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Unfortunately the first of this season's State title meetings, the Queensland Championship at Maryborough Speedway had to be cancelled today (Nov.18, 2017) due to the weather. This event was scheduled to be re-staged at Maryborough Speedway on February 3.



Other dates and venues for sidecar speedway championships 2017-18 in Australia are:


Victorian Sidecar Championship (Jan.26, 2018) @ Olympic Park Speedway, Mildura

 Queensland Sidecar Championship (Feb.3, 2018) @ Maryborough Speedway    was again cancelled / this event will not be restaged

New South Wales Sidecar Championship (Feb. 10, 2018) @ Oakburn Park Speedway, Tamworth

Western Australian Sidecar Championship (March 10, 2018) @ Pinjar Park Speedway, Perth

South Australian Sidecar Championship (March 24, 2018) @ Gillman Speedway, Adelaide

Oceania Sidecar Championship (March 31, 2018) @ Gillman Speedway, Adelaide

F.I.M. Sidecar Speedway World Cup (April 1, 2018) @ Gillman Speedway, Adelaide

Australian Sidecar Championship (April 13-14, 2018) @ Oakburn Park, Tamworth

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Victorian Sidecar title results:

1st   Andrew Buchanan / Denny Cox

2nd  Trent Headland / Daz Whetstone

3rd   Mark Plaisted / Ben Pitt

4th   Warren Monson / Andrew Summerhayes


New South Wales Sidecar title results:

1st   Darrin Treloar /  Jesse Headland

2nd  Andrew Buchanan / Denny Cox

3rd   Hamish Golding / Liam Cox

4th   Stephen Saunders / Clarissa Saunders


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Last weekend, March 10th, saw the staging of the outstanding State Sidecar Speedway  titles in South Australia and Western Australia, (Tasmania and Nthn Territory have not held state title mtgs since 2012.)
At Gillman SA, Trent Headland & Darryl Whetstone went through the card unbeaten, New Zealander Andrew Buchanan with Denny Cox in the chair taking 2nd place from  Mark Plaisted & Ben Pitt. (Ht points: 15, 14, 13 respectively.)

The WA title meeting at Pinjar Park was full of excitement as veteran Brad Willis, with Jesse Thomas as chair-man, had to do it the hard way, - again and again  - , much deserved after a 34+ year wait !
After 3 wins from 4 rides Wills lost a coin toss for a place in the Final alongside unbeaten Scott Charsley & Morgan Cornwell, (4 wins from 4 rides; all heats 3-man races), the other 11 pointers  Chad Harvey & Jamie Thomson going directly into the Final.   Wills, riding with Thomas for the first time,  had to take the flag in the 'Last Chance' semi to join them, which he duely did.
In the Final the hitherto unbeaten Charsley & Cornwell made a good start from gate 1 and led for 3 laps, with Wills at the back in third place, but creeping up on the leaders.
On the final charge down the back straight Harvey blasts underneath Charsley followed by Willis.  Out of turn four all three outfits were bunched together, but Harvey gave a little ground heading to the flag, enough for Brad Willis & Jesse Thomas to squeeze by. 
A great race, - the crowd went wild:  Brad Willis, - third in 1983/84, third in 1995/96 - , had finally made it.

The Sidecar scene moves next to the International 'biggies', with the FIM Oceania Sidecar Championship on Sat. 31st, and the FIM 1000cc World Cup the following day, Sun. April 1st., both at Gillman, SA.  The Australian National sidecar title is raced for at Tamworth, NSW, on April 14th.

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New Zealand North Island Sidecar Championship.
Russell Stuart and Andrew Parker took the NZ North Island Sidecar Speedway Championship at OceanView Speedway, Wanganui, yesterday March 17th, adding the trophy to that of their National success at Meeanee in January.
The South Island title is raced for at Oreti Park, invercargill next week, Sat. 24th. March.

Find results of all NZ and Aussie championships, as well as for other national and World titles HERE

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Yesterday's NZ Sidecar results from New Zealand

New Zealand SOUTH Island Sidecar Championship, - Oreti Park, Sat. March 24th
1st   - Aiden Thwaites & Shane Twiss
2nd  - Paul Humphrey & Ricky Pubben
3rd   - James Douglas & Harley Biddle
4th   - Erwin Tree & Bret Pubben
5th   - Shaun Kerr & Robin Poole


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Darrin Treloar is the 2018 Oceania Champion https://www.gillmanspeedway.com/news/another-title-for-darrin-treloar-and-jesse-headland/


Full results: https://www.gillmanspeedway.com/category/results/




1 - Darrin TRELOAR & Jesse Headland (AUSTRALIA)

2 - Andrew BUCHANAN & Denny Cox (NEW ZEALAND)

3 - Mark MITCHELL & Tony Carter (AUSTRALIA)

4 - Warren MONSON & Andrew Summerhayes (AUSTRALIA) 

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Thanks for the updates and excellent posts you blokes.

Great racing for the sidecar Oceania and World Cup. There is still a slight gap between the Aussie teams and their international adversaries, but the gap is closing.

Sidecar teams from Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, USA and even France were competing this year. This form of speedway can be very exciting when closely contested. It will only continue to grow with the ongoing support of the overseas teams who make huge financial and logistical comittment just to compete.

Go speedway sidecar racing.

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Tamworth, April 14th: 
Darrin Treloar & Jesse Headland  dominated the Australian Sidecar Speedway Championship  meeting from their first lap, giving Darrin his 10th Australian Championship and Jesse his first.
The racers that lined up next to Darrin & Jesse in the A Final, were Andrew Buchanan & Denny Cox who finished 2nd, Trent Headland & Daz Whetstone 3rd, with Mark Plaisted & Ben Pitt taking that final spot on the podium in 4th.

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