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  1. You've made your point, repeatedly, but others on here are allowed to disagree.
  2. Lets agree to differ. Personally I am grateful that a minority sport is on Sky so often. It annoys me that so many people, and Im not being specific about yourself so do not take it personally please, make so many negative comments about the sport being on Sky. People moaning about it being behind the red button, no presentation, no magazine program, the commentators, repeating the GP more than once, the list seems endless. Get a blooming life, there are more important things. Why cant some be happy with the very decent 12 GP and weekly league coverage supplied. Sky do a very good job for armchair supporters of the sport. It's even more baffling to come on here and moan about it all the time, what good does that do. Maybe write to Sky and cancel your subscription instead. Easy to solve isnt it.
  3. Mark

    Swedish Play Offs 2012

    8 races and not one pass. The track shape doesn't lend itself to good racing edit - race 9 - Lindback passes 2 riders
  4. Mark

    Swedish Play Offs 2012

    4 races all won from the gate with not one pass. Gollb had no interest in heat 4. Effects of yet another bad crash perhaps.
  5. Mark

    Swedish Play Offs 2012

    http://www.coolsport.tv/stream2.php try this not much passing at Hammerby normally so perhaps not the best meeting ahead but hope that is proved to be wrong
  6. A lot will depnd on Gorican and the GP qualifier at the end of September. I still cannot beleive that Pavlic gets a wild card for 29th September having already been knocked out and it's on his dad's track. It makes you wonder what logic is applied to running the sport.
  7. I'm sure I read somewhere that it would be in Prague on 18th and 20th July. Can you confirm Philip ?
  8. Good post. I'm surprised that some members make the effort to go to Cardiff as there is so much to dislike or moan about. Maybe they would be happier with no British GP and no Sky coverage.
  9. I might be wrong but speedway is the 2nd or 3rd highest viewed sport on Sky but it remains a minority sport in the UK based on crowd numbers. Maybe we should just be greatful it's on Sky so we can all watch every GP and live league matches each week.
  10. wish I had 10p for every time kelvin said slammed the door shut or I have to say. Millionaire.
  11. http://speedwaygp.com/event/speedwaygp-2012-cardiff "event info" Saturday 25 August: Draw: 13:00-13:15 Queens Arcade shopping centre Queen Street CardiffCF10 2BY http://www.queensarcade.info/ Open to public so come down and watch! that can't be right, they must mean Friday 24th.
  12. where in the world, or where near, are Tolgatti and Daugavpils. I've not a clue
  13. Thats 10. I thought Gothenburg had been replaced by Stockholm but it must be Maliala
  14. Where are the certanties for 2013 ? Cardiff, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Terenzano, Gorican, Auckland, Prague, Gorcow. Any others to add to those 8.
  15. when does the full list of 2013 GPs get formally announced. anyone know ? thanks
  16. Has anyone any clues as to where next years 4 events will be held ? Thanks
  17. I could see Gollob retiring if he has a few bad GP's in the run in. Hancock will surely keep going as he is still on best form.
  18. Mark

    Rory Schlein Statement

    get well soon, a really good honest statement
  19. Scott Nicholls earned the right to ride at Cardiff and he beat GP Bomber to do it. Why should he give that up. It's a shame other nations do not do the same.
  20. That seems pretty unfair as he'll have riddden 100's of laps on his dads track. Why a wild card in a meeting of this nature, it does not make sense ?
  21. Rubbish as the lad rode on with injury on plenty of occasions. He had his shoulder pop out just a week ago and carried on. Ive sympathy for him missing tonight as the meeting was pointless in many ways. It was only a friendly match, to fill a void in Poole's calendar, so its no big issue he sat it out.
  22. Predictable result but hopefully a useful exercise for the younger members of the England team. I still think it was a poor idea to have this meeting at Poole given the Australian track bias. Thank god Holder wasn't riding as it could have been far worse. Good score from Nicholls. 53-39 well done Aussies.
  23. How long is the car journey from the airport to ttrack, anyone know ? thanks

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