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  1. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2019

    Well certainly a huge change of tack and I’m only pleased we have a second recognised heatleader. Tommy and Lasse are going to have learn Brough Park quickly and make it a comfortable home. Hope we pay Robbo’s petrol to get him up for a few early season sessions. Most teams have an obvious third heat-leader, we don’t and it will be interesting to see if one of the other 3 can cement themselves in that position? Max I imagine will beat most reserves and many number 2’s at home without too much trouble. Danny was beating folk in the National League so hopefully can find some form? With any luck the sponsors are setting him up with good kit and he started to score points the last time by getting out the gate. Maybe Tommy can help him with that? There is an irony that our team last year was only running at about 38 points when Matej came in so we were at this standard anyway but the league as a whole has dumbed down to survive and keep teams open.
  2. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2019

    More chance of Bjerre (Br’er) Rabbit!
  3. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2019

    Hoping the promoters have got something up their sleeves Dave as af the moment we look to have missed the boat for the second season in a row? All obvious options have gone elsewhere and if we fill the team with the usual suspects we’ll be down near the bottom again! Most other teams have 3 established heatleaders (even Sunday teams) and we currently have one who isnt a lover of the smaller tracks. Martin said previously that riders had been in touch before last season was properly ended asking for places so I hope there are new faces in the offing. The press releases up to now suggested the riders were surprised to sign for Newcastle - hope it wasnt purely because they had nowhere else to go?
  4. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2019

    As the article on the Newcastle website describes TJ as our new number one on several occasions you can take it as read we wont be signing MPT or Riss or any other higher averaged rider. It also suggests the club know who the other riders are and probably means Ludde and Kus.
  5. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2019

    Expecting some of the 2018 team to return given home form and the paltry points limit. If all teams are going with 2 two pointers I imagine Danny Phillips will be back if his leg is up to it? A bad end of season with Scunny but we’ve tried most of the two pointers and look how that went? We will be back to 2017 when reserves were weak. With P’boro moving up I wonder if young Mr Bacon could be tempted. Seems to excel at Newcastle? Kyle Newman always welcome and must be on a depressed average if he could live with the travel? My biggest wish would be Edinburgh to send Josh Pickering down on loan but we all know that isnt going to happen.
  6. I was really looking forward to this meeting and actually arrived at my Dad’s at 5:15 ready to travel to the track when he noticed the Newcastle team on the updates site. We were both so annoyed at the booking of a guest who struggled to beat 2 Newcastle juniors on his last visit that we both decided enough is enough. I dont mind if we win or lose as long as we’ve given it a good go. The club itself isnt my issue either, its the fact that British speedway is in such an appaling state that we are actually allowed to turn out that kind of side and the BSPA are content with it? I’ve supported the Diamonds through thick and thin since 75 and my Dad hasnt missed a season since we re-opened after the war but something is seriously wrong when we look and shake our heads with regret!
  7. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2018

    As we proved last year, having two big hitters guarantees nothing which is exactly what we won. Good on yer Wilko and lets see how it goes. Yes, it would have been better to be at 42 but if Lewis had finished the season we would be a lot closer. Banging up the starting averages is what makes the difference and there is room for improvement in a few spots. If anyone struggles, Wilko will be getting 7 rides a match again The other plus point will be a stable team. Not multiple guests when they are in Poland, the U21’s, the GB squad or a drummed up match in the outer Hebrides! I still remember Hull being tipped for bottom and winning the lot. Here’s hoping?
  8. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2018

    The promoters who brought in the 6 point rule may not look so smug when the Diamonds attend their track, they have to pay bumper wages and the crowd is halved. The whole league is now a farce and at this rate we’ll be struggling to complete the season.
  9. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2018

    Like most supporters, signing veteran riders isnt the real issue of concern? It will be getting close to the points limit with the final signing. if the team total is only 38 or 39 It will have a marked impact and the crowd will be down. I’d rather the promoters were honest however and say we simply cant get any riders rather than claim we’ve been chasing this particular rider for months if they had no where else to go! i don’t think this is down to budget either, simply a case of no-one will come. -eg Kennett
  10. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2017

    Eastbourne have some decent riders - could travel up with Connor after Saturday home matches
  11. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2017

    Quite happy with the team. As always you need your riders to up their average in order to win the title and the vast majority of the lads should be able to do that - even Ludde as the 'old hand'. Whilst the team is without doubt weaker than how we finished remember that previousy reserves started on a minimum of 3.00 and if both Danny and Connor were placed on these figures we would be almost on 42 - so we aren't that far off - we just used all the points at the top end.
  12. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2017

    It's going to be the top riders in the league who are going to lose out. Kennet, Cook, King etc will struggle to get a place in a 40 point team as very few promoters will want to go with 3 or four very low averaged riders to compensate. Kus and Lindgren will be nailed on as George will use his own assets. As last year our biggest problem will be the bottom end. Being a Sunday track we compete with many conference league teams and riders are reluctant to give up those places as that is their bread and butter. Lewis Rose and Ashley Morris would fit well into the new limit but will no doubt have many many offers. George will have a plan. Could be the first time the CLRC has a 7.00 average!
  13. Brough Diamond

    Newcastle 2016

    His twitter feed post says he had the op on the 2nd of June, Dave. Matterless of course as we coudn't have fitted him in.
  14. Just sod's law tonight. We almost always have two ambulances and 3 doctors, but the number of major events in the North East today stretched the cover and we were down to one. Lewis's crash seemed to be down to a soft patch on the track after the torrential rain of the last 24 hours. Dan's crash was more down to enthusiasm from a very tallented young man. Hopefully both will be back soon - get well soon Lewis and Dan. Announced tonight that Lewis is at No.2 from next weekend so at least we can cover any absence with Victor and Matty. Here's hoping that won't be necessary.
  15. Chronicle suggests Luddy and Victor missing also? Hope iit's wrong?

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