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  1. seemingly everything takes preference to speedway in this country
  2. Might as well not have fixed race nights then lets all go back to our normsl race nights and have done with it !!!!
  3. cant understand why we don't use him at poole genuine rider scores points at most tracks .that's of course if he is still a poole asset
  4. both sides are stronger now Peterborough with changes and poole with riders who have improved could be a close call either way .hoping a big score from jack
  5. difference at poole we can carry a weak link at the moment but you cant at kings lynn im afraid
  6. don't agree to easy to chop and change the team doing ok. jack started scoring heat leader scores . there is somebody in every team that will have a low score onward and upward
  7. james has certainly gone backwards this season and with nigel saying that josh bates looking to join the premiership this week could be going to Swindon if averages fit ? .as for Ritchie Hawkins don't look that clever as a team manager I must admit
  8. im sure somebody phoned Richie to tell him your dumped or text easier don't you think
  9. hope your wrong as well . Robert lambert form in the uk is not that great as well
  10. Higher riders in the team are not either so lets get rid of richie
  11. why should he not be in the team he is doing his job as a second string rider ?
  12. You already know that changes are probably on the way .but where will rider or rider's come from ?
  13. Seems like it reading between the lines
  14. ray c

    Craig Cook: what next?

    Like to see craig at poole but unfortunately cant see that happening a few years he wanted to come i believe that never happened

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