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  1. britmet

    Strange world of speedway!

    Correct, a 6-match tour of Poland against club teams in 1994, which the Poles recipricated in '95/96 and again in '96/97. S.African riders also did a 3-match tour of Hungary in 1992. All known details of both at http://www.speedway-sa.com/test-matches-2.php
  2. britmet

    Speedway ends in South Africa

    A puzzle indeed. I put my post originally on the International section, as it is a statement, not of yesterday, but of today, . .about the current situation in SA, as of Jan. 2019 ! . http://www.speedway-sa.com/
  3. The last club to stage dirt-track motorcycle speedway in South Africa has given up its lease on the Walkerville Showground oval, bringing to an end 90 years of speedway in S.Africa. Operating as a true riders' club, - besides an annual subscription, members paid an entrance fee to participate in meetings - , retirements and work relocations meant that in recent years, as numbers diminished, it had been Flat Track and Quad bikes that have kept monthly meeting going, albeit spasmodically. Yet still the club struggled, with the only the odd speedway demonstration heat in the Sunday afternoon race programme. Even so, these alternatives have not been enough. The Speedway-SA website, originally built for the WSRC (Walkerville Speedway Riders Club,) for result reporting and communication, has been re-built to serve as an historical archive for the 90 year history of speedway in the country, plus an additional supplement added to capture and record speedway elsewhere in the African continent during that time, from Egypt to Lesotho, via Kenya, Mozambique, and the Rhodesias, (today's Zambia and Zimbabwe.) http://www.speedway-sa.com/ www.speedway-sa.com
  4. britmet

    10 favorite Abyssinian riders

    . . .and here he is, complete with autograph. Gene Tella. http://www.speedwaychampions.com/
  5. britmet

    Kid Bodie?

    Although he's wearing a Brummie race jacket, the track is Cradley Heath, and the year is 1947, as there was no floodlighting in Dudley Wood's first season. www.speedwaychampions.com
  6. britmet

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    Thats right, - you just saw the heads bobbing up and down on the top bend, over the rough surface. Note that Parker and his team mate have their helmet and colours on, ready for Ht.1. That was the way back then, no returning to the pits, and another 15 mins. delay before the racing started !
  7. britmet

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    Concrete starting grid at Stoke 1953, with Belle Vue, led by Jack Parker, as visitors It looks to be about 4 bikes length, going well beyond the stationery bike position, so that transition isn't abrupt. (Peter craven is 3rd from left, on back row.)
  8. britmet

    The oldest active rider

    Here he is, on Youtube/BBC video, Olle Ahnstrom, who was 96 when this was recorded in 2016. (Is he still with us ?) . . . . http://www.speedwaychampions.com/ice-champions.php
  9. A sidecar speedway league, the 'British Sidecar Lge', was formed in 1968 comprising the 5 Mike Parker tracks of Wolves, Newport, Newcastle, Nelson and Crayford. Teams comprised 5-man squads and the league ran between June and August as a 2nd-Half event , - many of the September fixtures apparently went uncompleted. I'm still looking for the following match dates and/or results, if anyone with 1968 programmes can oblige: - Result of the Wolves v. Newport match of July 19th (followed the Wolves v. Glasgow solo match.) - Fixture dates & results of any/all 4 Newport home matches, (excl'g the S.Wales v. Midlands challenge match of May 3rd, - result to hand.) - Fixture date & result of Nelson v. Newcastle match. n.b: It's possible the latter were not staged: a programme search that can confirm this would be equally valid. http://www.speedwaychampions.com/sidecar-champions.php
  10. With respect to recent Flat Track posting under several topic titles, on US,(AFT), UK,(DTRA) and European.('World Cup') scene, this page, http://www.speedwaychampions.com/flat-track.php , puts into context the USA Flat Track v/v the British, European and other National F/T, S/T (Short Track), D/T (Dirt Track) and Hooligan scenes, including definitions and annual winners. http://www.speedwaychampions.com/flat-track.php
  11. britmet

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Yes, Henry long is still around, - heard from him only last month via the family in the Cape, where he now lives. I wont say 'going strong', but at 91 he's holding up well and never complains says his daughter.
  12. britmet

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    You can also look at ice racing on this page, - http://www.speedwaychampions.com/ice-champions.php
  13. Leicester have stepped in to stage the Final round of the ACU British Sidecar Speedway Championship on Oct. 27th after the effects of Storm Callum caused the cancellation of the Belle Vue meeting this w/end, Oct. 13th. This will be the third time that the East Midlands speedway has staged Sidecar racing this season after the initial round of the Championship in May and the successful Team Challenge of last month. . Defending champs Mark Cossar & Carl Blyth lead Paul Whitelam & Alan Elliot by the slenderest of margins, so its going to be 18 heats of close and exciting racing to finish the ACU competition on Saturday October 27th at Beaumont Leys and crown the 2018 British Champion. Admission is £10, - U16s free: Start time is 7:30pm. . http://www.speedwaychampions.com/sidecar-champions.php . .
  14. At the 6th and Final round of the British DTRA Flat Track Championship at Greenfield on Saturday spaniard Gerard Bailo won the Pro Class from Gary Birtwistle and George Pickering. The Thunderbike Class was taken by Westley Agius. . With riders dropping their worse score over the Series, Toby Hales was already in an unassailable position in the PRO's scorechart and took his first Championship win after last season Bronze spot. Bailo was overall second; Birtwistle took the #3 plate. Mike Hill again took the season's Thunderbike #1 plate.
  15. britmet

    St Austell

    No one's clarified which track they're speaking of, . . . ? The Cornish Stadium finished in the 'sixties, - had an address as Par Moor, while the second circuit, opened in 1997, as the Claycountry Moto Park, was at Longstone Pit, Nr. Panpean. When holidaying down there about 8 - 10 years ago I noted a car-park cum Sunday market site, (Cornish Market World, - ?) east of the town centre, and a 'Speedway Rd.' or some such, which I took to be the original Cornish Stadium location. . The Eden Project is in just one of many china clay pits

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