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  1. Think he was spannering for Etheridge at Belle Vue so I'd be very surprised if he's at Lynn tonight.
  2. Don’t think it will be an easy win by any means but think the Stars will get the job done tonight. Fancy it being something like 47-43. Aces certainly no pushovers but see no reason for the Stars to suddenly falter. As I’ve said previously, when one struggles another steps up. Been that way for most of the season and can’t see that changing. These are the kind of nights we want to be involved in. Understand the nerves from some but enjoy it and have faith in a team who have given us nothing less than 100% all season. Up the Stars
  3. The Comical Ali of the Poole propaganda machine strikes again
  4. Delighted to come away with any sort of lead after the first 7 heats. It would be a collapse of the highest order if we cock this up. Enjoyed my first trip to the NSS, great track and facilities (had a meal in the Peter Craven Suite before the meeting). MPT really was the saviour last night. One of the best thing about this Stars side is that someone always steps up when the chips are down. Much more character, resilience and bottle in this side compared to last season. Don’t think we’ve had a meeting when all 7 have really clicked at the same time yet. Would be good if that happened a couple of times over the next month. Also nice to go to a meeting with a bit of an atmosphere though a few peaked to soon with the “easy easy” chants early on. Plenty of stick for Lambert which he answered in perfect style in 13 & 15. All good fun though. Roll on Monday!
  5. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I guess by South Stand, that's the terracing on the back straight? Looking forward to my first trip the NSS but bloody nervous. Would be great to get a few together to cheer the boys on.
  6. Speedball

    Programmes for sale

    Hi, getting an error message when trying to view the attachment. Possibly interested in the Norwich ones but would need to see how many off the list I already have.
  7. There’s a fine line between hard and dirty and in my opinion Batchelor went over that line. His only interest was to try and stop Robert by whatever means he could. Not saying he meant for Robert to fall but he knew the only way he could possibly beat him was by stuffing him. Other than the closeness of the aggregate score, actually thought it was a pretty dull meeting racing wise but heat 15 certainly livened the place up.
  8. Speedball

    Wolves v King's Lynn 03/09/18

    Lynn are at Swindon next Monday in the first leg of the KO Cup semi final
  9. Glad it went well tonight. Season ticket for NCFC meant I missed the meetings. Up to 3rd in the table and with a trip to Leicester on Monday surely yielding something, it sets up Wednesday’s meeting with Poole nicely.
  10. Think MrMungo being on the thread is a decent clue as to who the rider is. Long time no speak MrM. Hope you are well mate
  11. Really sad news. Never knew Gerald personally though would probably have known him by sight. I always enjoyed his posts on here. Fair, balanced and like Trees mentioned, he said it how he saw it. Rest in peace StarFever
  12. Speedball

    Kings Lynn vs Rye House June 18th

    I’ll be one that’s missing. Ludicrous to run against an England game in the World Cup, especially since the group fixtures have been known since last December.
  13. Really mate? Not sure I have but always happy to be proved wrong. In fact I called out the KLSSC on Twitter over some of their comments after the Swindon meeting when it clashed with a big play-off game for the Linnets. I choose football over speedway so would be hypocritical of me to then criticise others for doing the same. At the end of the day, it's totally down to the individual whether they choose to attend or not. For what it's worth I quite enjoyed last night's meeting. Wasn't a classic by any means but there were some good races and I'm really warming to this side. At the start of the season I didn't think we were in with a sniff of the play-offs but there are plenty of promising signs and more to come from Iversen, Palm Toft, Jorgensen and Andersen. Best thing for me is that it's a team of real triers, last night chasing hard for every point which after last season is a refreshing change. What I would say is that I totally agree with IainB when he said some of the stuff on this thread has been hysterical. Not everything at Lynn is perfect but I don't think it's half as bad as being made out on here at times. I honestly do think they are making efforts to improve across all areas and things aren't always as black and white as some on here are making out. I know, like and respect many of the Stars posters on here who are at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to Lynn. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don't. You get positive posters who can see no wrong and negative ones who can see no right. I do find the constant slagging off of the club across here, Twitter and Facebook tiresome and that's with people's opinions that I actually agree with at times. There are ways and means of critcising and continually banging the same drum just means people eventually switch off to it. Invariably for me, the truth lies on a scale somewhere in between depending on what the topic is. Taking yesterday's meeting into account: Should the team news be out earlier? - IMHO yes but appreciate that there were things going on behind the scenes regarding the line-up. It should have been communicated better especially as it was common knowledge that riders would be missing. However, if they'd released that Cook was guesting and it was R/R for Palm Toft then it all changed, they'd get criticised for releasing the wrong info. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Should the meeting have been completed quicker? - Again yes but the break for track grading after heat 4 improved the racing in my mind. Track was quite slick early on but they pulled some of the material back down and racing improved straight away. It's also up to the referee to keep things moving. Also as I'm doing twitter updates, I find it hard enough already to tweet the result, any changes for the next heat and have some kind of social interaction with the people I go with as it is, so delays don't bother me. However I appreciate for some, they want to get it done and dusted as soon as possible. Fundamentally all of us want the same but it's nigh on impossible for the club to please everyone all of the time.
  14. Hopefully it will be off. The Walks is the only place for me on Wednesday, especially at £6 cheaper.
  15. Speedball

    Oldest Surviving Team

    Oops - apologies. That will teach me to skim read a post during my lunch break

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