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  1. Aussie U-21 Championships

    Jaimon Lidsey the new U21 Aussie Champion at Mildura today. . . www.speedwaychampions.com
  2. A comprehensive section on speedway in Rhodesia, - Northern, Southern and UDI -, has been added to the Speedway-SA website. http://www.speedway-sa.com/rhodesia.php . It includes full Fixture Lists for the 2 periods of racing, in the 1950s and in the '70s, at the 3 tracks where league racing and individual competitions were staged, involving touring parties from the British League. Match results, League and rider points tables are included, as well as detail of Internationals and Golden Helmet MRCs, plus team, portrait, and action shots. . www.speedwaychampions.com www.speedway-sa.com
  3. New Zealand 2017-18

    2018 New Zealand Speedway Championships today, Jan. 6th : SOLOS 1 - Bradley Wilson-Dean , 2 - Andrew Aldridge 3 - Ryan Terry-Daley at Moore Park, Christchurch. SIDECARS 1NZ – Russell Stuart / Andrew Parker 2NZ – Wayne Lett / Chris “Chatty” Chatfield 3NZ – John “Handbag” Hannon / Bryce Rose at Meeanee Speedway, Napier. www.speedwaychampions.com
  4. Australian State Titles 2017

    jack Holder takes the Victoria title at Albury-Wodonga.
  5. Best Ever Norwegian Rider?

    We covered this just 5 mths ago Steve, (incl'g your own contibutions,) but to repeat my view put forward then, QUOTE. Leif 'Basse' Hveem's record of successes make's Harrfeldt and Eide look like also-rans. On the international scene he was unsurpassed by any other fellow countryman, with Norwegian, Nordic, European and World Championship titles on the speedway and Long Track. . His record reads; SPEEDWAY - Norwegian champ 8x ; (Harfeldt 4x, Eide 5x) - European champ 1x ; ( SH & RE - nil ) - Nordic Champ 8x [3 forerunners + 5 Off'l ] ; (SH & RE nil ) LONG TRACK - Norwegian champ 8x ; (SH 3x, RE nil ) - Nordic champ 8+, [3 inter. years winner unknown] (SH & RE nil ) - World Champ 3x [as Euro forerunner] (SH & RE nil ) Whether you saw him ride or not, these figures make the question of the No.1 Norwegian a 'no contest.' END QUOTE
  6. . Overall points scores after the 5 tour meetings, - 2 Test Matches (unofficial, won by NZ,) and 3 Individual 'Shoot-outs'. Fuller details at Speedway Champions
  7. Nl Bronze Helmet

    . Not raced for since 2015, as you rightly say. That season concluded with Dan Hasley of Mildenhall defeating Buxton's Ryan Blacklock. You can see all the Holders, from inception, HERE. as well as Gold and Silver Helmet winners. .
  8. 2017 Profit & Loss

    Back in the '60s Trevor Redmond reckoned that if he could break even through the season then his promoters share of the Wembley Final payout was what made the year profitable. Of course that's all long gone.
  9. . You can find the full scores of the qualifying heats and result of the 5-man Dunedin Final on the Sidecar Speedway page of the Champions website HERE . Winners were Trent Headland & Daz Whetstone
  10. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    ' I too saw Bjorn K, win his championship at Wembley in 1965. In that same year that he took the Speedway World Chmpshp Knutsson also won the Long Track World Chmpshp forerunner, (known then as the European 1000m Chmpshp.) So no problem with bigger tracks, I'd suggest. Only Mauger and Gundersen ever did that double in the same season, in 1972 and '84 resp'ly.
  11. . Who'll be the British boys this season ? - and is there any change by the ACU as to nominating for the WMs ?
  12. Tactical Substitutes Question?

    . It depended on what decade you're going back to. It changed often over time. So no point in believing that what you recall it to have been in 19XX will be what it'll be in 2018. BSPA need to give us their new ruling.
  13. Agm

    . Read a book for a while !
  14. Agm

    . i) Not so ! ! ii) Its 3-day mtg,- nobody expects everything sorted in half the time.
  15. . Individuals 'Shoot Out' @ Oreti pk, Invercargill today, - Final won by Shane Hudson & Cameron Bell, 2nd Erwin Tree & Brett Pubben. ( Headland ex'd, Golding e/f; Buchanan n/f, - infield.) Next stop, Dunedin, 22nd. .