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  1. krompa

    Swedish final Hallstavik July 27th

    Any chance of TV coverage R&R? Freesports?
  2. Buczkowski for Jack Holder.
  3. Przemo will ride. Kildemand at 2 and MBJ at 7.
  4. Twitted BSPA and Robins to clarify.
  5. Swindon will operate the rider-replacement facility, giving extra rides to all except captain Jason Doyle. 3 Tobiasz Musielak 6.41 4 Adam Ellis 6.76 Avarages taken from official BSPA Green Sheets. Is it mistake on BSPA site? Or Tobiasz is 4th and Troy cannot take extra ride?
  6. My expected order is: Rospiggarna Heat 1 Fricke, Heat 5 Kosciuch, Heat 7 Lambert Heat 12 Doyle. Masarna Heat 3 Lindback, Heat 5 Fajfer, Heat 7 Nilsson, Heat 12 Tarasenko (or Bellego if better in previous heats). Let's how many of them I predicted correctly.
  7. Anyone can have a ride in both teams. Loktaev keeps his initial avg 1.952( * Föraren har inte officiellt snitt).
  8. Who will ride in the evening for Musielak/Lampart? Any options?
  9. krompa

    Peterborough Vs Ipswich 13th May

    Lasse is back. https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/sport/more-sport/peterborough-panthers-need-to-be-at-full-throttle-to-beat-ipswich-at-the-east-of-england-arena-1-8924124
  10. Any idea how is Timo Lahti after his crash in Lejonen - Rospiggarna?
  11. Both Doyle and Loktaev out, R/R confirmed. Not sure about Przemek Pawlicki (big crash last Friday).
  12. Piotr Pawlicki said in interview yesterday that after PZMot punished him and he is missing GP/SEC qualifications, he is looking for a team in GB. Who will be fast enough to sign him?
  13. krompa

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    The format of the competition sees the Premiership clubs divided into two groups, with the winner of each group progressing to a two-legged Final. Races prior to Heat 14 will be run under the old 13-heat format. Any links to old 13-heat format?

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