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  1. Results from Redcar: Spaniard Gerard Bailo on a Kawasaki took Rd. 3 of the 2018 DTRA British Championship, the first Spaniard to top the DTRA rostrum. 2nd was Rob Mears, 3rd Toby Hales. Mike Hill won the Thunderbikes Final . Rd. 4 is a TT round, (right-hand bend plus jumps,) at Greenfields, Lincs. on July 7. & 8th. Full Flat Track data HERE www.speedwaychampions.com www.speedway-sa.com
  2. Just double-checked with the FIM website, - its not the 'World Championship Pairs'. ., its called the 'Speedway of Nations' competition. But one man can't be a nation, and neither can 2 men. If you're trying to identify the top nation, then just like the football world cup, it has to be a team, .. of the usual size that predominates in that sport: in football its 11, in speedway its 7, - (okay, I'll consider 6 or 8 . ) Football wouldn't have a World Cup that put up Ronaldo v. Kane v. Bales v. X v.Y, etc. in a shoot-out. Lets get back to proper internationals - we already have a Championship that determines the best rider, ( and we used to have a Pairs competition.)
  3. If you can have a league where the team that tops the league table after 6 months isn't the league champions, then why expect the top points scoring pair not to have do something similar after completing the schedule ? I'm not defending the format, just pointing out the analogues.
  4. A new page, “Flat Track Champions” has been added to the Speedway Champions website, Detailing all British Short Track and Flat Track championship winners and place-getters since inception in 2005, it completes the race disciplines covered under the 'Track Racing' department of FIM and ACU. Also included are ; - other European national champions, - e.g. Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, etc; - USA AMA dirt track Grand Nationals, and Canadian CMA winners from 1946; - FIM World Cup and European Championship results; - 'Flat Track of Nations' (= unofficial WTC); - Winter Open Invitationals, - in UK and the big Spanish 'Superprestigio', and background definitions/classifications on formats and machinery. . www.speedwaychampions.com www.speedway-sa.com . .
  5. Results to date after two rounds of the DTRA British Flat Track Championship sponsored by Indian Motorcycles: Rd.1 @ Kings Lynn, April 7th : - 1st Toby Hales, 2nd Gerard Bailo (SP), 3rd George Pickering. . Rd.2 @ Peterborough, May 19th : - 1st Aidan Collins, 2nd Toby Hales, 3rd Johnny Lewis (USA). Rd.3 is at Redcar, June 9th.
  6. The Silver Helmet and the Bronze Helmet are U21 and U19 events respectively. You can see all Polish Gold, Silver and Bronze Helmet winners since inception in the '60s HERE . . www.speedwaychampions.com
  7. Speedway concession price for the evening £13, . . .MCN Festival concession price if you booked by Thursday £11. So remember for next year,. . . buy a Festival ticket and make the day of it, and stay in the ground for the evening, (there's music, bands, beer tents, kiddies rides, etc. ongoing.) Enjoyed my first time at the Fest, a great family party day out, glorious weather, and several speedway connections and people to chat with, - and it got every biker away from those other 2 events happening yesterday, (unless you availed yourself of the TV link-ups in one of the bars.)
  8. Its own page . . . . ! http://www.mcnfestival.com/speedway
  9. Tonights mtg at P'boro is part of the MCN-BMF 'Festival of Motorcycling', a 2-day event over the weekend. http://www.mcnfestival.com/ . .Includes the DTRA British Flat track Championship. TEST RIDE the very latest 2018 machines Meet star guest FREDDIE SPENCER Hear some of the world's most exotic MOTOGP MACHINES FIRE-UP! Experience full-on FLAT TRACK RACING ACTION - witness the thrills & spills Bag some BARGAIN KIT Browse the massive CLUB ZONE PARTY HARD - there's live music and a late bar
  10. The first round of the British Sidecar Speedway Championship starts this Saturday, May 5th at Leicester speedway. A full 16-rider, 20-heat plus winner-take-all Final event, the championship of the 1000cc monster no-brake combinations is supported with 500cc machines in the 28 race programme. Admission is £10, U16 Free. There is a practice on the evening of the 4th (Friday) between 6:30 and 9:30pm. . Through the course of the year 4 rounds of the championship, which climaxes at Belle Vue in October, will be supported by a number of open meetings. Rd.1 Leicester May 5th Rd.2 Somerset June 1st Rd.3 Kings Lynn July 14th Rd.4 Belle Vue Oct. 13th https://www.sidecarspeedway.co.uk/ Past results, British, World and more, [url=http://www.speedwaychampions.com/sidecar-champions.php] HERE [/url]
  11. Tamworth, April 14th: Darrin Treloar & Jesse Headland dominated the Australian Sidecar Speedway Championship meeting from their first lap, giving Darrin his 10th Australian Championship and Jesse his first. The racers that lined up next to Darrin & Jesse in the A Final, were Andrew Buchanan & Denny Cox who finished 2nd, Trent Headland & Daz Whetstone 3rd, with Mark Plaisted & Ben Pitt taking that final spot on the podium in 4th.
  12. Thanks Ian for keeping up updated thru the season. Much appreciated. . . http://www.speedwaychampions.com/
  13. britmet

