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Almost my first post on here so Hi

Been getting back into this after many years, and have rcently sourced a Jawa 2 valve as a project. During my search for the Jawa, I have come across a couple of Weslake engines, that a guy wants rid of. Is there any interest in these.As they're to new for classic racing and to old for modern. Not sure what I would actually do with them, but what sort of price should I be offering him. It's benn sat in a shed for years, so an unknown condition engine


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There will be a lot of interest in these engines as the Uprights are becoming the thing to have for the older participants on the amateur racing scene.

Price depends on condition and model of engine.

You appear to be buying to sell on, so you don't want to be paying a lot.

If you want to send me pictures of the motors , I'll make you an offer and you know where your batting then!

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I´m new in this forum.

i´m from Spain and I bought this Weslake... I haven´t got information about this bike... Can you help me?

It´s work with petrol or with ethanol ?



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