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  1. highside

    Redcar 2020

  2. highside

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Not fussed about start time aslong as speedway comes before football ,
  3. highside

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    who else has jumped ship ?
  4. highside

    Newcastle 2020

    It will be very interesting how many hangers on will go when they have to pay to get in .
  5. highside

    Newcastle 2020

    I thought all was going great until this news came out .
  6. highside

    Newcastle 2020

    Cheers dave
  7. highside

    Newcastle 2020

    Quick question why does the Newcastle website list George English and Andrew Dalby as club owners ?
  8. highside

    Newcastle 2020

    How about Kenneth Bjerre
  9. highside

    Newcastle 2020

    I hope Rob clamps down on all the people who get in for free .
  10. highside

    Newcastle 2020

    Worrying silence coming out of the promoters .
  11. There is a fun fair at brough during half term holidays will this have any effect on the speedway ?
  12. highside

    Newcastle 2019

    When is the 90th anniversary meeting taking place ? its all gone quiet .
  13. Scores well for KL every week does nowt for Newcastle time to replace him along with bjerre

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