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  1. What time is curfew there?
  2. Hjelmland, F Lindgren, Aspgren surely out. A Karlsson and G Grahn in. Who is 3rd lucky one?
  3. krompa

    Danish final Holsted Wednesday June 22nd

    Holsted usually well prepared and pretty slick if I remember correctly. Hmm, interesting.
  4. krompa

    Danish final Holsted Wednesday June 22nd

    Any idea what is going on there? 30 mins, the only update is Madsen excluded in Ht1. Any crash or something?
  5. krompa

    Danish final Holsted Wednesday June 22nd

    No Nicki, no Matias, that's for sure. Interesting if Michelsen is fit. If not, who is 3rd on a reserve list, any ideas?
  6. Dackarna surely without Trofimov. One of Van Dyck brothers to step in? What other options do they have?
  7. Is it RR or NL rider?
  8. Morris surely out, any idea who is replacing him?
  9. krompa


    No live speedway this Monday (May 30)?
  10. krompa

    Premiership Pairs

    One ride for Rising Star rule is so stupid. Perfect example how good idea can be turned into farce. Probably 6 out of 15 heats affected.
  11. krompa

    Premiership Pairs

    Looking for race card and lineups in riding order rather than alphabetical one. Anyone?
  12. BV just tweeted: Jye RR, MPT guest.
  13. Still no news re Jye and Zagar replacements?

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