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  1. Tsunami

    Workington 2023

    Usually the second bend but as others have said it can be changeable.
  2. Yes, it's sad to see such a great respect as Harry having such a bad time. He had a big off once in I think a Czech meeting a few years, and had to be nursed back from that. He had a mixed year last year with the Colts with some poor rides in a fairly decent year hence his start average this year. Last year it was Sam that had some 0 meetings and look how well he is flying now. Both seem to be prone to have the odd bad meetings but Harry this year is a different matter. Worky really need to replace him quickly while he takes time to get it back. Worky being such a great investment needs to be winning everything at home and performing well away. A second heat leader getting under 2 points per meeting is not good for their future.
  3. Like Chris Mills(Newcastle Diamonds) who cleared the fence, hit the hut and was airlifted to hospital. Fortunately he survived it but did give speedway up shortly afterwards.
  4. Tsunami

    Workington v berwick 21/5/23

    No team can run with a non firing heat leader, especially a club with very high expectations. it would also be bad business to start losing.
  5. His big off at Oxford was when he was riding for Wolverhampton. Massive injuries when the medics were going to do serious surgery to his leg and ankle which Dicki and his wife refused to let them do. He was ages on the crutches trying to get the leg to heal with a lot of skin damage. Diamond fans used to go to Cleveland Park then with Dicki who used to talk broken legs with my wife after she fell off her pedal bike around the same time. Dicki could well have lost his leg.
  6. Tsunami


    With Archie missing, it would expected that the reserves would fill in and get more rides. A 4 rider team and they did well against a well fancied team..
  7. Archie had an early complication and returned to hospital. He was then discharged. Since then he has had assessments and treatment and now been advised that the breaks are now healing well and he is looking forward to making a good recovery.
  8. Archie was released from the Manchester hospital yesterday and arrived home late on last night.
  9. Its nice to see that a go ahead promotion are trying something that pleases the riders and the fans.
  10. Followed by cries that we should have stared the season earlier. You can't win really.
  11. Tsunami

    Peter Kenyon

    He was Stuart Robson's Doctor in real life.
  12. In the mid 60's we travelled down from Newcastle to an International meeting at West Ham stadium on a Tuesday. Never thought it would be raining, but when we got there it had been called off late. Not a lot to do near West Ham, so we just turned around and drove home. Got home early next day after a wasted 500 mile drive. Still went to work of course on the Wednesday.
  13. Tsunami

    Redcar v Newcastle Select 24/3

    NO, it was meant and deliberate.
  14. Tsunami

    Redcar v Newcastle Select 24/3

    Thoroughly enjoyed my trip down to Redcar last night against a good Diamonds team. If we had had something like that team in the last couple of years we would still be running, instead of being butchered. Thanks go the Redcar promotion for the agreement to hold this meeting, which benefited both clubs supporters. Thanks to all the ex Diamonds sponsors and the Diamond fans for sponsoring the meeting and making it possible. It was great to see the number of Diamond supporters in attendance and I hope that will be a sign for the future. We all need our fill of Speedway so why not support Redcar who has so many Newcastle connections. Amazed at the condition of the track especially after its condition on Sunday. It held up well, obviously slick but it did mean that practically all races had 4 riders together instead of being strung out. It wasn't ripe for passing, but there was the usual burst around the boards coming out of the second bend still and a few tried it. Pity about Danny K's fall after taking it on but pleased he was OK. On my way down I went through heavy rain the other side of Hartlepool, but that's where it stayed, except for a few drops later on in the meeting. Nice to be involved with the Junior match again, with some decent performances in the Cubs 8 point win. I think the Bears will do well this year, with 3 top heatleaders, and some gutsy second strings and reserves. Not a good night night for Jake M, as he couldn't get out of the gate, but when he does watch out for a fresh new talent to emerge. He is very fast, only 18, and I had the pleasure of watching in the Colts team all last year. He's going to be a great reserve, the same as you had last year with Jenkins. So yes, I am now a Redcar supporter now. They have done wonders to get where they are and it will continue I am sure.

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