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  1. Tsunami

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Was an hour the interval at the Edinburgh meeting.
  2. Vaccinated people can be a 'case' and would be included in the numbers. Still think it is irrelevant ?
  3. Tsunami

    European Union - In Or Out?

    As I have said many times on here, I voted Remain, but respect the decision made by the public. What stupid and iliformed opinion. I have a car and would not use a bus, especially with COVD being around We did in 2010. As you demonstrate, Labour are only good for complaining and being jealous of others.
  4. Tsunami

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I made the decision to join the Gas Board, it wasn't fortunate it was a career decision. Bought throughout my life for my family, not after leaving BG. Don't jump to untrue conclusions that suits your rant. I don't and in my life I had a lifetime of community service for my neighbourhood. Once again a convenient statement slanted to your point of view despite it not being true. Don't do Winter Holidays, family come first. I have a BBC TV licence. Why don't you just say you agree with Pieman's stupid outlook on life and be honest. Why, and when, do you do anything that Pieman is criticising as surely in your life you can't be doing much except argue with others and pay your taxes.
  5. Quite right. How many cases are due to COVID being imported daily by Spainish workers and visitors who may not have been vaccinated. There must be many contributing reasons which conveniently are not mentioned with the graph. But it's just another attempt to spread false or unsupported statistics to feed the vunerable with deception.
  6. Tsunami

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Bollocks. I started in life from very poor family and lost my father when I was 12. Due to my Mothers health deteriorating shortly afterwards I became the family bread winner doing 3 paper rounds for the next few years. I started an apprenticeship at 16 instead of going for A levels and Uni, due to family financial reasons. I did well at day school and night school which I attended until I was 27 year old achieving certain trade qualifications and general management. I gave up my trade and went into Methods Study and management, changing jobs 3 times and eventually ended up as a Senior Manager with British Gas and 'took my bit' at 52 year old due to company restructuring. I received a pension immediately, with a levelling option, and haven't worked since. As Frank Sinatra used to say "I did it my way", and my career was successful due to me working hard, overcoming poverty, investing money and buying 3 houses. I have had very little help in my life with the exception of used clothing parcels from sympathetic relatives in Canada in my early teens. I apologise to nobody, including you, who begrudges me my success and wealth that allows me and my family to live a very good life. During all my working life I was paying large taxes, which of course helps to pay the bills of those not as fortunate to me and I have no problems with that. I've been there and appreciated it. I qualify to most of the items above you accuse others like me of obtaining, so if that makes me sad with a privileged life I think it is the likes of you and other jealous individuals who are the sad people in life. Successful people are one of the main reasons why a country like the UK is successful and affluent, and due to the heavy taxation that pay which allows others to get financial help when they need it. From your general rants on here and your obvious envy of successful people, I doubt you will understand all that.
  7. yes I noted that and his last post was I think early July and he seems to have concentrated on the Tour de France. I thought he might been on holiday but I think I remember him quoting being away on holiday a few weeks/months ago. Just like his best besty, he won't be missed and the level of discussion is a lot more open since he was the Ring Master.
  8. Tsunami

    The Olympic Games

    Squash is put forward by their Federation every 4 years and never makes it in the Olympic sports. It usually makes it to the last stages and one time it lost out the final section to Wrestling I think. The irony is the retired President Head of the Olympic Committee was a decent player, and we thought that that would clinch it for us to get the final say. A nationwide day of Squash was organised in 2010 and practically ever club in this country took part. Each court was occupied by players playing during a 24 hour period and it did give the sport a lot of publicity but to no avail. We all had 2010 teeshirts on and posed for publicity pictures for the local press and National magazines. The sport is played in every continent and everyone can play Squash as it's not an 'elitist sport' like some other sports. The Olympics is the poorer for the exclusion of Squash as it has all the ethics of the original Olympic movement.
  9. There's only 3 fools around here and that's you, your mate Blu, and your other mate Wolfie. We are all getting it.
  10. Well there's two fellows recently who have gone up to check out the new venue.
  11. Maybe someone should tell you the real direction. Purporting to be a female and a Charge Nurse could be your first new real redirection.
  12. Best you keep away from dogs then, all three of you.
  13. Go on I'll bite then. It could have been lockdown.
  14. Not really. The MHRA has supported the use of the COVID vaccines which are now worldwide, and it can't be denied by anyone that the effect on lowering deaths has been massive.
  15. Who said experiment ? it's you saying that. If there is a perceived need, and it is proved safe by the medics why shouldn't adults not want to protect their kids ?

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