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  1. Triple.H.

    berwick bandits 2021

    No doubt they'll all pay in foreign money too, so the counterfeit note machine may have an EF
  2. Triple.H.

    Club Merchandise

    Are the onesies in the racesuit design ? I've long said and been laughed at by mates for suggesting team racesuit onesies, but i reckon they'd be popular with children. Though probably a case of having fans to pre-order to get sufficient numbers
  3. They used to have a good relationship but seem to have fallen out
  4. The almost consistent precipitation North of the Watford Gap makes his hair more ginger was what I heard, whereas the glorious sunshine South of the Gap only brings the freckles out
  5. Triple.H.

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    It's been as late as 48 seconds in the past
  6. My mate had a bike that ran on Calor Gas First time he rode it he did a wheely for 4 laps because of the weight of the bottle on the rear mudguard.
  7. Triple.H.

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Or just download a VPN
  8. Triple.H.

    Cradley Heath

    I think its a 3TT over 3 legs, Isle of Wight, those pesky Heathens and the hopefully all conquering OXFORD CHEETAHS, I'd just like to confirm that i am in no way biased in who i want to emerge victorious.
  9. Triple.H.

    Tigers v Panthers 22/07

    I doubt if he could entertain himself, and he's the second biggest self entertainer in speedway after Keir Starmer Fan
  10. Triple.H.

    Birmingham v Redcar ko Cup,

    Thanks, a mate and myself are popping up for next week's meeting and just needed some clarification.
  11. Triple.H.

    Birmingham v Redcar ko Cup,

    On the site if you buy advance tickets it asks you to choose an area to stand, do you have to remain in that particular area or is that just a link to pre 19th july restrictions ?
  12. Triple.H.

    Birmingham v Redcar ko Cup,

    Looks like it's down
  13. Triple.H.

    'They Retired Too Soon'

    Didn't he suffer a very badly broken arm which he struggled to recover from ? Certainly a very exciting and entertaining rider, Hackney seemed to be churning them out at that point

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