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  1. Speedball

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem. 4/7/19

    Danny Ayres in place of Simon Lambert according to King's Lynn's Twitter this morning.
  2. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    According to latest greensheet averages, our team total is 40.81. Think we can go up to 42.50 so that gives us an extra 1.69 on top of Lambert’s 3.28. Starke should comfortably fit and looks about the best option out of riders not already doubling up.
  3. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    What average would Paul Starke come in on?
  4. Deleted - wrong thread
  5. I'm still paying attention, I'm just not going to handover my £18 so readily in future. Going tonight and then next week but after that, probably not until June/July.
  6. Sure I’ve seen something that the car parking charge has been dropped. Mentioned at the fans forum after P&P apparently. Would be nice if the club actually told us one way or another EDIT - I've now asked the club the question via Facebook. The website still says it's a £1 to use the main car parks but the Supporters Club did an update after P&P to say that the charge has been scrapped (knew I'd seen it somewhere).
  7. Really pleased to see Ryan Kinsley pick up a couple of race wins.
  8. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Haha, I don’t know about the first bit. There really is nothing earth shattering there. It’s all basic stuff that takes hardly any thought. But there on lies the issue, there is very little thought to speedway fans in general. All the media stuff, just like the promoters is like an old boys club, controlled by the same faces giving the same rubbish to fans across up and down the country. How many times did we see cut and pasted tweets across clubs twitter feeds for live updates. Just embarrassing and amateurish. Most club websites look like they are from the 1990’s. Speedway in this country is dying on its arse and they are helping drive in the nails. The only club’s who do it well are Glasgow and the IOW in my eyes.
  9. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I make it 22 weeks from the start of November until the first week in April before the first meeting of the 2019 season. That's plenty of time to get at least 30 decent news stories into the local media. I'm no comms expert but came up with this in 15 minutes, took me longer to type it out than think of it. If this was my job, it should be even easier. Now I'm sure some of this has been done but to be honest, the whole build up to this season has been so non-existent, speedway has hardly featured in my thoughts (and that off the back of a decent season). Might be off on some dates/timings but this is back of the fag packet stuff on a dull afternoon at work Not all of this is for the media but for things such as social media, keeping fans engaged and wanting more. Week 1: Determined to build on disappointment of last season, defiant message, we'll be back blah blah Week 2: Build up to the conference Week 3: Conference news, team manager thoughts, confirm pricing, season tickets etc. Ex-Young Stars and our assets getting rides in the Championship Week 4: Many team building options, looking at different riders blah blah. Hope to have signing news soon Week 5: Announce rider 1, thank Tru7 group for their sponsorship. Looking for new team sponsors/appeal to businesses to get involved etc etc Week 6: Announce rider 2 Week 7: Just before Xmas, push season tickets, merchandise etc as last minute gifts. Christmas present for fans with announcing rider 3 Week 8/9: Christmas period so lots of other stuff, taking people's attention. Do short sharp stuff. 12 days of Xmas (great old riders, race highlights, famous meetings, build up to announcing rider 4) Week 10: Announce rider 4, Week 11: Update from either rider 1, 2 or 3 on pre-season prep. Built up about training camps, equipment builds, hopes for the season. Ex-Young Star Josh Bailey being in Australia (future Star etc) Week 12: Announce rider 5. Have video footage from training camp (showing one or all of the 5 announced riders rather than p*****g most fans off by saying the team was there but we won't tell you who it is yet) Week 13: Update from rider 1, 2, 3 or 4 (not same one from Week 11) with the same kind of pre-season update. Week 14 (this week): Announce new team sponsor giving them full coverage for that week Week 15: Announce riders 6+7 (maybe reserve duo). All team announced and done now. Details of a fans forum/meet the team night before start of the season Week 16: Training camp update showing all the riders present Week 17: Team manager thoughts on pre-season prep. Got the team I really wanted, looking at team riding order, partners blah blah Week 18: New team logo with new sponsor, hint at racesuit design (if having them) Week 19: Announce team & vice captain/team bonding session update Week 20: Final pre-season round up, start to build the local derby meetings. We've been top dogs in East Anglia last few seasons etc etc, want that to continue (all good natured stuff but get people talking) Week 21: Press practice, fans and sponsors meet the team evening and then coverage and sound bites after the event Week 22: Build up to first meeting Tie in things like competitions for maybe a season ticket in conjunction with local media (KLFM, Free Paper, Lynn News) and should get you plenty of coverage. Team announced by mid Feb. Plenty of build up, bit of variety but mainly a speedway story of some sort every week from the end of the season to the start of the next.
  10. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Nail. Head. Hit. All this talk of maximising exposure yet they name a rider and a team sponsor at the same time. That's two good news stories that would get good coverage but one will get less coverage than the other. That will probably the sponsor story as more people would be interested in the team. If you were a sponsor, you'd want maximum exposure for your £ rather than being relegated to a sub-story. This is just basics
  11. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I don't see a lot of improvement in this season's (anticipated) side and don't see us challenging at all, which is very disappointing after last season. Robert would have to go great guns to put a big increase on his average again. Went from 7.38 to 9.13. Sure he'll be between 9.00 to 9.50 but he won't have a lot of support this year. Despite Niels having a poor season by his standards, they still chalked up several match winning 5-1's. Ty put 1.17 on his average last season (5.50 to 6.67) and I can't see him doing that again, in fact would be surprised if he even matched his average with having to be 2nd heat leader. Thomas only added 0.12 (5.93 to 6.05). MPT's average actually dropped by 0.21 (5.57 to 5.36) despite some headline performances. Lewis added 0.44 (5.06 to 5.50) and will do well at reserve, especially at home. Kasper was nowhere near his 4.00 average despite there obviously being some talent there as shown with some of his performances for Sheffield. Erik came in on 6.10 and finished on 6.08. Became very good at the AFA but his away performances tailed off after a promising start. I could maybe see increases for Robert, Thomas, Erik and maybe MPT but that would be about it and certainly not by a point or so, more like the odd 0.10/0.20. I see Lewis probably being in around the same but think he'll struggle in the main body of team away from home. Be surprised if Kasper reaches over 4.00 and think Ty's will fall if no one else steps up into the second heat leader role. To me, the side looks like the cheap, easy option. Would love to be proved wrong but expecting a battle to avoid the wooden spoon. I actually like all the riders, I just don't like the balance of the team and think we'll really be lacking in heats 13 & 15. Might get away with it at home but see some right hammerings on the road. At £18 a meeting. I'll be picking and choosing my matches from now on rather than being the die hard I once considered myself.
  12. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    As far as I'm aware Lynn's team was sorted months ago so none of this will make any difference to our intended line-up. If Harris goes anywhere, I imagine it will be Ipswich.
  13. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Kasper Andersen confirmed.
  14. Speedball

    Kings Lynn 2019

    As we’ve seen previously, it’s the team that finishes the season that counts rather than start it.
  15. Speedball

    THJ riding in UK in 2019 ?

    Didn’t he lose his father who supported him closely throughout his career? Remember him coming to Lynn in our PL days with Edinburgh and him being fantastic. Clearly talented but something went wrong. He had a couple of decent meetings for the Stars in 2017 but never looked especially comfortable on the track. One he’d looked so good at years before. He’d rode some interesting lines

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