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  1. Speedball

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Jonas Jeppesen certainly seems to have progressed since his spell with Somerset and Ipswich in 2018. 8th in this seasons World U21 Final. Jan Kvech who finished 6th (only 2 points behind Lambert) also looked useful. Maybe Topinka/Brhel could put in a good word for us. If we're talking U21 riders though, I'd rather have Gleb Chugunov. Now that's a signing that could re-ignite my passion for speedway.
  2. Speedball

    programmes wanted

    Not sure if you are aware or not, but King's Lynn rode against Coventry in the Elite League on 04/07/12. I imagine the AJL racecard will be in the back of that programme rather than a separate issue. I'll try and check in my own collection when I get home.
  3. Speedball

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I'd agree with that. Tough season for him last year but with his local connections and undoubted talent, he'd be the first name in my 1 to 7. He's also got the ability to add a point to his average which are the kind of riders you need if you want to challenge for titles.
  4. Speedball

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    That’s a shame but I guess no surprise. Was hoping if he dropped Sweden, the UK might get a look in, especially if he’s at a local track.
  5. Speedball

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Good to see some fresh teams in the league. Another big track side might help us out a bit on the road as well. Would prefer Iversen over Cook, especially if he’s over his shoulder issue. Proctor should be able to do a job at reserve. Was a stupid move to ask him to take on the 2nd heat leader role. He’s a confidence rider and should score well at reserve. Lambert 7.81 plus 2.5% deduction? 7.61 if so. Iversen 7.54 Riss 6.61 Palm Toft 6.30 Proctor 4.43 That makes 32.49. If team building average is still 42.50, that leaves 10.01 for a decent middle order man and the other reserve. Should be plenty of options in the middle order. Thomas Jorgensen’s shocking away form means it’s a no from me. Would like Charles Wright (6.68) but think there would be other teams ahead of us in the queue. Chris Harris (6.16) looks appealing as well and unlikely to be back at Ipswich. He’s obviously on the way down but could definitely still do a job at Lynn. I’d also take Musielak (6.21) in a heartbeat but again likely to down the pecking order there. Steve Worrall (5.67) could probably do with a move to freshen up his career and he’s done well at Lynn at times but likely to be back at Belle Vue. At reserve, Broc Nicol must be in the frame but wonder whether Sheffield coming up might stop him coming. If not maybe Josh Pickering.
  6. Speedball

    Kings Lynn v Swindon 16 9 19

    What was the crowd level like last night?
  7. Speedball

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 22/8/19

    Must have watched a different meeting than most because other than the Heat 5 race between Riss, Jorgensen and Bewley and Heat 14 with Jorgensen and Lidsey, nothing much happened. My 5th home meeting of the season and I'd say only one of them has been decent. Jorgensen and Kerr were excellent, the rest did their jobs. Belle Vue obviously struggled without Fricke.
  8. Speedball

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem. 4/7/19

    Danny Ayres in place of Simon Lambert according to King's Lynn's Twitter this morning.
  9. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    According to latest greensheet averages, our team total is 40.81. Think we can go up to 42.50 so that gives us an extra 1.69 on top of Lambert’s 3.28. Starke should comfortably fit and looks about the best option out of riders not already doubling up.
  10. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    What average would Paul Starke come in on?
  11. Deleted - wrong thread
  12. I'm still paying attention, I'm just not going to handover my £18 so readily in future. Going tonight and then next week but after that, probably not until June/July.
  13. Sure I’ve seen something that the car parking charge has been dropped. Mentioned at the fans forum after P&P apparently. Would be nice if the club actually told us one way or another EDIT - I've now asked the club the question via Facebook. The website still says it's a £1 to use the main car parks but the Supporters Club did an update after P&P to say that the charge has been scrapped (knew I'd seen it somewhere).
  14. Really pleased to see Ryan Kinsley pick up a couple of race wins.
  15. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Haha, I don’t know about the first bit. There really is nothing earth shattering there. It’s all basic stuff that takes hardly any thought. But there on lies the issue, there is very little thought to speedway fans in general. All the media stuff, just like the promoters is like an old boys club, controlled by the same faces giving the same rubbish to fans across up and down the country. How many times did we see cut and pasted tweets across clubs twitter feeds for live updates. Just embarrassing and amateurish. Most club websites look like they are from the 1990’s. Speedway in this country is dying on its arse and they are helping drive in the nails. The only club’s who do it well are Glasgow and the IOW in my eyes.

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