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  1. Dave Jones

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    . Popped in to the local petrol station to fill my little plastic container with unleaded fuel . £9.92!! . Don't know about running a car, I soon won't be able to run my mower.
  2. Dave Jones

    Brandon Update

  3. Dave Jones

    Warsaw GP 2022 Saturday May 14th

    He was left in a very unexpected situation due to the very sad circumstances that we are all aware of .He was only ever going to be Nigel's co - commentator & he will need to learn his new role. But he is already doing a better job than you ever managed in your time at Coventry.
  4. Dave Jones

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Easily solved then. Just ring the brummies number , ask for retentions & tell them you will be leaving if you don't get your discount.
  5. Dave Jones

    Birmingham v Berwick

    It might be, but that just highlights the issue of the unfairness of the re -entry conditions that appear to be applied this year, ie if there is another abandonment after two races for instance the huge financial loss to the fan through something that they have absolutely no control over. If the clubs choose to take the risk with one ambulance then they should take the risk if it doesn't work out.
  6. Dave Jones

    Birmingham v Berwick

    This is where i believe speedway promoters/managers get it all wrong. I am pretty much a lapsed fan these days as my club isn't running ( at the moment), but I do still attend occasionally. When the Bees were running I travelled far & wide to support them & like many fans experienced more than my fair share of incomplete meetings, but I never worried because I knew that I would get a fair deal on a re- admission ticket. I read on here what had happened at Brum & saw how much fans were being charged for 2 completed races I was "gobsmacked" to say the least. If those re-entry conditions are going to be applied at all tracks then it will certainly make me stop & think whether I wish to take the chance particularly if clubs continue to run with inadequate medical cover for such situations. I know Birmingham have reacted to their situation re ambulances & medics, perhaps they should now do the honourable thing & ensure the paying fans aren't " hit in the pocket " for the clubs shortcomings. As for Laurence Rogers posting what he did , perhaps he should consider that there are many people who either attend occasionally or have haven't been for some time but still show enough interest to read this forum that aren't going to be persuaded to turn up if they are going to get exploited , having a go at someone because they post something negative doesn't help Out of interest I attended a meeting at Berwick at the end of last season & I do understand what a long journey that is to the midlands & then back home for two races.
  7. Well I would have imagined that Sam would have loved the long "straight- a-ways."
  8. Dave Jones

    Birmingham v Coventry Select

    That's OK I'm not offended , just thought i would highlight the important issue in my mind. Bees fans in large numbers are patiently waiting & hoping for a chance to see their club back in action. Brum have stated they need people to attend in larger numbers, tonight had it gone ahead tonight would have very likely kept all parties happy.
  9. Dave Jones

    Birmingham v Coventry Select

    Meaningless to you perhaps. Had the weather not deteriorated I'm pretty certain that there would have been a strong turnout of Bees fans which would have helped make the evening a success for the new Brum promotion in terms of crowd levels which I would imagine is very important to them, so not completely meaningless really.
  10. Dave Jones

    F1 2022

    I don't think Hamilton threatened not to race prior to this weekend. He was however very clear from his first interviews that he wasn't comfortable about being there. Having read some of the reports since the race finished the drivers were very uncomfortable about the situation also. There seems to be a view amongst all of them that this race should not be on the calendar& given reports in the media of the alleged pressure and threats placed on them if they didn't race on Sunday perhaps their concerns are justified . I would like to think their collective efforts might just pressurise F1 & the FIA to do the honourable thing , dump the Saudi money & walk away but I expect pressure from other areas would prevent that happening.
  11. Dave Jones

    F1 2022

    That's a rather large assumption, his change of stance could equally have been due to a quiet & gentle reminder from Mercedes of his contractual obligations.
  12. Dave Jones

    F1 2022

    It's extremely difficult to find any sympathy for all of those "not so nice individuals".at Red Bull.
  13. Dave Jones

    Brandon Update

    So they are working closely with their security advisors ? Have they got any? As for the rest of their comments, It's all just recycled garbage combined with plenty of lies.
  14. Dave Jones


    I have just fired myself from cleaning my house, I don't like my attitude & I 've been caught drinking on the job.
  15. Dave Jones


    Shocking joke

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