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    Morning all, Thank your kind words - its much appreciated. Delighted to be in the position to be able to do this, and as a real fan of Speedway, it means a lot to be able to work with Buster, Dale & the team - who have both been brilliant to deal with to make this all happen In answer to question above, our third office is in Caister-on-Sea, next to Great Yarmouth. Heres to be a big 2020!
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    Well done & good luck to @AlexBrady in his sponsorship of the Stars in 2020
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    Ironic really, that the season we have created major issues for our BB holders, we create probably the oldest team on record.
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    I'm glad actually if it is him because he's enthusiastic in his posts and is clearly a fan. He hasn't been sucked into the negaativity vortex that alot of the people who post on here have! Well done on building your business from nothing! And well done stars for attracting a loyal supporter as a sponsor.
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    Pretty sure it's him as he did mention about being an Estate Agent once. Good on him from being a supporter for many years and then sponsoring the Stars.
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    STARS LAND NEW TEAM SPONSOR KING’S Lynn are thrilled to welcome Minors and Brady Estate Agents as their new main team sponsor. The Norfolk outfit will now be known as the Minors and Brady Stars with preparations well underway for the latest Premiership campaign. Minors and Brady are award-winning estate agents which was founded by Jamie Minors and Alex Brady - who have both worked their way up from being trainee negotiators to running their own company with three offices across Norfolk. And for co-owner Alex Brady it really is a 'dream come true' to become team sponsor of the club he has supported since he was a child. He said: “I am a huge fan of speedway and I have been coming to Lynn since I was five-years-old. I went out to eight of the ten Speedway Grand Prix’s last year and we also sponsored Ty Proctor in 2019 - I would class him as a good friend. “I have known Buster (Chapman) for number of years – I did a Power Slide class when I was 15 and then I dealt with him through work last year, and that is really how this all came about. “It really is a privilege to be asked to be team sponsor because I have spent so many years watching Lynn and you see companies like Poultec sponsoring them, but you always dream that one day it could be you. I love the sport and I want to help it grow again, gaining exposure so like I say, it really is a privilege.” King’s Lynn owner Keith Chapman is delighted with the new partnership. “I am very pleased to have Minors and Brady as our new team sponsor this year and I would like to welcome them to the club,” he said “I know that Alex has been coming to watch the Stars for many years and he really has the club’s best interests at heart. Hopefully we can help them going forward as much as they’re help us as a club. “We like to have support from local businesses and the fact that they’re a Norfolk-based company is really good for the area and it is good for everyone involved. “I think it is brilliant how they have grown as a company in the last couple of years and not only that, they have also gone from being a sponsor for one of our riders to now being our team sponsor which is great for everyone. “Minors and Brady is a company that is growing and with the partnership that we now have, we can hopefully grow with them and take King’s Lynn on to bigger and better things.” The Stars will launch the new season with their press and practice on Monday, March 16, at the Adrian Flux Arena. All media are welcome to attend with team photos and rider interviews taking place between 12pm - 3pm. Gates will then open for supporters at 6pm with riders out on track between 6.30pm and 8pm, followed by a Q&A session between 8.30pm - 9pm in Champs Bar.
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    A perfect fit British Speedway and an estate agent- it`s time British Speedway got it`s house in order
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    Hopefully the riders wont be feeling the need to come from behind often
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    Suppose so... The Daily Express & ITV wouldn't be my first port of call for facts though
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    I heard a rumour that they should get in touch with the other bloke if he exists, who, because of his age should really be a bit more empathetic to those being displaced by an unworthy decision.
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    From what I hear NKI is only foung a few ml ths till bjerre can come. Regarding nicki the word on the street is he will give it a few months himself. If hes enjoying himself he will stay. If it's to much he will drop UK. Hope he does stay though Personally I think he will enjoy himself and therefore stay all season
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    I know M&B have outlets in Wroxham and a new one in Dereham, where is the 3rd one, is it in Lynn ?
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    It doesnt expend too much with Geoff it's not hard work
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    Watching them trying to deal with the Tigers in the 1st meeting will be more interesting.Imo
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    What Speedway wouldn't give for a "large public gathering"!!! No danger in Speedway being effected in that way... I'd be more concerned on how much of the fan base is left after this lergie has been and gone
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    And he never will imo ...
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    Can only be a good thing for the sport., Maybe it can be a catalyst for it similar to the way 'marquee' signings helped the (then) struggling MLS in North America..? Top level competitors coming towards the end of their careers, but with still enough talent to compete, and a name and reputation that resonates outside the sport's own followers.. On the rare occasions I attend GB League Speedway I go to watch 'the speedway' with no regards as to who wins so the odd 'legend or two' on view will definitely stir my interest.. Hopefully do the same for a few more 'lapsed fans' around the country too..
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    What this fan really wants to see is that in a majority of races the positions will stand a very good chance of changing after 1/2 lap. And that riders believe that that is possible and make a real effort to do so, rather than accept after that first 1/2 lap that the result is set in stone. And settle for a high speed verion of line dancing. Bring back racing and the belief that having a serious go is worth it. Not least to entertain the remaining supporters!
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    Seems perfect proof that the club was/is and will remain bigger and more important than any individual. Perhaps those previously offended in the past and thus continue to stay away from race nights need to understand their ego/pride is the reason they are now staying away which is a shame because if last season is anything to go by they are missing exactly what they wanted in the first place. i.e. many good nights of speedway and an incredible season of success.
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    Looking forward to Rob saying sorry
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    Auty hasn't had a regular gig in the top league for quite a while now, clearly the promoters/managers dont see him as good enough, even on an attractive average. Decent rider at Championship level where he has found his level IMO.
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    The fact he is British has very little to do with it, it’s more that he has been around for years and still can’t gate, and therefore isn’t consistent or reliable enough.
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    your showing your age now

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