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    Not really. It seems a very confused article thrown together as a filler. Yes, the UK has done very well in the vaccination programme, but it did help that the vaccine was developed and manufactured in the UK, which really the UK government can't claim much credit for. And 122,000 deaths - the 5th highest in absolute numbers, and very close to being the highest per capita in the world (notwithstanding the undoubted falsification of figures in a number of countries) is hardly anything to be proud of. Everything else recently has been an economic disaster - not least in Northern Ireland where things are coming to a head. On electricity production, the (occasional) elimination of coal is impressive on the surface, but ignores that fact that the UK still generates nearly 50% of its power from gas which is a fossil fuel, and has increasingly imported electricity from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. And with the exception of France (nuclear), that's significantly generated from coal.
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    Don’t see the end of masks, anti social distancing, vaccine manipulation for a long time. Going to a Large sports event, meeting up indoors at a cinema, restaurant, or a birthday party in a pub with family. Attending a night club or a gig. Oversees holiday with no face nappy on a flight or quarantine either side ? Many of these things are not coming back for years, if ever in a few cases. There will be restrictions on your income though.....tax rises to come for a generation to limit the next great financial depression.
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    And Minis are - for now - still built in the UK.
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    And I thought Bill Gates pay rolled all the vaccines
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    DISINGENUOUS... of course the Government didn't invent it. But their financial backing of the scientists who so brilliantly came up with a vaccine was vital.
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    Nothing wrong with British Leyland...our first family car was a Morris Marina 1.8 TC.
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    Hope I'm wrong but I don't think anyone would be brave enough to start speedway up. With the costs of setting up ie fence air fence and would it pass all the scb requirements and rent ect?
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    Thought Wales played outstanding despite the dodgy ref and a thoroughly deserved win. Hopefully that sees us win the Trophy now but could do with the Scots doing us a favor vs France, if that ever happens.
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    There's an interesting discussion on the official motorsport channels I'm on, that accordingly to the Brexit withdrawal agreement, the UK is obliged to abide by EU regulations with respect to motor vehicles and therefore anything related to the Vnuk ruling. Of course, the latest proposed version of the updated EU directive excludes motorsport, so the UK government's announcement was nothing but ridiculous propaganda - as I said all along. Quite disingenuous and disgraceful.
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    Odsal??? I'll have a pint of what he's drinking.
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    Looks a great shape and you can really see it capable of some great racing on a par with Belle Vue.
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    Did Justin Elkins complete a meeting without an EF ?
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    MORE embarrassment for Macron and Merkel ... from the Mail on Sunday Just one vaccine shot reduces the risk of being hospitalised by Covid-19 by more than 90 per cent, according to stunning new findings.Public health officials have told Ministers that the remarkable results apply for both the Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, with the British jab proving slightly more effective. It represents another huge boost to Britain’s world-beating vaccine rollout, which has now achieved nearly 20 million first injections. The hugely successful inoculation programme is threatened only by the small minority who are still refusing to have the jab.
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    Listened to the radio link shared on Facebook earlier on that included a short interview with Garry May. The two main snippets to take from the interview was that he was determined and adamant that Somerset will be back. He also seemed very positive about Somerset still hosting the pairs this year if they’re allowed to do so and offered the chance. Great news on both fronts.
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    Stand up to the Poles! Your having a laugh, try telling that to the Top Riders+ any Young Brits who actually make the Grade and attract Polish interest,they’ll be off at the drop of a hat.We are a second rate Country in the Sport nowadays and it will be a long before that changes if ever. Better to just enjoy what we have here and get on with it.
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    They can when they invested over £65 million into the project. Yet again , Air Miles is wide of the mark . Nail , hammer , miss. Again
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    Track looks very narrow and squarish more like the 1970 - 75, Bradford Northern era than the 1985 - 97 version?
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    At least stevebrum talked alot of sence and like us all not always right. But he is a honest guy who has been around alot of tracks, and yes he does know his speedway
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    Big mistake, soon as they saw the police they should have pretended to break into a car, steal a bike or mug somebody. They would have no chance of being caught then as the officers would be rushing back to get a crime number for the victim.
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    You wont be disappointed
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    The tracks may be ready but are the fans ? I live in Coventry and since 2017 have watched speedway at Wolverhampton and Birmingham. I'm 75 and have had my jab but I would not want to be in the crowd at Monmore Green coralled in front of the stand. Similarly at Perry Barr where there is limited good viewing points outside of the stand. You talk about spacing ouy and reduced capacity but could PL survive on even smaller crowds than 2019. I'm sure there are a lot of oldies like me that won't be going for a while yet.
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    Right, so you've confirmed that did ask what products the UK got from the EU that can't be produced in the UK. As for 1990 compared to now, there's all sorts of food and drink products that are popular now that weren't then - I daresay even Somerset Brie in some circles. But if you'd still be happy with only being able to buy Liebfraumilch and Blue Nun in a supermarket then good luck to you, but the rest of us long moved on from that... And I'm still waiting for the answer about oranges.
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    Anyone who thinks that binning the NL is progress doesn't even earn the effort of reading the remainder of the post. There are precious few positives about British speedway but the National league is one of its jewels and scrapping it because its inconvenient would see the sport end in 5 years.

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