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  1. britmet

    FIM OCEANIA Solo Championship

    I'm going to record this shortly under 'Australasian Championships' (suitably qualified,) on the Speedway Champions website, - seems the most appropriate place. http://www.speedwaychampions.com/--australasia.php
  2. britmet

    FIM OCEANIA Solo Championship

    The FIM regional authorities having been given a degree of autonomy, this authority is no doubt trying to demonstrate its status (in the speedway sphere, - no idea how they stand in other m/c sports out there - ?) After a number of successful Sidecar Speedway Oceania Championship years seems they want to expand. FIME through SEC have a European Championship, this will be FIMO's equivalent.
  3. Doug, Jack, Harry, Alan(Allen) & Bob Serrurier. (click image for full view of the 5). www.speedway-sa.com
  4. britmet

    Who remembers Ernie Hancock?

    Ernie Hancock also started and ran something called the International Speedway Supporters Club, ( - ?, wording tbc) circa 1963-4. It possibly ran trips abroad. Known of to badge collectors because it had its own badge, - white race-jacket shape, with a Union Jack within - , so any collector had to join and get one. They also issued year bars for the badge. Mine's long since gone, but someone may still have one to show.
  5. britmet

    British world champions ratings list

    Take a look at the photograph plus all the GH and SH winners over time.
  6. britmet

    British world champions ratings list

    Appointed by the local club, WSRC, as their webmaster for 10 years, and via that and European connection, into the Sp.Star.
  7. britmet

    British world champions ratings list

    Freddie Williams had great successes in South Africa and Rhodesia in the '50s, - a time when all the World-class riders, Briggs, Moore, Craven, Crutcher, Nygren, Fundin, etc , spent the winter there - , including Golden Helmet MRC wins in both countries. He was undefeated SA GH champ in '53/'54, and had a 10.56 league average over his 2 league season there. Details HERE
  8. The 2019 British Sidecar Speedway Championship was won again by Mark Cossar, - his 5th national title. Partnered this season by Gareth Williams, Cossar won the 3rd and Final round of the official ACU competition at Somerset, (the Leicester-cum-Kings Lynn round was cancelled,) with an unbeaten score, for a total of 43 pts overall, (11,16,16.) 2nd place went to Mick Cave & Bradley Steer, (11,14,13 =38pts); 3rd was Paul Whitelam & Alan Elliott after a run-off with Will Penfold & Ricky Pay, each having totalled 35 points. http://www.speedwaychampions.com/sidecar-champions.php
  9. britmet

    Most Unpopular Rider

    Ivor Brown was a mild-mannered quietly spoken man, pleasant to meet and speak with. It's only envy by rival supporters, whipped up by press and ghost writers of a certain biography, that gave rise to Ivor's title. Most top successful riders have gone thru that phase, - e.g. Fundin, and even Mauger himself, who was one of the least accommodating of fans. That said, Brown was never successful as an individual, - i.e. in individual mtgs. It was his consistent team performances and scoring, which put him at the top of Prov'l Lge averages until Mauger rose to the fore, that made his name and reputation.
  10. britmet

    Track Grading

    There used to be 4 rakers on each bend, 4 at the starting line (beside the Starting Marshall,) 2 pushers-off for each helmet colour (after having collected bikes from the pits to the pit gate and on to the track,) : that's 20 guys that had to be paid ! So we know why they went, . . . .but as with volunteers on other functions today, I doubt there'd no shortage of supporters offering to get closer to the action.
  11. New venue and date for Rd.3, . . .and the Final in Sept. http://www.speedwaychampions.com/sidecar-champions.php
  12. britmet

    speedway bikes in ledbury auction

    What a collection ! . . .and such a range of stuff. Enough parts alone to build a dozen or more bikes. Then there's the race jackets, the photos, posters, and books. And the unique bike collection, - old ('20s), '50s, and newer, (of the last few decades.) There's a full day's reading/viewing and more, just to get thru the auction item lists, if you've the spare day or 2. Worth it !
  13. britmet

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Henry Long passed away today, July 8th 2019, just a couple of weeks short of his 92nd birthday. An obit is posted separately.
  14. britmet

    Henry Long, R.I.P.

    South Africa's greatest ever speedway rider, Henry Long, passed away today in Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa, aged 91. In domestic and international competitions, he was the Union's top all-time points scorer, and appeared amongst the world's elite in the World Championship Final at Wembley Stadium, London of 1952, the first of only 2 African riders ever to qualify for a World Final. Born in Alberton near Johannesburg in 1927, he started racing after the war at the nearby Old Barn track with Buddy Fuller and Fred Wills. When speedway racing started at the Wembley Stadium, Jo'burg in 1947 Henry's performances rapidly improved, and in the first international Test Series staged the following season against England he top-scored across both teams, and then travelled to the UK and Belle Vue for a 4-year stint in Manchester, culminating in his World Final appearance. At home, he took 5 Wembley (Jo'burg) Open Championships and a similar number of SA National championships, limited only by his absences riding in the UK. Henry Long retired in 1964 to concentrate on the family garage business set up by his father, where he was joined in partnership by fellow rider Roy Bester, before starting up a new fork-lift sale and hire business. In August 2014 Henry suffered a stroke at home in Johannesburg, so relocated to Franschhoek, near Cape Town to be close to his daughter Sue. He passed away peacefully in the early hours of today, 8th July. (Elder son Graham Long, who rode speedway in the 'seventies, passed away in 2017.) HENRY LONG, 26.7.1927 - 8.7.2019 R.I.P. CCJ A fuller tribute will be posted on www.speedway-sa.com
  15. britmet

    Rider replacement

    Totally agree with everything that is said above. The 'sport' is continuing in its downward spiral !

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