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  1. spinkox

    Brandon Update

    Coventry City Council has granted outline planning permission for a residential development of up to 2,400 homes on the west of the city centre. Does this make residential development of the site less likely??
  2. spinkox

    Compact Team Performances

    I think when the Russians came over in (maybe) 1965 at Wimbledon - Plechanov and Samoradov scored significantly more than the rest of the team put together.
  3. spinkox

    Swindon 1957

    Sorry - I meant plainly obvious that he has age related health issues.
  4. spinkox

    Swindon 1957

    I thought that was plainly obvious.
  5. spinkox

    Wimbledon Memories

    Do your remember a yard of ale competition - I think Reg Luckhurst took part - around 1969.
  6. spinkox

    Corona virus

    OK for riders to go to North Korea then...
  7. spinkox

    Wimbledon Second Halfers And Number Sevens.?

    Yes - son of clerk of the course - and ex pusher off person.
  8. spinkox

    Wimbledon Second Halfers And Number Sevens.?

    Nigel Rackett rode at the same period as Gordon Kennett - around 1970/71.
  9. spinkox

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    Didnt it piiss down with rain?? or was that the previous last meeting??
  10. spinkox

    End of season fun

    Penny farthing at Eastbourne - around 1970 - one of the riders broke collar bone falling off.
  11. spinkox

    Split Waterman RIP

    Fantastic video - at 22.15 he stops so suddenly - it seems as if he has used a brake.
  12. spinkox

    New Forest Training Track 1958-1961

    I think Matchams Park was running - maybe for just a year - around 1970. I visited once.
  13. spinkox

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    Not popular to be next to in the pits - I was told...
  14. spinkox

    Swindon Stadium

    Under - sounds like non compliance with fire regs.
  15. spinkox

    Swindon Stadium

    Have the council done sound tests??
  16. spinkox

    Wimbledon Memories

    Could that be Paul Dowdall in white?? whoever it was he owes someone an apology...
  17. I think speedway will become mostly amateur - not by planning or design - but by evolution - that is the extinction of fans and tracks. It will become like motor racing - where the spectators at club events are usually the drivers’ family and friends apart from a few hardcore fans sitting on a grassy bank. Grand Prix meetings will be supported massively.
  18. spinkox


    Film just showed on the Talking Pictures channel - but can be found on Youtube - called There is another Sun. Some speedway from Walthamstow - a complete 'race' near the end - 1951.
  19. spinkox

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Partly true about the characters - In the old days 60s and 70s you could meet the riders in the grandstand bar or the pub after the meeting for a pint and a fag - well at Wimbledon anyway. I remember riders attempting a yard of ale - Im pretty sure that wouldnt happen today...
  20. spinkox

    Plan to save the Sport

    Strange that the most important subject has few sensible ideas how to deal with it. Just like saving the planet!
  21. spinkox

    Ronnie Moore

    Interviews here...
  22. spinkox

    Ronnie Moore

    Class act. Always great team riding with Cyril Maidment at Wimbledon.
  23. spinkox


    Well - I trust your knowledge - but I think he RARELY used flash - especially at Wimbledon. Someone told me he used to over expose when taking the picture - then under develop when making the neg (or the other way round) - and he probably played around with the printing. I always noticed the use of flash photography when the Lions went to Australia. Nowadays with better cameras and computer programs - my guess is a better shot could be obtained without flash...
  24. spinkox


    Never like photos using flash - it stops the wheels - well the front anyway. Alf Weedon never used it...
  25. spinkox

    Bye bye Gate girls?

    It's about time the human race started worrying about more important things - like climate change, ice caps melting, sea levels rising, population growing, plastic in the sea and food chain, fossil fuel pollution. God knows what else - bloody ridiculous.

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