    Hamburg Lokstedt Dirt Track

    Sorry old boy, didn't know it was a soap saga.
  14. britmet

    Hamburg Lokstedt Dirt Track

    . The Golden Helmet event initiated in the meeting of Wed.19th continued weekly and Niss, the winner at that first meeting, ( 2 heats and a Final) took the overall season GH prize with 42 pts. The GH continued in the second season of 1930, to be won by Herbert Drews with 68pts, but in 1931 the event was abandoned after just one mtg, which Drews won. . Full details of the weekly GH event winners, 1929- 31 are given in the 'Golden Helmets, A - Z' section of Speedway Champions site, HERE with further narrative as follows: . . . . The first purpose-built dirt track in Germany was constructed in the Hamburg district of Lokstedt in 1929 by a UK/Danish consortium, United Speedway Ltd., who operated it alongside its Roskildeveg, Copenhagen site, built the previous year. Each stadium included a greyhound circuit in addition to the 1/3 mile speedway track, and star riders and their bikes, including British stars such as Bill Kitchen, were often flown between the two venues. From the opening Hamburg meeting in July '29 both venues ran a 'Golden Helmet' competition, - see the Roskildeveg GH results, 1929- '31, in the adjacent Danish GH table - , where weekly stagings were restricted to native riders who accumulated points towards an end-of-season total and the award of a Golden Helmet. The first winner was Fritz Niss, who won 4 of the weekly finals and totalled 42 points, (presumably from a scoring basis of 5-3-2-1 that was known to have been the Copenhagen system,) though he was being drawn down on by Herbert Drews toward the end of the year. Drews went on to become the 1930 overall winner with 5 weekly successes and 68 pts. The 1931 competition was abandoned after the initial event, though racing at Lokstedt continued up to 1933. . http://www.speedwaychampions.com/
  15. The full 2017/18 speedway season's NZ championship results are . . . . . Solo Championships NZ National - 6 January 2018 - Moore Park: 1st Bradley Wilson-Dean, 2nd Andrew Aldridge, 3rd Ryan Terry-Daley. NZ Grand Prix - 17 February 2018 - Oreti Park: 1st Bradely Wilson-Dean, 2nd Andrew Aldridge, 3rd Ryan Terry-Daley. North Island - 21 January 2018 – Rosebank: 1st Bradley Wilson-Dean, 2nd Ryan Terry-Daley, 3rd Dylan Hancock. South Island - 27 January 2018 - Oreti Park: 1st Andrew Aldridge, 2nd Daniel Shuttleworth, 3rd Adam Shuttleworth. NZ Under 21's - 21 January 2018 – Rosebank: 1st Jake Turner, 2nd Jake Gillespie, 3rd George Congreve. Sidecar Championships NZ National - 5/6 January 2018 – Meeanee: 1st Russell Stuart & Andrew Parker, 2nd Wayne Lett & Chris Chatfield, 3rd John Hannan & Bryce Rose. NZ Grand Prix - 13 January 2018 – Gisborne: 1st Peter Adams & Jason Hira, 2nd Aaron Rose & Bailee Ross, 3rd Justin Lincoln & Adrian Orchard. North Island - 17 March 2018 – Whanganui: 1st Russell Stuart and Andrew Parker, 2nd Mark Whye and Jacob Cooper, 3rd Dylan Moohan and Tyler Berger. South Island -24 March 2018 - Oreti Park: 1st - Aiden Thwaites & Shane Twiss, 2nd - Paul Humphrey & Ricky Pubben, 3rd - James Douglas & Harley Biddle. http://www.speedwaychampions.com/

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