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  1. Your like a team that has been thrashed 5-0 and wants a replay. And then YOU make the above statement.
  2. Most large countries signed up to the agreement which is being organised and controlled by WHO. India is only the recent addition to the countries that are known to be future recipients
  3. How many times are you going to repeat this clip. Fiddling the photo by superimposing masks, still doesn't overcome the real message represents by this brave and principled guy. Don't insult his bravery with your stupidity.
  4. Unbelievable, according your usual lockdown rubbish.
  5. Of course ignoring the offer by Boris a couple of weeks for many millions of vaccines to India. Go check your facts.
  6. I heard villageidiot was going.
  7. Congratulations to you for choosing a forum name that is a perfect fit for you.
  8. Tsunami

    Football 2020/21

    It is more a case of the fact that Liverpool lost their 3 top centrebacks and their main driver in Henderson. No team has lost such key players and for most of the season.
  9. Nice diversion, but if you had read, particularly the last two sites you quoted, you would have observed that there were risks in a small number of cases, and also possible long term after affects. Still can't find the quote about the comparison of the vaccines safety to the risks of falling masonry, but I've no doubt you will do your best to seek and search for it and produce it on here when it is to hand. Safe as houses
  10. Rather missed the point I see. Still waiting for the clinical source for the statement you said was made that the vaccine is 'safe as houses'. This could be a long wait I suspect, but I can expect more diversions and more of your sh't.
  11. Nobody every said it was safe as houses, and that goes for all vaccinations for viruses. As DC2 slavishly requests, please provide a source for your statement. You won't find a source, because everyone in Health Organisations realise that all people are different and every vaccine has a stated risks from being just unwell up to a few deaths. It's about the greater good, which has been the reason now why the deaths in well vaccinated countries are very low in numbers. NB Probably in Clapton's case, his underlying heath problems stem from his lifetime of overindulgence of Drugs and drink.
  12. What a sad barsteward you must be in life. Life and sole of the party with a grimace on your face everyday rebelling about anything and everything. Sad Sad.
  13. I think you should take advice about that cough you have acquired. At your age, and not vaccinated, things could turn out serious and bang goes our 'jokes of the day' contributions.
  14. Even a cynic like must have enough nouse to realise it depends on the parameters set , but if a series of countries don't take the thing serious, or don't have the means to take action, then the estimates are not relevant. And not wrong.
  15. I think I might rather see one of your comic clips rather that a flippant attempt to ignore information and think you are humorous in your attempt. Must try harder, or perhaps not at all.

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