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  1. BackInTheDHSS

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    Agreed. Points to spare with the Spires team as well and no change was made. Both teams might make the playoffs, but neither are serious contenders for the title with their current line-ups.
  2. BackInTheDHSS

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    Not exactly. Atkins scored 9+2 from his three home meetings so far this season.
  3. Are you okay? You seem to be having a meltdown!
  4. I don't need a caravan. I'm currently living rent-free inside of your head.
  5. I don't think Scunthorpe are that great, and if Oxford can run Workington pretty close, I'd fancy Poole to beat them. Poole are miles clear of everybody else in my opinion.
  6. Same riders - not same event. Big difference. One has been staged every year since 1994 (bar 2000 and 2001) in one form or another and carries some cachet with former winners such as Tai Woffinden and Dan Bewley. The other is a completely new and unheralded series, and this is only one event of said series.
  7. Ah the Swindon bully is back....paid the bill and got internet again?
  8. Jesus, you Poole fans are touchy. Only you lot could argue over a compliment. That might be the only point Poole drop in the league all season. That better?
  9. He was ahead of Masters because he pushed through and took him out. Simple. But as I said, a bad referring decision didn't cost us thankfully, so we can let it go.
  10. Awful decision to allow Brennan back in the super heat, but at least it didn't cost us. That might be the only match Poole lose in the league all season.
  11. Ah okay. Nah I would have said it was bigger, not that it matters much. Certainly the best Cheetahs crowd I’ve seen in a while.
  12. They weren’t at home on Eurosport last week, unless you’re referring to the King’s Lynn crowd?
  13. No it’s not! All Spires meetings have been bigger than this. Although tonight’s crowd is bigger than I thought it would be.
  14. The words of somebody who has never tried to contact Oxford speedway! Haha. I've never had a response to an email, and this forum is full of other people who have never had a response either.
  15. You know false advertising is an actual law, right? The first line of which reads: "Marketing communications must not mislead the consumer by omitting material information" You can't just ignore it because you're taking the financial risk of hosting an event and don't want to lose money! That's now how laws work.

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