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  1. The whole problem with the Polish top flight this season is Lublin are so much better than every other team the season is a waste of time competition wise. No team should be allowed to build a team so dominant that they basically clean up everywhere. Polish authorities need a rethink to balance out the teams to make the league more of a spectacle IMO.
  2. Steve Shovlar

    Berwick v Glasgow CL 22/06/24 7-00pm

    Watched this but not great racing. Harris worth the admission fee alone but a lot of all over by first bend. Kemps ride against Harris was excellent. He is so hot and cold. A good rider in there somewhere trying to get out. As for the heat 15 exclusion, I agree with ref that Harris had to go. He brushed Kemps foot with his dirt deflector, unbalancing Kemp. Tough call but correct. Result never in doubt from heat 11. Berwick had no real answer to Harris and Worrall.
  3. Steve Shovlar

    Swindon Stadium

    The stadium was left to the council as a gift that it would always be a sporting stadium. If the council wanted to build houses on the land, Osbourne would be given the boot.
  4. Steve Shovlar

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    Ref called it right. Nicholls moved again.
  5. The super heat absolutely favours the home side. If an away team gets a draw, two points away, one for the home side. A team like Oxford are not going to drop many points at home in heats 13 and 15. And if there’s a super heat it’s those two again. Plus they had pick of the gates in the super heat! A good meeting though and a point for the Pirates.
  6. We didn’t lose. We drew. And Brennan was ahead of Masters exiting bend two. Masters didn’t need to go down. Pro dive.
  7. Good draw for the weakened Pirates. Hopefully we get to go back there again this season.
  8. In heat 14 we were very unlucky. Perfect gate by Zach called back, rerun gated again Heeps crashed and bike hit Foord. Third rerun Boughen gates. No luck there at all. What is clear is that Poole are a better team than Oxford and the Cheetahs are no threat this season. Entertaining evenings entertainment and BSN are bloody brilliant.
  9. Great effort in the superheat first run. Masters should have been chucked out as Brennan as through but a point is a great result.
  10. Middlo showing why he is the best.
  11. Perfect start for Zach called back.
  12. Cant compete in heat 13. Same in heat 15? Would bet on it.
  13. Just can’t get close to Masters. Gate and gone.

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