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  1. No Wayne Hutt. That's a hundred off the gate straight away
  2. Why restrict yourself to Earth, how about trying Mars or Jupiter. (Not sure what assessed average Martians or Jovians come in on though)
  3. Tried, but it said "language not identified"
  4. Indeed. 38+1 [out of 40] in the 2021 SoN. Only Madsen beat him.
  5. Showers, not rain so better than Wednesday when there were showers throughout the meeting (as well as the downpour beforehand)
  6. starring Liam Neeson, Phil Morris and Mark Lemon
  7. arnieg

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Ivacic rode regularly in the Polish third tier last season finishing above Steve Worrall and Josh Pickering. My concern is that he really doesn't seem to be racing regularly. He has potential, but I still find the dropping of a promising 17 year old for 36 y.o. Garrad (even if he has done spectacularly well for us at Oxford this year) hard to stomach.
  8. I wasn't frisked and I had an open bottle visible in my pocket which I was allowed to take in.
  9. arnieg

    Oxford v Ipswich 4th July

    Lewis Kerr got pretty much the biggest cheer of the night on Monday's parade. Why would one boo an opponent (unless they'd done something particularly dickish.)
  10. arnieg


    And here are the past winners: 2010 Eduard Krcmar 2011 Eduard Krcmar 2012 Michael Hartel 2013 Daniel Spiller 2014 Sandro Wassermann 2015 Matt Gilmore 2016 Matt Gilmore 2017 Jonas Knudsen 2018 Ben Ernst 2019 Jesper Knudsen Hard to see any of them in future grand prixs
  11. And remember: 1] televised match 2] two home fixtures in 4 days (with Emil coming on Thursday) 3] weakened opposition - all things considered an excellent crowd.
  12. Well it made for another great night's speedway (and all credit to the Tigers and their fans) but it underlines how badly the Spires need strengthening. Mind you on past form our next move will be to replace Tungate with Lambert ... Simon Lambert.
  13. arnieg


    And none of those three (or Adam Ellis) got the majority of their youth experience in the British Youth Championships (Germany, late starter, Australia, and French grasstrack respectively)
  14. arnieg

    Gorzow GP Saturday 29th June

    An action packed ht 7 - Kvech falling and Lindgren v Kubera. And what did we see?
  15. arnieg

    Belle Vue 2024

    Particularly the ones about Putin

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