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    It's not the teams who should be fined it's the idiots who messed up this season's fixture lists!
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    he sure is and it must have been a pressure cooker moment for him . everyone gets them . we are humans ! maybe it was something from a previous race . good lad all round .. but it happens . a nice family and dont deserve any flack at all . great lad all round, but get a hair cut man .
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    Richard Lawson is one of the nicest guys in speedway....
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    If any of the two teams get punished due to the second meeting not being completed, then shame on the people who make these decisions. They should be named and shamed. There is no way three major trophies competitions should be run days prior the end of October and this could/would have been avoided, should certain individuals considered what is in the best interests of British speedway.
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    What a time to be a comets fan. Having watched since the early 70's this has been a long time coming. I'm convinced our success has been down to building a team with strength in depth and no big hitters. Any of the riders could have ended up at reserve without altering the balance of the team. For years we have had second strings dropping to reserve and the reserve moving up and been totaly out of their depth. This year, if a rider had an off night all the others could carry him Its fantastic to have ended the season with the team we started with and there wasn't a weak link among them. Kyle has done everything that was expected of him and this weekend showed what he can do with full credit to the management for sticking with him. Many thanks to Laura and her team for what they have done for us and I sincerely hope that she can find the necessary backing to continue next year. Maybe someone could also be found to knock some sense into the council with their hairbrained stadium ideas. It's time they got into the real world. Heres hoping we're all back next year to defend our THREE 7 man trophies.
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    Huge Congratulations to the Comets,to win one piece of Silverware in this league is a tough ask,two win 3 is a hell of a performance i can remember thinking when the team was released earlier in the year that the 7 riders selected would take some beating but never thought it would dominate like it has a huge and well deserved Treble!!
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    Can I just say a great big thank you to everyone involved with the Comets this year, the promoters, team manager, riders, track team, everyone including the brilliant Hoggy on the mic for making this the most successful and enjoyable season ever. No thanks of course to the people responsible for running/ruining* the sport who seemed hell bent on putting obstacles in front of us (and others) during the season. It is very apt that our latest/last attempt to run our outstanding league fixture has been abandoned due to ice!!!! *delete as appropriate Hopefully we will all be back next year to defend all 3 titles. A happy (and now thankfully thawed out) Comet.
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    Honestly What a night and first off to the Hammers fans please don't assume your guys rolled over. I was in the pits and on the track and the Lakeside lads put a shift in but met a side so focused and determined they just couldn't counter the effort put in by the Worky 6. Even little Tero who I have sponsored for the last few seasons got swept up with the occasion, emotion, focussed drive and desire and I have never seen him so pumped up. Brilliant!!! This Worky team does not know when it's beaten which isn't bad for a team full of second strings and a journeyman at reserve. Never did I personally think for one minute that this team would achieve what it has (I honestly don't think anyone did) to use a poignant football equivalent it's Leicester City all over as no one gave them a chance when they won the league. 5000/1 their odds were in winning the league and the Worky odds although possibly not as high as that they were rank outsiders to do anything let alone achieve what they have. I would like to go on record and personally thank the promotion for all their effort and allowing me the opportunity to be part of this success story, it's been a roller coaster ride with some nervous moments at times but what a brilliant season. I can't really add to some of the fantastic comments that have been posted on here and hopefully we can put the icing on the cake with the Shield Final tonight. Oh and on a slight side note there was 969 fans through the doors last night with 60 guests and those figures do not include any track staff. Again nothing against the Hammers who reached the final on merit I wonder what the crowd would have been if the final had of been against a northern club or one of the Scottish sides who have large away support? 1500?. The place was bouncing last night with a fantastic atmosphere and if Worky could pull these numbers in every meeting there wouldn't be a cloud hanging over the clubs future. Regards THJ
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    Lawson has history at Workington. He hates going there. Theres agro between him and his Dad. He missed the earlier meeting in August as he was 'ill'. Got a right bollocking off Garry May as Lawson didnt realise he would miss further meetings for Somerset as a result! 7 day ban for illness nowadays, I believe.
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    Yes I saw that! We should have protected Monday’s and Thursdays this year when we had the chance!
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    Sorry but 'nice guys' don't give the finger in those circumstances
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    Formula 1 never attracted my attention. Speedway was a team sport, F1 was for the indiviual. The GPs and their growth over the years have played a part in desimating speedway's domestic competition by hencroaching over into team racing. The days have passed when speedway was a team sport. Now it is a lot of individuals merely mascarading as team members. before the GPs the individual form of racing used to be the side dish. I don't get excited about supporting a successful individual who is riding purely for himself. especially if you see glimpses of that individuality encroaging into team racing. Therefore team racing has lost identity. The true pride in the country is tarnished when both world champions in speedway and F1 deny the chance to prove their loyalty is the genuine article by committing something back. Hamilton doesn't live here for some reason (nudge nudge), while Tai chooses to turn his wheels over here when it suites What are you supporting when you cheer on these guys?
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    Well done Workington - well deserved.
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    For what it is worth, I believe the Hammers will effectively cease to exist having now completed the season. Rye House was merely an expedient - I still do not understand the logic of the authorities in ruling we had to switch all remaining fixtures to RH rather than just run the ones we could not fit in at Arena - but then this is speedway , often devoid of any logic. RH is much, much worse than Arena - poor viewing, poor racing, poor lighting and, as others have said, not really a viable option without major and costly changes. Thanks for the memories.
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    Great stuff for the Blue and White Team built on strength in depth. Goes to show the best 2 teams at very end of league campaign, Workington and Berwick were set up almost the same way
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    On announcing the abandonement of the 2nd meeting, Dave Hoggart said that checks had been made with the SCB before doing so !! So there will be NO FINE !
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    25th August this was first abandoned, utter shambles
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    That's a good way to finally kill off two teams who have tried their hardest to get this fixture done. Just toss a coin - I don't think anyone cares and mark it complete.
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    Have to say Worky make the opposition look poor even though they were busting a gut ,Jensen and Klindt are totally different class at home.
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    And by robbed you mean your team got knocked out... The best team won the championship #upthecomets
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    A real shame that fans were robbed of a fitting final between the two top teams in the Championship.
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    Probably the footings of a house
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    Huge congratulations to Workington Speedway on becoming league Champions, of course its a team effort but you have to feel so happy for Laura Morgan who has had tough times with Workington, now they are top of the heap.
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    Great news from Lee Kilby..the new track has been marked out and is being worked on.

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