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    I suggest you check out some of his posts on other threads about Speedway, when he used to post on them. His behaviour was the same as it has been on this one, obsessive to the point of bullying. He may not have set out to be a bully but he singles people out, like he seems to have done with you and baits them. Now you and I may be big and ugly enough to handle this, water off a ducks back... but not everybody is. Bully: "a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable"
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    Unfortunately too late for many students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have already missed out on a place at their preferred university. Of course, not one single pupil from Eton had their grades downgraded. Tories showing their true colours yet again.
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    Is it just me or is this behaviour just beyond bizarre... I genuinely think this guy needs help. Does anybody on this forum actually know BWitcher in person? Because I think you need to carry out an intervention. I can't make up my mind whether he's a bully or mentally ill, maybe a bit of both. PLEASE! this guy needs your help. BWitcher I plead with you, please go see a doctor... when the NHS reopens of course
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    My son has recently been diagnosed as Autistic, his diagnosis is on the very lowest grade of the Autism spectrum however he's still considered as being Autistic. It's not something to joke about, however iainb has asked a plausible question...whilst BWitcher just continues his obsessive tirade.
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    You've been given multiple opportunities to provide the evidence you claim you have that influenza transmits differently to Covid-19 and is therefore immune to lockdown. You can't because you haven't got it. Putting your fingers in your ears and refusing to respond just shows you up further.
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    We are all on the Autism spectrum.
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    That makes three of them then, including two of our own forum residents
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    Sorry R+R, wildly drifting off topic on a well maintained thread, but it's a subject that interests me Виктор would be the Russian equivalent of Victor/Wiktor. Latvian is the only official language in Latvia, something that has caused some problems/criticisms from the Russian speaking population in the South. From his online presence, it seems that the rider in question spells his name Andžejs Lebedevs, but the most visible and prominent thing on the back of his kevlars recently has just been "AnJ" Most transliterators I have used have taken a name starting with H to the cyrilic Х, which fits with the way that you pronounce the names of Cities like Ха́рьков or Хаба́ровск...And yet in English those get turned into Kharkov and Khabarovsk...I've never really understood how/why the "K" got involved there I always enjoy seeing an online transliteration of a name that has gone from latin to cyrilic and back again but using different rules in each direction. You can end up with some strange results... A simple example is the main speedway City of Russia, Тольятти, which depending on the transliterator used will probably give you Tolyatti, Toljatti or some other similar variant. The City was named after Palmiro Togliatti, so it should really come back to Togliatti, but the transliteration rules going in each direction pretty much make it impossible for that to happen. That's always been a translation that amused me... It ultimately makes sense, but the alternative meaning in English makes it amusing... Probably the more relevant question about those letters is why English still has them. They are completely worthless and could be replaced by others in almost all cases where they are used. Anyway, to get back on topic, the current top 4 in the Ekstraliga seem like they should stay the top 4 for the playoffs if my predictions for results in the last 4 rounds are accurate. Given the fact that I regularly lose when betting on speedway, it's probably safe to say my predictions are worthless
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    Maybe need to introduce concessions for Blue badge holders ,they fill the GB stadiums up these days. ps Its great to see so many young people at the Polish matches ,they must be doing something right.
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    There are currently two Covid threads, one here and one in the General Discussion section. BWitcher has hijacked both with continuous thread posting day after day. He won't listen to anyone except himself (or DC2 who seems to follow him around like a sheep). I don't think BWitcher is bullying to be fair, however he is strongly opinionated and needs to have the last word on everything! He must trawl the web for hours and hours trying to find snippets of information to prove EVERYONE else they're wrong and he's right. Every badly hit country in the world has dealt with Covid in a similar way, albeit on differing lockdown levels, however he flatly refuses to accept that lockdowns reduce the spread of the virus. Edit: And he's still responding to my posts banging the same drum when I have clearly stated I will not be responding to him any longer as it's a waste of time. Not quite sure what he's taking but I certainly don't want any of it lol. Just can't help himself, gotta have the last word...every time...
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    It was not meant to be a joke, far from it.
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    In your continued attempts to bully as you are incapable of debating the topic you are now consistently resorting to stereotypical offensive jibes regarding autism, a condition which affects hundreds of thousands across the UK. This attitude you are displaying towards autism is part and parcel of what makes life more difficult for those who do suffer from it. This is a thread discussing Corona virus, if you wish to discuss it, do so.
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    I'm not even sure he's a Speedway fan. I can't recall seeing him post anywhere about speedway other than bullying somebody about Tai Woffinden once. I soon became uncomfortable about contributing on that topic as he was acting like he thought he was some kind of Perry Mason lawyer character constantly posting "facts" and "evidence" etc. against somebody's "opinion" With his socially retarded obsessive posts I suspect he's somewhere on the Autism spectrum, so I should probably cut him some slack. With his obsession it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't have another account in a different name so he can agree with himself. It truly is bizarre and a little bit sad
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    Remember Dennis Sigalos saying that the yanks would drive into the middle of London to visit a MacDonalds... personally I wouldn't have crossed the road.
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    He HAS to have the last word....can't help himself. Must spend the whole day trawling the web for articles to post links to as he's obsessed with Covid and how lockdown doesn't work even though every affected country in the world has locked down to some extent. I'm not responding to any more of his posts as it's a waste of time and effort.
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    It's a funny feeling at my age...I'm under 60, so in Britain I leave a speedway stadium feeling like the new kid on the block. Yet when I leave a Polish stadium I feel like I'm the oldest swinger in town.
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    So did i, we sat in the Hackney car park thinking it would be off. I also went to Australia v New Zealand at Wimbledon, New Zealand v Russia at Reading and the Wembley final.
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    Think we will stick with Lindback and get the thread back on track.!
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    Actually looking at Slavic languages most of them use Cyrillic. We don't coz of Christianisation of Poland. In 966 Poland officially overthrew paganism and became Catholic and to stress it out even more our King decided that we should use Roman alphabet instead. Besides although we are missing v, x and q we have ą, ć, ę, ł, ó, ś, ź and ż. Additionally we have clusters of few letters that are pronounced like a single sound for example: dż, drz, dzi, sz, cz etc. so if you don't know the rules you might get overwhelmed by all those consonants This is from classic Polish comedy and it shows how speakers of germanic languages can struggle
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    There is no doubt in my mind that Ivan would have dominated a GP series from 68- mid 70/s .
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    Poland could do with attracting more followers of 50+ years of age.. Dont seem to have many.. Missing a trick there...
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    Meet face to face to do what? Another schoolboy statement, if you have a point to make, you are not making it very well with childish statements
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    The phrase used by childish schoolboys learning to swear, people who know they've lost the argument or someone who has no point to make in the first place.
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    It's already been admitted the real death figure is lower. The excess deaths in the UK are now lower than they were for flu in 2017/18.

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