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  1. Derwent

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    In the case of Workington the numbers include Laura's other business interests such as her property management and construction businesses, it is not purely the speedway business.
  2. Wells gated but Klindt and Proctor had the second and third places they needed, and they rode every inch of the track to hold on to them for an incredible three points which kept hopes of a dream treble alive in what could be the club’s final and best ever season.
  3. Derwent

    Workington 2018 .

    I spoke to a local councillor about this. The reason no speedway has been included in the plans is that the Comets can’t commit to a long term lease. Town and Reds have agreed to sign a 50 year lease each. They are therefore not going to add significant extra cost to the stadium project by incorporating something that may not get used in future.
  4. Derwent

    Derwent Park

    The problem the Comets have is that they have nothing to contribute financially to the new stadium project. Town will surrender their lease and the council will sell the land as freehold. Same for the Reds who will surrender their lease on Borough Park to allow that land to be used for access and parking for the stadium.
  5. Derwent

    Derwent Park

    They are not wasting public funds. The new stadium is to be funded by the sale of the land that DP stands on and also by an outside developer as part of the deal to build on that land. There is a common misconception that the council own DP, they don’t. The stadium itself is owned 100% by Town, the council own the land it is built on and Town have a long lease on that land. If the project goes ahead then the new stadium will be operational by 2021 in order to stage 2 games during the Rugby League World Cup.
  6. Derwent

    Where is SCB

    He will be out in January if he has behaved. Sentence is automatically halved to 1 year 4 months then he will be eligible to be released on electronic tagging for the last 5 months subject to probation reports, so he will do 9 months inside altogether.
  7. Derwent

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Franc £100 less Hampel £100 more
  8. Derwent

    Bradford To Return ?

    According to the RFL’s annual report Bradford Bulls pay £84k a year to use the stadium, which also includes permanent use of the office and hospitality space. They have about 20 Home games a year so therefore the rent equates to ~£4K per game, less if you factor in an amount for the office buildings.
  9. Derwent

    Bradford To Return ?

    The lease on Odsal is now owned by the Rugby Football League, they bought the lease off the Bulls a few years back as they had ambitions of developing Odsal into the national RL stadium. The Bulls play there under a sub-lease from the RFL now. Any negotiations for use of the stadium would be with the RFL, not Bradford Bulls.
  10. It’s being repeated today at 12.30 on BT Sport 2
  11. That’d be Caffreys Bar. There’s also an English pub (George and Dragon) next door. The Dubliner round the corner is better though.
  12. Bloody typical, I've backed Zagar e/w in every GP this season. Except last night.
  13. Derwent

    Men V Boys

    Geoff "Leggy" Powell, now there was someone who would travel anywhere anytime for a ride whatever the conditions. Have bike will travel was Geoff's motto.
  14. Derwent

    Speedway World Cup 2017

    Delighted for the Ruskies especially after Batchelor's cheating behaviour. Even more delighted as I backed them at 10/1 to win tonight !

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