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  1. I can't imagine how you missed it either. For Shropshire Star read Express & Star, for Express & Star read Wolverhampton, For Wolverhampton read Wolves Speedway, For Wolves Speedway read Freddie Lindgren. Simple really .
  2. https://glasgowtigers.co.uk/test-match-date-moved/ Moved till Wednesday
  3. Dave Jones

    Pop up advertising on this site.

    I 've used it for years now, & once it's installed it works on all websites there's a counter that will show how many ads have been blocked. Also it's completely free , what's not to like about it ?
  4. Dave Jones

    Pop up advertising on this site.

    Can I suggest for those who don't have it that they try A B P( Adblock plus), When i log into the BSF i get a notification that it is blocking 2 ads , & when i open this topic it moves to 3 blocked . Seems to work fine for me.
  5. Dave Jones

    Has Kelv put his heating on yet?

    No need for any banter tonight, for once the racing did all the talking for them.
  6. Dave Jones

    Has Kelv put his heating on yet?

    Often it is more entertaining than the racing.
  7. I think it's fair to say they both can show a nasty streak when the mood takes them.
  8. Probably another example of the "Holder Family Genes". We've seen it before in his sibling.
  9. Dave Jones


    The pilot was reported as saying he only " dropped in " on a wing and prayer.
  10. Dave Jones

    Why speedway is failing

    Oh how I miss those times at Brandon. The C O never lost sight of the importance of providing the fans with the best meeting presentation he could , one of several attributes he had which made Coventry Speedway the place it was.He was always searching for ways to improve the evening out for his crowd. I recall one occassion when he was doing his usual pre meeting rider presentation he went to great lengths to explain to all that he was trialling a new " throat microphone" which allowed him to allowed him to address the crowd without the use of the traditional hand held device & that he " did hope" everyone could hear him properly . He always struck me as a very proud man who cared about the supporters & always provided VFM , I just wish there were a few more like him around the sport today.
  11. Dave Jones

    Kings Lynn 2022

    And of course as a long time supporter of the Pirates you will have an excellent understanding of how beneficial this can be to some clubs.
  12. Dave Jones


    Looking at the photos my impression is that there isn't a speedway safety fence in place at present, & when there is the lighting will be far enough back to be OK .
  13. Dave Jones

    Swindon Stadium

    Exactly!! that was my point.
  14. Dave Jones

    Swindon Stadium

    I think you missed my point. The stadium is obviously going to continue to operate , the speedway track is still there & being well maintained from the photos I've seen ,so why shouldn't we expect an announcement regarding the Robins returning in 2022?
  15. Dave Jones

    Swindon Stadium

    While we wait with bated breath for an announcement from the speedway promotion confirming their return?

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