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  1. Yeh what was Jordan Stewart thinking...he should have strapped that spinal stretcher board he was laid on onto his bike and just got on with racing...tish fickle or what?...
  2. Bear_Bottom

    Redcar Vs Leicester 10/09

    That's Sat Navs for you . It's been pissistently raining down in Stockton.
  3. Bear_Bottom

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

  4. I'd report it to whoever was responsible for the surface and ask them to fix it.
  5. Bears and Brummies battle ahead of play-off push!
  6. Bear_Bottom

    03/09/21 1930 Redcar v Kent (Champ)

    I sat bawling my eyes out - Ryan
  7. I sat bawling my eyes out - Ryan
  8. Bear_Bottom

    03/09/21 1930 Redcar v Kent (Champ)

    From Ben Duffill on Facebook: STOLEN - PLEASE SHARE Early this morning, professional speedway rider Ryan Kinsley had his van stolen from the Sporting Lodge hotel in Stainton, Middlesbrough. The van contained 3 speedway bikes, protective equipment and various tools. Ryan races for the Redcar Bears Speedway team and these bikes and tools are his profession. Without them, he cannot continue with his career. Ryan’s van was found dumped in Hutton Rudby this morning. All of his equipment and tools were missing. Speedway bikes are bespoke machines that: Cannot be raced ANYWHERE but a speedway track. They have no brakes and only turn left. CANNOT be sold as they are easily identified on the speedway circuits and are not useful to anyone but a speedway rider. Attached are pictures of Ryan’s bikes. Please share this post far and wide, to help with the safe return of these bikes and his racing gear. The lad is devastated, as this will be the end of his racing career if the bikes are not returned. Please help to have these bikes returned safely.
  9. Bear_Bottom

    Why speedway is failing

    Same place I found these... End of Speedway? Sad End
  10. Bear_Bottom

    Why speedway is failing

    Hard times in '53
  11. Bear_Bottom

    Why speedway is failing

    Listen to the fans
  12. Bear_Bottom

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    At least he'll still have one income.
  13. Bear_Bottom

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Speedway Plan

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