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  1. Rules: http://www.scbgb.co.uk/download.php?view.9246
  2. Any tactical subs/jokers allowed?
  3. Whats the format? Anyone with race card?
  4. And second question. Will we see local hero Craig Cook now with Tai out?
  5. Weather forecast pretty terrible for Tuesday. Any idea if it could be moved to Wednesday or there is no backup date at all?
  6. NC+ reported Sweden is one man team tonight. PHB only.
  7. NC+ (Polish TV) confirmed it's Dan today.
  8. Berntzon to replace Aspgren/Thorssell tomorrow according to PrzeglÄ…d Sportowy. https://www.przegladsportowy.pl/zuzel/zuzel-jacob-thorssell-nie-pojedzie-w-2-finale-son-za-niego-berntzon/pnjrb52
  9. If Janowski's gating is poor like it has been for most of the season then Poland may find it very difficult.
  10. More likely France will throw Goret vs Poland. Actually most teams will do it IMO. P.S. Well, maybe Lemon will use Etheridge off gate 1 early on.
  11. It is time for Golden Heats. In rule book for few years and can't wait to finally see them.

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