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  1. simon kennett was the referee very poor decisions by him
  2. poor meeting last night poor crowd .and a good job berwick were only a three man team otherwise we would have lost just my opinion .i would think glasgow will come full of confidence in two weeks time .it will be good to see how good danyon will ride
  3. Looking a poor crowd at the moment
  4. ray c

    Edinburgh 2022

    Don't trust BCP council to keep speedway going at the stadium even if stadia UK departed
  5. ray c

    Edinburgh 2022

    hope our speedway promotors are urgently looking for a new home after next season if all the rumours are correct .
  6. ray c


    i think abi is good as charlie in fact better not as good as natalie though dont forget sophie .the girl that does bsn is good
  7. ray c

    Programme content

    Don't by a programme these days just print one on speedway generator
  8. Disappointed the riders never came round after heat 15 they deserved the applaud of the supporters last night.dont understand why that don't happen any more at Poole .we all don't want to go to press conference after the meeting
  9. To be fair Palm toff did try to stay on his bike.the he clipped the air fence i also believe Richard is not a dirty rider
  10. if you read the posts properly you know why steve was not there
  11. bowtell could have easily gone down and lawson would have been excluded
  12. all ifs and butts if palm was not injured who knows what the score would have been
  13. not there last night watching elton john somewhere
  14. just think it could have been a 60 30 if barker was riding
  15. I can tell you there no excuses you would have got all four points if Palm toff had not had to withdraw from the meeting

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