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    The financial situation and team building in the NDL is very different to the other leagues. As greyhoundp has pointed out, the points limit was imposed - apparently without any discussion or negotiation - on NDL clubs by BSPL members who, in some cases, do not even have an NDL team. That is not the case in the higher leagues. A few years ago, Scunthorpe ran an extremely weak NDL side but every one of their matches was run as a double header with the Championship team for one reason and one reason only: Rob Godfrey knew no-one would pay to watch it if it ran the NDL meetings seperately. My understanding is that Newcastle (at least) plan to do the same. Consequently, a double up club can afford to run a weakened NL side - Isle of Wight cannot, as they rely on putting out a competitive and attractive team to pull in spectators. The reasoning for weakening the NDL - or at least the team strength - is an attempt to get other clubs to join. It has to be questioned just how many of the new teams would have joined the league if the points limit had stayed at 39. No rider is in a 'comfort zone for easy money' in the NDL. True, some have been there for years but that is simply because they have reached their level and have nowhere else to go. It would be ludicrous to suggest that any rider would remain in the NDL if their ability guaranteed a place in one of the higher leagues. You must know something I don't because at no point have Isle of Wight simply said this is a matter of 2021 only. They could, indeed, have closed for good. You say 'go back to its roots of bringing on young riders' as though that has not been done for years. One check of the British riders in the Premiership and Championship for 2021 will show that they all started their careers in the third tier of the sport, as did our two representatives at the highest level, Tai Woffinden and Robert Lambert. The NDL has no need to 'go back' to developing riders as it has been doing a pretty decent job of that since it was formed. You're obviously not aware of the reputation that the promotion at Isle of Wight have built up since 2016.When Mimmo said that they were the 'most forward looking club at any level, that I can remember seeing for many a long year' his comments were neither exaggerated nor misplaced - that's the general view of a large number of people from right across the sport who has either had the opportunity of attending one of their meetings or has followed their progress closely. One glance at facebook comments following the news of their closure will show that while there is a significant degree of sadness and disappointment at what has happened there is no anger or criticism whatsoever - indeed there is a large amount of support for their actions. As far as their supporters are concerned, while there are those to blame for the demise of the Warriors that does not extend to Barry Bishop and Martin Widman.
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    If anybody connected to the Warriors or supporting them feels let down, I'd wager that they most likely feel let down by speedway's governing bodies and not by Barry and Martin.
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    Still the thread rolls on with the depressingly small minded ranting on. The EU got it wrong on vaccine roll out. And were refreshingly quick to admit their errors. Can anyone imagine the UK Government actually taking responsibility for their own (almost daily) litany of cock-ups? Accountability is not something this Brexit Government does. It's says everything that whilst the UK becomes poorer (in every sense), the small-minded Brexiteers zoom in on celebrating the UK's vaccine success as "getting one over the EU". No wonder. If you have that mindset, there's little else for you or the off-shore owned, tax avoiding Brexit press to celebrate. British science is among the very best in the world. That is something to celebrate. Why? Because they are collaborators par excellence. They attract (or at least could) the best talent in Europe and beyond and that's why they attract heavy investment and funding. Indeed Oxford University itself was award £56m in EU funding as recently as 2019. https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2019-12-12-oxford-university-awarded-56-million-european-research-council-funding " to build up their teams and have far-reaching impact" Can anyone imagine the UK adopting such a rational and fair-minded adult approach when its relationship with that country was being unpicked? Not a chance. Lucky for us - and Oxford - that the EU didn't demonstrate the childish pettiness that has evolved into a national trait in the UK. We should all celebrate the success of British-based science. Everyone doing so should also bear in mind that the scientific community are incredibly pro-EU. They understand the benefit of international collaboration more than most. They see the bigger picture. These are people that make decisions based on analysis, evidence and data. There's a lot on this thread who could learn a lot from them.
