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Njl Riders Championship

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Any one no the restaging date for the NJL Riders Championship

The restaging of last Sundays abandoned meeting, is this Sunday at Glasgow again.

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On 2 October at Glasgow`s Ashfield Stadium the initial staging of the 2016 Northern Junior League 500cc Championship took place.


After a first heat win by Chris Hay, followed by James Hitchen and Mark McIlKenny. Heat 2 saw a terrible fall, in which Dale Lamb suffered injuries resulting in requiring hospital treatment. Subsequently the meeting was abandoned to be restaged a week later.


Fast forward a week to 9th October and the restaging took place.


An entertaining meeting started off with wins for Mark McIlkenny and Lloyd Ditchburn. Ditchburn looked very impressive in his opener sweeping past early leader Kev Whelan and holding on to victory.

Heat 3 was another win for McIlkenny and Kev Whelan had a good battle with James Hitchen before taking Heat 4.

Whelan took his second win of the day in Heat 5. However the real shock came in Heat 6 when the unbeaten McIlkenny was relegated to last place as Gavin Parr who had failed to score in his opening 2 rides and took the win.

Qualifying scores
James Hitchen Northside 2 2 2 6
Mark McIlkenny Berwick 3 3 0 6
Josh Embleton Newcastle F 1 2 3
Blair Smith Wildcard f/x n/s n/s 0
Gavin Parr Redcar 0 0 3 3
Lloyd Ditchburn Workington 3 1 1 5
Kev Whelan Berwick 2 3 3 8
Lewis Millar Northside 1 2 1 4

A fantastic gate by Whelan saw him quickly move clear of the pack. However he made a hash of the 4th bend at the end of lap 3 allowing Hitchen to charge up the inside of him on the home straight. Whelan tried to return the compliment by getting inside Hitchen on bends 1 & 2 of the last lap but the youngster shut the door on him and went on to win the heat and the championship.

1st James Hitchen. 2nd Kev Whelan. 3rd Mark McIlkenny. 3rd Lloyd Ditchburn.

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