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  1. it will be expensive for people that still attend live meetings .but good for people that as not got track to go to now definitely a forward move our sport
  2. ray c

    Poole 2022

    he may not even fit into our team next season because of averages .or he may get a better offer elsewhere
  3. ray c

    Poole 2022

    yes but it dont often happen at poole
  4. ray c

    Poole 2022

    i would swap lawson for hans even though lawson a better rider
  5. ray c

    Poole 2022

    Must be the weekend children of school again I see
  6. ray c

    Poole 2022

    no reason why it wont be evening
  7. I surprised manzaries hasn't got a team place somewhere ?
  8. ray c

    Poole 2022

    less be honest poole probably got the best three heat leaders in the league combined together well on paper anyway .i dont believe they come cheap .and i know what people will say we dont pay over the odds
  9. ray c

    Poole 2022

    rory always came across as a smashing guy when interviewed not sure about richard lawson cant warm to him
  10. ray c

    Poole 2022

    exactly they just cant help but respond
  11. ray c

    Poole 2022

    they dont know how to .if this carrys on through the season it wont be worth coming on here to talk about speedway .
  12. ray c

    Poole 2022

    like poole keith said why do our supporters take the bait all the time all you doing is feeding them ignore
  13. anyway predictions are just for fun so i will go for top four not in any order oxford poole glasgow plymouth
  14. ray c

    Poole 2022

    yes and also he may end up having more rides .he needs to at this stage in his career
  15. ray c

    Poole 2022

    yes quite agree like you said on a early post drew kemp should have been our second reserve .still we shall see

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