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    Well, I for one won't be there after he single handedly got a meeting abandoned at Peterborough a few years back. Not the only time he's done this. In fact he should probably allow free entry as a payback to the many fans he's cost over the years
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    Welcome back Jason Crump. Always thought he retired too early and still plenty in the tank! Great signing for Ipswich and for British speedway in general
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    You knew that anyway - As I put on the same day as you posted the link "If they were going to look at it again then they wouldn't have issued an official statement that made the situation worse." - And you said " simply urging the Promotion to look at the situation again from the perspective of a Blue-Badge holder" - which they clearly haven't done at any point but you've gone from up in arms, to a petition, nearly page long solution that you offered to administer and then one chat where you're told "that's the way it is mate" and you say, OH OK ! Reminds me of Boris accusing Corbyn of being captured, jugulated, reprogrammed by his friends and turned into a Remainer! (we can use promoter for our purposes).
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    first rider to be confirmed is none other than Belle Vue legend Jason Crump
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    I think Tofty will probably get the no.2 race jacket. That's a good looking side, and I think Buster for all his faults ( I know about the BB farce) has put together a strong team for 2020. That isn't a making up the numbers side. It's a strong side all the way through, including strong reserves.( with around 4.80 for the no.7 spot). If they all stay fit you have yourself a play off side imho.
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    Very difficult to make predictions before we’ve seen a few meetings - I do however think the league like it’s going to be very close this year, no one looks like they’re going to run away with it and similarly no one looks like they’re going to be tailed off either. Home form will be paramount for everyone
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    The penny drops. But I think most of us that are regulaars will attend both levels. I certainly will
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    I’m not even gonna bother having a bash to be honest. Swindon look a touch better than the rest, but apart from them the rest could literally be in any order.
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    I think he'll do pretty well and you have to add on the points his team mates will gain by learning from him. I would think on top of the points he scores you can expect another 5 a meeting (especially away) from helping his team with set ups and coaching.
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    I’d be trying to get josh Pickering if I was pboro management with 4.8 left
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    He’s always loved Foxhall, after a month or so I can see him scoring well at home. Nobody can be expecting him to hit the ground running so we’re going to need to be patient and not make knee jerk conclusions after a few meetings. He’s going to have to show something in the early meetings mind you to show that there is something still there. I remain on the fence and it’s just a wait and see situation. Nobody can confidently predict what’s going to happen which makes this the most intriguing signing of the winter. We also have to remember this isn’t a half decent heatleader who was a 7-8 pointer who is making a comeback, it’s a rider who last posted an average over 11 in a much tougher league. I don’t think an average of between 7-8 is unrealistic. We started with Harris on an inflated average last year who dropped over a point and half and we still made the play offs so even if his average drops as most are predicting, it doesn’t mean the end of our chances.
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    Haha Actually not quite true... the riders asked me to take the job on full time and said I could take over from Jacko anytime I wanted... however they may have been pulling my leg... Furthermore I got a good hydraulicing off Jacko for spoiling them... the riders that is.... but I've never had a problem with man management or motivational speaking though to be fair... However what I will say is it's harder than you think it would be... and definitelty harder than it looks... it was pretty stressful that's for sure and any manager of a speedway team gets my respect... It might only be 15 one minute races but there is always something going on in between times... and that's on top of the riders moaning their puddings off... Regards THJ
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    His longevity was remarkable, and a tribute to his fitness. His winning of four World Titles has to earn respect but he lost a great deal of respect from me when he kept failing to ride in major events in Britain, coming up with the excuse of "Giving kids a chance". I suspect the real reason was a good deal less positive. To me he snubbed his British fans on more than one occasion, but then when did the fans count? His antics at Melbourne didn't impress either. It rather echoed the appalling mistake made by Bruce Penhall at White City. It's sad that there is no American representation in the SGP for the first time. A great flow of talent has come to an end....for now. I do hope that Nicol or Becker can meet the challenge to replace him in due time. Over the years the Americans have given us a lot of fun, even if some of it was rather worrying ;-) Not in Greg's case. I did work with a few and those smiles weren't all that real in several cases in the 80s. I never got to know Greg so can't comment on him. The illness to his wife will have changed all priorities. I wish him a good retirement with the woman he loves at his side. Speedway is important but not THAT important.
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    At 61, he makes Crump look like a spring chicken
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    Who the f**k designed that, horrible design and layout.
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    I thought the club was looking to bring in a new, young, never been seen in the UK before, asset to ride at no 7?
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    Once Managed one... won one... lost none... 43 47 away to Ipswich... Regards THJ
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    Honestly All right my love... Let's have a look at the old score board.... Because you know what points make... However you get nothing for a double... well not in Speedway anyway... Should a get me CV polished up Ruff because a still have a 100% win record from a triple winning team from 2018... Undefeated.... Not many can boast that now can they... Regards THJ
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    If only XR would capitulate so easily!!
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    I was told that the arrangements were not going to change - so I decided that the petition had run its course. I was disappointed by the outcome of course.
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    I believe it's his IQ - but he missed out the decimal point
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    But the riders are not as good as they were 8 years ago
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    Too busy helping out at the stadium, looking forward to seeing our season tickets, checking that our tigers jackets will last another year, planning our holidays so we can support our team home and away. I could go on, just excited that's not long before the season starts. Hope all speedway fans have a great time supporting their team.
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    Ipswich bound. NKI it is
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    If your post is a pathetic attempt at taking some kind of moral high ground then its just that, pathetic. The passing of Danny Ayres is a tragedy and we as fans have paid our respects by posting messages of condolence on here and other parts of social media, of course there will be other on here closer to the Ayres family who have paid their tributes personally. My post was a perfectly reasonable answer to a perfectly reasonable question posted the other day. How ever hard, the management at both Scunthorpe and Ipswich will need to sign a rider, when that will happen of course is up to each club.

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