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  1. fairplay1

    bandits 2020

    In all honesty I really do not know what to make of this Team like most I am a bit underwhelmed by it.. But on the other hand we have Etheridge, Jackobsen , Flint , Bickley , all young and hungry to do well so hopefully it might not be as bad as People think . I would rather watch the young lads having a go than a journey man going through the motions...
  2. Yeah I was happy on Saturday Taffy
  3. To be honest I always tell it how I see it and I have said on more than one occasion that it was boring. But Saturday was an entertaining Meeting and the two lads I stand with thought the same. Like I say hopefully more of the same this Week.
  4. I had a really good Night like others have said it was value for Money and that is all I look for hopefully some of the same this Saturday ..
  5. Meeting OFF according to FaceBook page
  6. I really dont know the answer but that was boring to the point my Daughter and Son Inlaw with the three kids left after heat 10.. My God it was horrendous entertainment value zero...
  7. Yep I really feel for the promotion everything they did attracted a good crowd just for the Rain to turn up right at the wrong time .. seriously bad luck..
  8. fairplay1

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Dear oh dear I think you need some Medication for your bad loser syndrome , I will tell the staff at the Speedway to keep an Eye open for the Dummy you lost last night while they tidy up ..
  9. The Team losing matters not one jot to me by entertainment I want to see passing not follow the leader I and lots of other people came away feeling it was time and money wasted..
  10. Entertainment is all I want the result is secondary , yes a win is a bonus but was totally bored out my mind last night, I like the Lads who are promoting at Berwick and hope they get things sorted Scot puts in a lot of work so deserves it .. Ah yes Scunny have been to a few meetings there and never been dissapointed with the Raceing if only Scunny were that bit closer..
  11. I am never botherd about the result to be honest but I really dont think that was harsh it was totally honest I was ready to leave at heat 6 definately ranks up with the worst meetings I have ever had to suffer and I have been to plenty meetings over the years .. Like I said zero entertainment in my opinion..
  12. First time I have attended the Speedway for a long time but it will be a lot longer before I go back , That tonight can only be described as total complete garbage and a complete waste of 15 quid the fact that other people were with me was the only thing that stopped me from leaving early . Entertainment value was NIL...
  13. fairplay1

    Bandits V Redcar 24/06/17@7pm

    Jeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz I am just so pleased me and Mrs decided to stay at home and not waste our £30. And like you say the crowd will just disapear, just whipping boys of the League ..
  14. So if Danny was to get injured in Austria and was out for the season would you want Berwick to be allowed to replace him with a Rider on a 6 point average ? because if it works one way then surely it should work the other..
  15. fairplay1

    Berwick V Ipswich Championship 29/4/17

    It is my understanding that Wallner was going to do this meeting but is injured so Danny was told he had to do it...

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