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  1. Hagon looked like he was going to hit that fence the previous two laps. 3rd time lucky for him and he most certainly hit it.
  2. Great performance last night where everyone rode to their potential on the same night which doesn’t happen very often, Josh and Justin untouchable, paco the same apart from his last place riding with a snapped chassis. Kye with only the one dropped point, Lasse nice and aggressive which was good to so see, Connor was steady and could tell young max had been out for a few weeks. Despite the score some good races chucked in there too.
  3. Wouldn’t say upset if they win as they are a stronger side than what we are. Do think it will be close.
  4. Is that Eddie Kennett in a race suit I can see.
  5. Mr Blobby

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    Not sure he understands how to ride as a team.
  6. Mr Blobby

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    Basso sending his team mate for a burger there on the 2nd bend.
  7. Mr Blobby

    Redcar V Edinburgh 14/6/24

    I’m not expecting him to do that I’d be expecting him to at least beat his counterpart once away form home and not just struggling to beat reserves like has been on several occasions.
  8. Mr Blobby

    Redcar V Edinburgh 14/6/24

    Problem being his supposed heat leader parter is god awful.
  9. Mr Blobby

    Redcar V Edinburgh 14/6/24

    Sooner we move kye Thomson on the better. He’s the main reason we don’t win meetings. 3 points from your number 3 only beating reserves. Coles away from Armadale is also a waste of time cause he’s so slow. On a positive note great to see paco scoring so well again and for dayle to score a few points. Bonus point still in play.
  10. Mr Blobby

    Oxford v Witches 13th June

    Tungate with a pathetic attempt at trying to get round there.
  11. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh v Oxford 07.06

    I know he switched engines after the Plymouth home match after he had a bit of a disaster to an older one he had and It just seems to be working well.
  12. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh v Oxford 07.06

    Masters and Nicholls both very good round the place along with heeps. James missing a bit of a blow as I feel he would’ve had the better of Scott unlike Perry.
  13. Mr Blobby

    Kings Lynn v Sheffield 6/6

    Just saying it how it is. Don’t cry.
  14. Mr Blobby

    Kings Lynn v Sheffield 6/6

    That Simon lambert interview was painful. Who give the lass a job she’s didn’t have a clue.
  15. Mr Blobby

    Kings Lynn v Sheffield 6/6

    Good job from Howarth there for the stars. Human road block for holder for three quarters of the race.

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