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  1. So , have I got this right ? you have gone into a shop, and there is a lady who has a different attitude to Covid than you , instead of just respecting this & minding your own business , you start acting like a weirdo Is that right ? I have lost 2 friends to Covid , and both of the widow's are very cautious about Covid whenever they go shopping etc. I can respect this , and don't act like a weirdo if I see them in a shop
  2. Why would you behave so strange ? You sound like you need help
  3. djr

    European Union - In Or Out?

    What is the source for this "new data" ? Anyone can type up some figures and post them on a forum, but you need to supply a link to a source if you want to be taken seriously And it needs to be a credible source, NOT - Facebook, the Guardian etc.
  4. Agree with everything you are saying regarding - atmosphere/ occasion etc. , BUT there are still plenty of empty seats every year , that perhaps a better track would help to fill. It's no good being in denial about the poor racing at Cardiff , it's the only real fault with the whole event, and surely the track could be tweaked to try and improve things
  5. Although I have enjoyed the Cardiff GP each time I have gone, I will agree the racing has never been great on each visit As it is a temporary track , does anybody know why a different shaped track or something like different shale couldn't be tried each year ? perhaps copy the shape of a track known for good racing, there seems to be plenty of room. they effectively have a blank canvas every year
  6. djr

    European Union - In Or Out?

    How do you know these people are actually Leave Voters ? Are you gullible enough to believe everything you see on Facebook ? Anyway Who cares about - Facebook, Opinion Polls, someone whingeing on a forum for years, etc. etc. Votes in referendums & elections are the only things that can make any difference
  7. djr

    European Union - In Or Out?

    If Remain voters are more intelligent, why did so many of them lack the intelligence to get out of bed and go to a Polling Station and vote ? Surely these highly intelligent Remainers would know that referendums are decided by votes , not by sulking on internet forums
  8. Taking your own life is one thing , taking someone else's life is another thing altogether and probably explains most of the dislike for Carter He could also have a lot to say, some of which people loved , some of it just wound people up . In todays world more people around him would be aware he had mental problems, but would anyone tell him to get help ? you have to hope so
  9. djr

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Not lying at all mate your earlier post included 4 x made up claims -also known as LIES Maybe that's your problem - if you tell as many lies with your business paperwork as you do here, that could be why you have so many problems with customs/ couriers etc. As for the universal credit comment - never claimed any benefits in my life, never been out of work, self employed 20 years Yet again making comments when you haven't got a clue what you are talking about
  10. djr

    European Union - In Or Out?

    You are making things up AGAIN Hundreds of thousands are not losing jobs due to Brexit I have sent and received parcels to/from Europe this year for my small business with none of the delays you keep coming up with As for working for you - no chance You keep making stuff up , how can anyone take you seriously
  11. djr

    European Union - In Or Out?

    thousands of businesses are not closing due to brexit hundreds of thousands are not losing their jobs due to brexit the city is still one of the financial capitals of the world I cant be bothered to check your 68% export claim, but as you have made up the other claims , I expect you have made this up
  12. djr

    Customs clearance

    Good point you make regarding the checks on bikes , considering the amount of stolen bikes heading to Europe Hopefully more checks will also find some of the many stolen Sprinter & Transit vans that end up in Poland , Romania etc.
  13. djr

    Customs clearance

    Is it really that much of a ball ache ? the Carnet lasts 12 months , you get one at the start of the season and away you go { if your a pro rider the cost should be tax deductable } As for - long waits at the border , I have travelled to many countries around the world that are non EU , but the only place I have had long waits ,many times from Customs, is at Calais , BEFORE BREXIT WHEN WE WERE IN THE EU So for me personally , if I had to wait ages at Calais , it would just remind of the good old days when we were in the EU
  14. djr

    Customs clearance

    I am sure I have read somewhere that the Carnet lasts for 12months ? Could be wrong, but if true that wouldn't be so bad a cost for a rider over a season { Tax deductable as well ? } Riders from UK have been doing Continental meetings since the 1950s { before EU was invented } so I am sure they can find a way , if they want to I am an optimist, I think when cross-channel traffic get back to normal { after Covid } , a lot of things will be smoothed out , compromises made etc. { it is in both sides interest } Plus some people will find loopholes & ways of bending rules if necessary
  15. Yes , I agree And if the people who refuse to wear a mask get a bad dose of Covid they will end wearing a mask to help them breathe when they are on a ventilator

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