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    There is a strategy that has been ongoing since the tobacco industry started it, by attempting to put doubt of science in people's mind. It proved quite successful and has been followed by other industries and political movements. The oil industry followed suit. Both the tobacco and oil industry know the truth, that their products have a negative effect, but by paying enormous sums to scientists to put out information that they can use it puts doubt in people's minds. Blu is a paid up member of this group on many fronts. Documents showing the tobacco industry knew the negative effects were leaked, but they held a secret meeting of the top 7 producers and came up with the strategy in around 1969...... and it seems documents from the oil industry have also been found
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    No disrespect to Kent, but their team just proves why these new proposals don’t work! They have a 40+ year old who cannot be described as ‘developing’. They have a number 1 who also has a Premiership team place! The rules should facilitate Kinsley to also ride Championship, not NL. Whilst having x4 3pointers which will clearly make a large disparity in races between those and the heat leaders. That’s not a team that attracts fans. Fair enough, it might as a second tier as their fans stay behind to watch which of the 3.00 men might grace the Championship team in the future but it won’t make competitive racing for a stand-alone team or a neutral to travel afar to come and watch.
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    Wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of the Covid victims thought the same until they succumbed to it.
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    7.3.1 & 7.3.2 https://pace.coe.int/en/files/29004/html
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    I didn't get where I am today watching repeats of Reggie Perrin.
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    I think the marginal gains like fitness, diet and psychology are really important nowadays too, Woffinden and Lambert like most other to riders recognise this and they are two very good role models for our youngsters to aspire to. They both rode in all three of our leagues as teenagers as well as getting experience abroad as soon as they could do the example and the pathways are there for Kemp, Rowe, Palin etc to follow if they want to be the best they can be.
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    Tax income has often been the smokescreen (pardon the pun) Now though that becomes an insignificance when looking at the cost of the pandemic
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    Tobacco products should have been outlawed years ago on the grounds of public health. The question is why haven’t they...
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    There is another route - perhaps we could insist on a paternity test
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    My mistrust of Mr Depopulation by ‘good’ vaccines runs very deep...
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    So why are we having this discussion about vaccines ?
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    So let me get this right, the UK contributed £320 million to the EU every week and you triumph the generous EU for giving us back one grant of £56 million? And when did Brexit stop us collaborating with the rest of the scientific world? That’s exactly what we want to do, whether with EU countries or others. Why instead don’t you face up to the facts that it was the EU’s insidious transition from trading bloc to federalist state and from freedom of movement for workers to freedom to roam for all and sundry that caused Britain to hold a democratic vote on membership and your side lost?
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    Carry on sings everyone is entitled to their opinion and I have to say I agree with most of what you say
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    I presume then Swindon and Somerset have done the same too? The IOW have a business model, just like the two clubs above, and all three have decided that they cannot continue this season given the current less than clear conditions re levels of crowds.. And, unlike some, the IOW team dont seem to run the Speedway as some kind of 'hobby' and offset losses via other parts of a wider business ownership, therefore they have to make money. (Or at least break even/run at affordable small loss).. A shame we have lost one of the most progressive promotions in the UK, hopefully it's only for a year..
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    Macron’s done a lot of good things. He’s also done a lot of bad things too. If I’m a fan or not doesn’t come into it, Boris has gambled and it appears to have paid off on the vaccine front, it’s a shame he has 120k deaths which he appears to have forgotten about. The “I’d expect better” was about you resorting to pointing out his apparent lack of stature. Then again personal attacks seem the way to go in British journalism
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    Well there’s a grown up answer. FFS I’d expected better, but then again maybe not
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    The middle class are waking up to the fact that they are the #1 targets.
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    Bbc started showing repeats of the fall and rise of Reginald Perrin Great
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    Personally I think all opinions are valid don't always agree but there are lots of posters on here have nothing positive to say. Moan about lack of opportunities and the state of the sport then moan about the things that are put in place to help it. Support it embrace it it's easier to smile than frown

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