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  1. arnieg

    Mildenhall v Colts 8-8-21

    Coles at reserve - bloody 'eck
  2. The link takes you to DSL only averages. Use drop down 500cc and Div 1 to get D1 Aves. From those it is correct that Basso's DSL average (exc bonus) is higher than Kildemand. He is also above Thomas Jorgensen and Bjarne Pedersen in the DSL. However it is worth noting that the race format does skew averages so that a 6pt average achieved riding at no 1 is worth more than a 6pt average riding at number 5.
  3. arnieg

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Bachelor and Heeps riding in the same team tonight, this might be interesting.
  4. arnieg

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    I think you've understated just how good Pickering was tonight.
  5. arnieg

    Poole Pirates 2021

    I saw him at Fjelsted in 2018 or 19. Looked pretty good to me and is certainly rated.
  6. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/card-surcharge-ban-means-no-more-nasty-surprises-for-shoppers
  7. arnieg

    Club Merchandise

    But it will be for those clubs that don't have sufficient time, capital and expertise. Hence Neil Watson's comment and the large number of clubs that settle for the Barber's fairly safe and pedestrian offer.
  8. arnieg

    Club Merchandise

    I am aware of one club that went down this road. They lost a shed load.
  9. arnieg

    Club Merchandise

    Poole run a good operation, with much more variety in their product range than most tracks. Isle of Wight have been the market leaders (I think they were the first to do facemasks by several months, and you can get Warriors coffee and underpants!). However contracting out undoubtedly remains the best solution for many clubs. Unfortunately since the passing of Dave Rattenbury there have been few alternatives and perhaps jaybea would benefit from a bit more competition. But sadly with the declining market size we are unlikely to see new entrants to the market.
  10. arnieg

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    A rule bought in mainly at the demand of fans on forums like this. There were several examples (not all involving Poole) of riders being dropped to accommodate a team change then reinstated a few days later when new averages meant that the dropped rider could be fitted back in.
  11. arnieg

    Club Merchandise

    I think jaybea's business model must be pretty robust as jaybea have been the main provider of speedway merchandising to tracks for the last two decades. There can also be a considerable difference between buying online and buying at the track. Some have nice shops (Belle Vue) others are just a table on the terraces. Several tracks were completely without trackside purchase opportunities until recently due to covid regulations. The real problem is that as fanbases contract the market for club branded items shrinks to the point where it becomes uneconomic to run anything other than a print on demand operation.
  12. arnieg

    Leicester Lions 2021

    And I bet that's exactly what all the clubs who did it themselves and lost money thought too.
  13. Bob Andrews, just the once, before Ronnie Greene got his injunction
  14. arnieg

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Because there are plenty of examples of clubs doing it for themselves without the necessary expertise and loosing a shedload. For example Leicester in 2011
  15. But that's really a mis-translation. Loan riders doubling up would be more accurate description of what is going on

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