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  1. geoff100

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    When " comets" had to run double headers the nice landlords charged her for 2 meetings , stick it up to £30 rob true fans will pay it.
  2. All in all a good night 2 sets of fans enjoying the racing and a good crac on here next day thats what its all about
  3. Wells went under anderson on turn 3 , yes he moved out but he was in front anderson kept it on and ran out of room as wells was now up on the fence.which to be fair most riders were doing on turns 3-4 riding it like a diamond shape.i honestly think glasgow could have been caught if berwick had a full team maybe not beating glasgow but coming close.
  4. As others have said wells never touched him if u are in front u go where u want!
  5. Thought glasgow very much a 2 man team berwick showed some class good to see kyle getting stuck in.
  6. Stood on back straight wells rode the same line on bends 3-4 every race soz but i thought anderson was at fault.
  7. geoff100

    berwick bandits 2021

    Near hawick raining hows berwick?
  8. Has it been raining or is it forecast thinking of coming over from comet land?
  9. Hows the weather looking? Is that chip shop back open lol
  10. enjoy those 3 meetings at new tracks for u ,as for a replacement at number 2dont think so soon as u have that choice for a rider that has never ridden for u but all in the best .......u know the rest!
  11. Eurosport could learn a thing or 2 from that !

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