thing Sam Ermolenko can do is to get all the riders together before the season starts, put up a big screen and then go through all the posts re the Brummies on this Forum. If that doesn't give each one of them motivation to do well then I can't think of anything else that will. If Sam can instill a real sense of team spirit amongst them and a willingness to prove the doubters wrong then they may surprise a few people. I wish them well.
  14. Tinker

    Brummies 2024...

    Who from, his hair stylist?
  15. Tinker

    Workington 2024

    Out of all the teams in the Championship, the Workington one interests me the most. Not only a female rider but a few unknown quantities and I think they will be entertaining to watch and could spring a few surprises. If Cookie and Batch can both get into the mindset where they are determined to prove the doubters wrong and ride to their full capabilities then who knows how far the team can go. I wish the promotion well and for "thinking outside the box" and it's certainly a team which has got people talking. Good luck!

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