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  1. Triple.H.

    Attendance Figures

    There are lots of ticketing apps available, that generally charge 10% of ticket price as the booking fee, you get a bar/QR code sent to your phone. The organiser can scan the codes using there phone. Maybe the BSPL should have looked into getting their own App for all tracks tickets, then any profits generated by ticket sales will go to the BSPL. Or they could have linked up with one of the Ticketing apps and offered them lots of promotion of their Brand over the season.
  2. Isolating ? I can't see it being Visa or Work Permit issues as surely with our Country's strict and scrupulous immigration policy, especially since the advent of Covid-19 they wouldn't be in the country
  3. Triple.H.


    Have you ever considered yourself to be a it of a jinx ?
  4. Triple.H.

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    More tickets available just announced on the Speedway chatshow see Plymouth website and social media for details
  5. This is probably where the local councils take over, no doubt having had prior notice of the restrictions, in an all seater football stadium people can be allocated seating either individually or upto their bubble, at speedway less seating and people tend to flock together, plus a lot of tracks dont have viewing around the whole perimiter
  6. Best get them Pirates teamsuits knocked up
  7. There was a Naval exercise of the south east coast of Scotland yesterday, they did put out information that WiFi/Broadband signals may be affected, Possibly that was the cause of buffering etc
  8. The powers that be would have to do away with averages and go back to Grad[er]ing
  9. Triple.H.

    Model Railway

  10. Couldn't they borrow/lease one from Swindon or Somerset as they're not running this season, well hopefully only this season, until they can source and buy one themselves Afterall a guest water bowser would fit into speedway quite well
  11. Is he the MP for Swindon who is right behind the redevelopment of the stadium before the houses surrounding it are built
  12. Triple.H.

    Ipswich 2020

    A prime example of the Comedy Gold the Government keep on giving Everyone should wear a mask except those who don't want too, and they wonder why its lockdown after lockdown. I don't like wearing masks as they do affect my breathing due to asthma and old age, but it should be everybody wears a mask in any enclosed public area, only exemptions are by a Dr and put onto you NHS track and trace app, if you don't have a smartphone you get a photo ID card saying your exempt which can be checked by shop staff etc No Mask or medical exemption from a Dr then you're not coming in
  13. Triple.H.

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Baked Hedgehog
  14. Triple.H.

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Yes I'ts snooker so most of the audience would have been asleep, therefore not breathing so heavily

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