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  1. krompa

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    The format of the competition sees the Premiership clubs divided into two groups, with the winner of each group progressing to a two-legged Final. Races prior to Heat 14 will be run under the old 13-heat format. Any links to old 13-heat format?
  2. krompa

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2019

    When can we expect BT Sport schedule to be announced? Any idea?
  3. krompa

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Any more news regarding this mickey mouse cup?
  4. krompa

    Premiership fixtures

    You should say it's British speedway. Serious leagues announced full fixtures long ago...
  5. Any idea what is going on? Still no dates announced at all.
  6. krompa

    2019 Swedish Eliteserien fixtures

    Hello guys can't find any information regarding Elitserien TV coverage for 2019 season. Is Cmore back? Or still streaming pay per view the only source? 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) to cover more live matches on TV?
  7. With similar averages. Similar being the key word.
  8. Yes, all is more and more complicated every year. Nightmare. Squad system with no stupid CMA's, guests and R/R is the only way forward if this sport wants to make any progress in GB. Let them build as strong lineups as they wish, let them have 4-5 riders on waiting lists and pick them anytime they want. I'm sure supporters will be happy. Enough is enough.
  9. Give me a break! I follow British leagues from Poland but it is beyond all standards. How can he ride if his avarage is too high???? This is basic rule, cannot be changed simply because both teams agreed. That makes the sport a joke. Completely. Can't imagine such think in professional leagues in Poland. British speedway is state of mind.
  10. Who is guesting for Brady? Nick Morris 6.91 too high (Brady's avg is 6.75). If MPT is injured, not many options left for KL. Wright, Howarth, Wells? And of course Iversen's health is crucial. Ellis will not score double figures.
  11. I think it is speculation. Iversen confirmed no bones broken. If there was no concussion and he was released from hospital after x-rays, I can't see him missing 2nd leg.
  12. If both Danes are fit for Wednesday then don't write KL off. 16 is a lot, 12 would be catchable. Need to be sharp from the start. At least whole speedway world will keep fingers crossed for Stars now, after such a big help Pirates had from referee.
  13. Any chance both Ellis and Morris will ride both Monday and Wednesday?

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