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  1. phillwhitewasmad

    Scunthorpe vs Berwick - Championship - 7/6/24

    You can't prove that it's just your opinion
  2. phillwhitewasmad

    Scunthorpe vs Berwick - Championship - 7/6/24

    the foam fence is of the same construction as berwicks which saved Luke from major injury last week so how can it be the fences fault. its how the rider hits the fence thats the issue not the fence.
  3. phillwhitewasmad

    Berwick 2024

    Luke went in hard mate was a bit stiff yesterday and today but all good fence did it's job with no major injury
  4. phillwhitewasmad

    what happened to junior commitment?

    that would be fantastic
  5. phillwhitewasmad

    what happened to junior commitment?

    plymouth are doing a british youth round which was meant to be saturday but cancelled due to re arranged bsn fixture . Ipswich doing second halfs run by john Carpenter i believe
  6. phillwhitewasmad

    what happened to junior commitment?

    think with mdl, Njl ,British youth and national league most are covered in there commitment to provide some form of structured racing for juniors.
  7. phillwhitewasmad

    Scunny v Berwick KOC 17.05.24

    With my supporters head on got to say best I have seen Rory round there and bastian was great value for money
  8. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2024

    way off what there numbers stack up to all the other pairs in the league.
  9. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington v Redcar 20/04/24 3pm BSN

    Tom Armstrong didn't get sent home he had a huge crash in his first home meeting hitting the fence just before the start line . If memory serves me right the primary chain snapped sending him in . Jedd was replaced by Danny Ayers and had several other offers but chose not to take them at the time he has hardly ridden since
  10. Local football team playing at home so a no brainer not to go head to head with them lots of football fans came after as it's a 10 minute drive
  11. Definitely no fingers should be pointed at batch
  12. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2024

    After heat 2 it's irrelevant what number the reserves are at as they get swapped around more than a Kate Middleton photo
  13. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2024

    Wouldn't worry only takes a couple of minutes online
  14. phillwhitewasmad

    Scuntffield 2024

    Why who was you hoping for
  15. phillwhitewasmad

    Redcar 24

    He is probably the best untried 3 pointer available. Looked quick and smooth at workington the other week.

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