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  1. djr

    Pride Month

    You seem to be automatically assuming anyone White + Middle aged ,must also be - Racist + Homophobic ( How do you even know forum users are White , middle aged ? ) And what's wrong with being " stuck in their ways " , if they are good ways Plenty of young people also " stuck in their ways" - automatically assuming - Old Fashion =Bad New Fashion = must be good Isn't Age discrimination just another discrimination like racism , homophobia etc. You argue against one form of discrimination , while using another form of discrimination
  2. djr


    If Speedway is second best when it comes to numbers of spectators / profitability etc. then you have to accept that , and be thankful that the Stock Car promoter is happy to share a track with speedway Too many Speedway fans moan about sharing a stadium with Stock Cars, greyhounds, etc. yet it is often the other activities that keep the stadium going as a business
  3. A good idea But one problem could be - does every track have a strong internet connection ? The UK doesn't yet have good 100% Broadband / 4G coverage { I don't know the technology involved, I am assuming if you live stream an event , you need a good internet connection at the location where it takes place }
  4. Agree with everything you are saying regarding - atmosphere/ occasion etc. , BUT there are still plenty of empty seats every year , that perhaps a better track would help to fill. It's no good being in denial about the poor racing at Cardiff , it's the only real fault with the whole event, and surely the track could be tweaked to try and improve things
  5. Although I have enjoyed the Cardiff GP each time I have gone, I will agree the racing has never been great on each visit As it is a temporary track , does anybody know why a different shaped track or something like different shale couldn't be tried each year ? perhaps copy the shape of a track known for good racing, there seems to be plenty of room. they effectively have a blank canvas every year
  6. Taking your own life is one thing , taking someone else's life is another thing altogether and probably explains most of the dislike for Carter He could also have a lot to say, some of which people loved , some of it just wound people up . In todays world more people around him would be aware he had mental problems, but would anyone tell him to get help ? you have to hope so
  7. djr

    Customs clearance

    Good point you make regarding the checks on bikes , considering the amount of stolen bikes heading to Europe Hopefully more checks will also find some of the many stolen Sprinter & Transit vans that end up in Poland , Romania etc.
  8. djr

    Customs clearance

    Is it really that much of a ball ache ? the Carnet lasts 12 months , you get one at the start of the season and away you go { if your a pro rider the cost should be tax deductable } As for - long waits at the border , I have travelled to many countries around the world that are non EU , but the only place I have had long waits ,many times from Customs, is at Calais , BEFORE BREXIT WHEN WE WERE IN THE EU So for me personally , if I had to wait ages at Calais , it would just remind of the good old days when we were in the EU
  9. djr

    Customs clearance

    I am sure I have read somewhere that the Carnet lasts for 12months ? Could be wrong, but if true that wouldn't be so bad a cost for a rider over a season { Tax deductable as well ? } Riders from UK have been doing Continental meetings since the 1950s { before EU was invented } so I am sure they can find a way , if they want to I am an optimist, I think when cross-channel traffic get back to normal { after Covid } , a lot of things will be smoothed out , compromises made etc. { it is in both sides interest } Plus some people will find loopholes & ways of bending rules if necessary
  10. djr

    Jason Garrity

    the piston for the short stroke engine may have a lower crown height , or the long stroke crankshaft may have a shorter con rod , or you may need to put a spacer under the barrel { although this would be visible, so maybe not a good idea if cheating } Capacity of an engine can only be increased by either - increasing bore size, increasing stroke of crankshaft , or increasing both of these sizes If a manufacturer offers long stroke & short stroke versions of the same 500cc engine , then the short stroke engine would need a bigger bore size than the long stroke engine to bring it up to 500cc Depending on how the engine has been designed, It may be possible to combine the short stroke piston/barrel with the long stroke crankshaft to create an oversize engine with off the shelf parts { although I don't think you would get a massive increase in capacity this way }
  11. djr

    Jason Garrity

    I think what you mean is - using a long stroke crankshaft , with a short stroke barrel & piston , this would create an oversize engine you could do this by mixing parts from a manufacturers short & long stroke engines , or if you really wanted to cheat really well , you would get some parts machined / made to be even more oversize
  12. Me too Its not as if London has no other Football stadiums / Clubs yet this was the last Stock Car / Greyhound / speedway track in London , and AFC Wimbledon didn't care about the 2 sports using the existing stadium that got kicked out
  13. djr

    How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    Your choice, but if every speedway supporter had your attitude and was boycotting meetings then Clubs would soon fold up and there wouldn't be any Speedway to watch I hope to be able to attend meetings soon, as I think the Clubs need support now more than ever ( and I wont be sulking about wearing a mask )
  14. I remember that happening, it was at the time that Carter was going around telling everyone he was " England Number 1 " would love to have seen it
  15. djr


    I have found the opposite to you , when I used to go to Wimbledon speedway & stock cars I used to see other people who watched both sports. The same happened when I was a regular at Reading speedway on a monday night , I would often see some of the same faces at Aldershot stock cars on a thursday night Have friends interested in speedway who also follow moto cross , moto GP , formula 1 etc.

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