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  1. Pepe is finished along with Zagar and Lindgren. Lower league is calling.
  2. OK. For those on iPad. Thanks to Sommelier for the lead. Go to appstore and search Twitch. It’s the first one. Download it. Join. You get emailed a 6 digit code. Enter it. All go. Now search Speedway. It’s the only feed. Click and watch in HD. Also if you have a smart tv you can stream over to your tv.
  3. Ok downloaded twitch and found it. Fingers crossed it runs smoothly.
  4. Same pink screen though I did get through to end after 50 refreshes and hoping about. Even worse this evening.
  5. Enjoyable meeting but by god it’s hard to find a stream that doesn’t stop every 2 minutes. Tried all three listed and non any good. Even tried using a vpn from Latvia and the Latvia ucod stream to no avail. No you tube stream either so spent the whole meeting clicking refresh, trying to click on the pop up porn ads to see what is going on. The speedway that is. Hopefully a YouTube feed for this evenings meeting. well done to Bewley. Backed off in one ride and gave way to another rider in another. Mustn’t be shy of hogging the spot and going for it himself. Don’t be intimidated by riders who he might think are superior. Be selfish. Magic was magic and Laguta as good. Easy win. Madsen crap and Lindgren making excuses but past his sell by date.
  6. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Latest is a 1 billion trade deal with India. Compared to the 245 billion deal we had with the EU. And to get the bill over the line, the U.K. said that visas will be relaxed for Indian students and citizens. Most of the brexit brigade are not going to like millions of Indians pouring into the U.K. over the next few years. Still, might get some nice new curry houses.
  7. Steve Shovlar

    Jon Cook RIP

    Awful news. 55 is way too young. What was the cause, anyone know? Always a passionate person and great rival against us Pirates. Will be very sadly missed. RIP.
  8. Steve Shovlar

    European Union - In Or Out?

    So what’s the whole story? Norway has banned the U.K. from fishing in its waters. Norway is allowed to import its fish into the U.K. tariff free. This will not change this year, if ever. EU countries continue to fish Norwegian waters. It won’t change because it doesn’t have to, as far as Norway is concerned. Brexit has always made us vulnerable underdogs with no cards to play with since brexit. Even brexit voters have to acknowledge this. Are the U.K. ever going to ban Norway from importing its cod to the U.K.? Not a chance. Every chippy would be stuffed. Or cod and chips starting at £15. As it is Norway (and Iceland) can name their price. I paid £19.60 for two regular cod and chips last week. Not a cheap meal.
  9. Steve Shovlar

    " Line of duty " TV

    Clearly there’s a 7th series in the pipeline. The biggest clue is James Nesbit. Does anyone obviously think Nesbit would just be used as a photograph? “James, we have a job for you. Send us a mug shot and a holiday snap when you last went on holiday please. Cheques in the post”. Hmmm not likely the bodies were Therwell and his wife. Series 7 brings Nesbit into the U.K., or AC12 go Marbella. As a side I thought it was a very weak ending. Would have been brilliant for a Keyser Suzer ending with Hastings leaving the building, walking down the road and getting into car, with Therwell sitting in the drivers seat. Fade to black…….
  10. Cierniak moved big time. Michelsen is jinxed!
  11. Looks like Michelsen ran out of fuel.
  12. Must be an iPad issue. None of the links work for any length of time. The Maniak just has adverts planted over it every 30 seconds then stops. The top one says stream is illegal and it’s a 30 second view and about 60 seconds to remove and refresh. the Dr one is poor quality and also advert plastered. Found that Youtube rescued the situation in the end. Hope for the second meeting to be on there shortly.

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