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  1. Mark

    Charlie Webster

    I never cease to have a laugh when a nameless and faceless person is asked to stand up & be counted by the very person they criticise. Yet they hide down a mole hole. I dont know Bryn but his offer seems a friendly gesture. Have some balls and meet him. You'll probably get on well
  2. Even though that stat is correct it means nothing. it's total points scored that count and that is the only stat, in team sport, that matters
  3. your right the aussies haven't made a fuss as rules are rules. the point of the thread is to say the rules are plain daft
  4. No I dont agree with coming 2nd, 3rd or last deliberately. it makes a farce of the sport and takes away exactly what each rider should try to do which is get ss many points as he can for his team In what other sport are you rewarded for doing badly ? Only the team doing best today, the Aussies, could not use the joker. Stupid and cost them a win. the idea of sport is to find who is the best. the best didn't get the title today as hampel took a joker and then a sub ride.
  5. Crump rode to win, that is the object of the sport
  6. Mark

    Charlie Webster

    yes I agree they have done superbly given that we haven't had any racing for a long time As for Charlie Webster bothering riders there are two points to consider. firstly she is probably being told to get interviews between races to fill in the gaps so it's her job. She made a point of not interupting a team meeting so i reckon she's getting it right. As for antonio, well he's been a pillock since he started riding, hence a two year gap to sort himself out, so grow up lad secondly sky tv goes a long way to paying riders wages plus they get there sponsors on tv when interviewed. It is the riders job to be helpful when ever possible and get sponsors on the telly
  7. Mark

    Charlie Webster

    she's a good presenter and getting better
  8. how far is Torun from Bydgozcz please Mateusz. What is the transport like and what time does the speedway start. thank you
  9. Mark

    Mr Kieth Chapman

    credit where it's due, a super track, but heavy rain helped as they had to put more dirt down to soak up the water. The TV lads said that last night so not rumour. More of the same please.
  10. I agree with the posters who say we'll get beaten on thursday on a track we have virtually no experience of. But we may do better than some think and, given the age of the team, it looks healthier for the future. Some good experience gained tonight. That meeting will have done King more good than any other he has raced. Rico a definate replacement for Kennett as EK is rubbish on big tracks Maybe Scott for Woofy as TW looked slow and well off the pace tonight doubt we will come last.
  11. great meeting. I thought King was a poor choice but well done to him, a top class perfromance. Harris did well and Bridger showed real courage Woofy was very average and so was kennett who , once again, showed he does not like the track. With Rico replacing kennett and maybe Nicholls in for Woofy we might have a chjance in Poland.
  12. it was stupid / over eager by the russian, and that put 3 in the fence. He needs to tone it down a bit as he is almost touches a back wheel when behind or does stupid things like this. He lent / touched on hans front wheel and caused the crash. A yound fearless man he'll only stop doing these things when he puts himself in hospital with a serious injury. Hopefully he wont put someone else in there first. hope hans is fine.
  13. Mark

    Andersen Crash In Sweden.

    it was stupid by the russian. he needs to tone down a bit as he is almost touches a back wheel or does stupid things like this. He lent on hans front wheel and caused the crash. he'll stop doing it when he puts himself in hospital with a serious injury. hopefully he wont put someone else there first
  14. i will, should be cut and thrust stuff providing there is some dirt
  15. Mark

    Gb World Cup Team

    So the youngsters are in. You would think Scott and Rico are pensionable age. They are 30 at most with a lot of years ahead. Hancock is 39, Gollob roughly the same. Are the Aussies, who have as much chance as us of winning the title as it's raced for in Poland, going to drop GP flop Leigh Adams because of his age just to blood a younger rider ? No, they pick there current strongest side. In a match race Nicholls / Rico against King, Kennett, Woofy or Bridger I know who I would fancy given a fair palying field with gates. Would any of those 4 have beaten Andreas Jonnson as Scotty did on Saturday. My view is no, cos they aren't yet good enough. Performancies in the leagues prove that. Respect to Rob Lyon for having the guts to select this controversial team (and drop his captain) but it's highly likely we will be thrashed and embarrassed at Peterborough, a track which will suit the Poles. If we win 4 heats it will be a victory. God help us in Poland if we actually make the race off. All this is written in the hope Rob Lyon is right and I'm proved wrong
  16. Mark

    Gb World Cup Team

    Nicholls has to be in the team. If he's not in your top 5 GB riders then i feel your mistaken. Kennett hates peterborough so maybe King should be in front of him but he still doesn't make the team Nicholls Bomber Rico Woofy Bridger That is my Peterborough team and we need some dirt on the track. If slick we have no chance of winning more than half a dozen races. Kennett King as reserves I'd even think of Screen if there was some dirt but he doesnt really want to ride as he says to use the kids
  17. I doubt anyone will be interested in 3rd/4th place. It might ruin the welsh open should england get to the WC final but after yesterday's meeting they may have shot themselves in the foot. It was a dust bowl.
  18. I wasn't there but from the updates it sounded a poor meet , by that no passing. Hope Shane is Ok. Birmingham won after a poor first round but didn't Pakistan do that in cricket world cup the other week. I suppose it happens in all sports. Well done to them.
  19. some good video footage there CC. I need to make a visist to Arena. Did Lanham over take someone
  20. I'm a big Nicholls fan but cannot disagree with any of the above. He is so out of form and frustrated it must be awful. Having watched the peterborough match on sky it looked like his bikes lacked any power at all. Unless he turns the corner by the World Cup it makes sense to unfortunately give him a rest. hoping he can get some form
  21. I have always wanted to make the trip to Bydgozcz but cannot this year. what is the nightlife like and are the poles friendly
  22. have we an update on his injury does he ride in copenhagen

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